Connor Strahm – Oregon’s #1 Ranked Junior Slot Back

The #1 ranked slot back in the state is only a junior and he looks to be one of key leaders on an already stacked Irish squad. Connor Strahm (6-1 210 SB/SS Jr.) is back in 2011′ after scoring 12 Td’s and having 3 Int’s as a sophomore. He scored 7 touchdowns in playoff wins over Lakeridge and Canby, amazing for anyone let alone a underclassmen.

The success Marty and Lane Johnson have had with the Sheldon program has been nothing short of amazing. Three state titles and a laundry list of Division 1 athletes, but the real achievements have come with the quality of the kids. Year in and year out they continue to produce high profile athletes, but more importantly good people.

Strahm shunned any praise and said, “we have all worked really hard and the coaches have done what’s necessary to get us ready”. Already closing in on 6-2, Strahm is a special athlete. It is too early to tell, but he could project into college as a strong safety. He is a potential player of the year candidate on both sides of the ball.

To put into perspective how talented of an athlete he is you can look to his starting role on the Varsity basketball team as a sophomore. He lead the team in Assists (86, 4.3 ppg), Steals (2pg) and Field Goal Percentage (69%). “He is just flat out good”, Wide Receiver Mitch Carman said earlier in the summer.

Its always exciting to see a division one athlete at a young age, and Connor’s the type of kid everyone can root for. We have two more years to see what this kid can do in one of the premier programs in the entire region. Opening with West Salem to start the season you have to be ready early. He says ” we are watching film every day and doing the little things necessary to gain any advantage we can, we have all the respect in the world for that program”.

Friday will be huge as we are all excited to see #1 Sheldon and Connor Strahm, travel to #5 West Salem in the much anticipated rematch from last year. Gear up for Friday night because the season is hours away.