Q and A with New Duck Brett Bafaro

Over the last few years we have had the pleasure of getting to know one of the most refreshingly unique, high profile student athletes the state of Oregon has seen in years. He is currently ranked the #3 (NEI) overall recruit in Oregon and the top linebacker in the Pacific Northwest. On Friday Bafaro announced that he would be committing to Oregon and finalizing his decision. It came down to Oregon and Washington after some careful deliberation and we went in depth to find out a little more..


Question: NEI (Jordan J)- Brett, what are a couple of the reasons other then the obvious one’s that you chose Oregon in the end?

Bafaro- People will think that I’m crazy but I like the fact that they have some freshman and sophomore linebackers there that I will have to go beat out. It forces me to work hard everyday at practice and it will only make me better. I am also very comfortable with Nick Aliotti and Don Pellum as my coaches and that effected my decision.


Question: NEI (Jordan J)- It came down to Oregon and Washington after receiving offers from a host of other schools that included (OSU, Boise St, Utah, Colorado, Arizona St, Cal). What were some of the deciding factors between the two?

Bafaro- Washington was great and it was a tough decision. Coach Sarkisian told me that If I ever wanted to talk about anything I could call him at anytime, regardless of where I decided to go, and that went a long way with me… Oregon’s facilities are amazing and I love the football environment in Eugene. I think Im prideful knowing that I am going to be one of only a few true Oregonian’s on the Ducks roster.

Brett Joked, I have been a USC fan my whole life so I didn’t have a favorite between the two but that changed quickly.


Question: NEI (Jordan J)- You met with Colt Lyerla on your official visit and both of you are local products from the Hillsboro area..What did he have to say?

Bafaro- Colt was honest and up front and told me about his experience. He said that at first he wasn’t sure about his decision and it was tough, but as time went on he knew that he had made the right decision.. Colt says that there isn’t anywhere he would rather be.


Question: NEI (Jordan J)- What position are they planning to have you play, and how soon do you see yourself contributing?

Bafaro- They want me to be able to play multiple linebacker positions as kind of a hybrid. I told them that I will be shooting for the stars and would like to be able to contribute right away… The coaches responded by saying that they don’t want anybody that wants to redshirt.


Question: NEI (Jordan J)- What were the best and worst things of the recruiting process?

Bafaro- Getting the first couple offers was really exciting, all the hard work had paid off and everything else that came was just a blessing. I had a good time taking visits and getting to know the coaches, but at the same time it was really difficult to get to know some of the guys and then tell them I’m going elsewhere.


Question: NEI (Jordan J)- You are considered one of the best baseball players in the Pacific Northwest, and have been projected to be picked in the first 10-15 rounds of the MLB Baseball Draft. How does that play a part in things moving forward?

Bafaro- Baseball’s great but I plan on playing football. I did just get a call from Oregon assistant coach Mark Wasikowski and they said that I have a spot, so playing baseball as well could be a consideration.


Question: NEI (Jordan J) You are an incredible athlete, but even a better kid..How would you summarize all that has happened over your high school career?

“I just feel super blessed to have all the people in my life that I do.. I would like to thank all my family, friends, coaches, and teammates for being so supportive.

I also go to NEI every other day and feel fortunate that it came out while I was still in high school. You can find out just about anything you would EVER want to know. I appreciate everything you and Taylor have done for me, and feel that you guys have been vital in helping me through the recruiting process.”

Thanks for the plug Brett- Jordan J.

The thing that makes Brett unique is his loyalty towards his beliefs. When he was a junior he could have transferred from Liberty as many thought it would have been smart to do. He stayed and balled with the same kids that he grew up with through his youth.

When Oregon offered most thought he would commit right away but Brett felt the need to wait. He wasn’t disrespecting the school, he just wanted to feel the process out and see what it had to offer.

In a day and age where so many people are Facebook famous Brett has made sure not to get caught up in all the hype. He won’t risk everything he has worked for by being the poster boy of a party where everyone is smoking and drinking. He has done a good job staying focused on the task at hand and is now reaping the rewards. We wish Brett all the success in the world and will continue to follow his progress throughout the remainder of his senior year and beyond.