Things look promising in Stayton with the dynamic duo of Reece Hack and Austin Foster

If you don’t live in or around the city of Stayton, you’ve probably never heard of Stayton High School football. And for good reason, as it’s a small town and hasn’t historically been a football powerhouse. But that’s all starting to change, and there are a few names that are the reason why. Austin Foster is one of those kids you won’t see on any Blue Chip list. He’s not a 4 or 5 star player, but how many kids in the big scheme of things really are? Austin is the embodiment of what High School football in the Northwest is all about. He’s not the biggest, fastest, or strongest. He is a kid whose worked hard and done all the right things, while making himself into a player. Austin won’t be D1, but he will definitely go on and play at a D2, D3, or NAIA program. Austin will be the go to guy on offense for Stayton. In 7on7 leagues and tournaments over the winter, spring, and summer, he’s consistently come up big. He runs very good routes and has exceptional hands. It’s not just enough to get open, a WR also has to have a QB capable of getting the ball to him. And in Reece Hack, Stayton has one of the top QB’s in the state. Jordan Johnson, head of recruiting and lead analyst for NEI, has Reece ranked as his #? QB in Oregon. Reece put up good numbers last year, and should put up even bigger numbers this year with a year of playing experience under his belt. He’s a big kid(6’3”, 200lbs) and also a great athlete(4.7 40). He had a great team camp at Gold Beach this summer, in which he caught the attention of the Portland State coaches. Stayton has a chance to make a deep push into the playoffs, and should go as far as their senior signal caller can take them.