Oregon’s Top Cornerback Leading the State In Offense

There are a lot of prime time athletes that train with Taylor Barton and the Barton Football Academy. Some we know about right away some we find out about later. Jordan Visarraga (5-10 175 RB/CB Sr.) is a perfect example of a kid that worked with Barton early and is now reaping the rewards. ” Taylor makes you believe in yourself and never lets you settle, he demands perfection and always reminds you that you can get better”. Visarraga continued, ” he has truly help me hone my skills and improve not just as an athlete, but as a person”.

Through three games Visarraga has made a mockery of his opponents. He has scored 13 touchdowns on 77 carries for 683 yards. The competition has been questionable at best, but that is out of his control. Visarraga projects as a corner at the next level, but loves to carry the rock. His 6 interceptions in three games is nothing short of phenomenal. Most people don’t come close to that in a career.

He most likely won’t continue averaging more than 4 Td’s a game, but until someone stops him he plans on shattering every record he can. As of today he holds three offers, (Army, Portland St, and Washington St- on hold). His speed and overall agility are what separate him from the competition. His size are what scouts question, but with these numbers and continued success the sky’s the limit. He is a class kid first and outstanding athlete second.. Come check out some of Visarraga’s highlights early in the 2011 season.


Willamette 67 @ South Albany 38 21 275 4 10 1
Willamette 40 @ Springfield 35 22 173 3 7 3
Willamette 55 Eagle Point 22 34 235 6 11 2
SEASON 77 683 13 28 6


77- 683- 13…28- 6



Check out more videos at the NEI YouTube channel.