One of Oregon’s Premier Senior Wideouts: Adam Winterling

NEI’s #2 ranked Wide Receiver state wide has quietly had an outstanding year. Adam Winterling (6-4 200 Sr WR) has 24 receptions for 464 yards and 8 touchdowns averaging 19.33 yards per catch. He has done all this playing for a team with a running quarterback. Over the spring and summer Winterling earned praise by dominating the camp circuit and becoming one of the premier wide outs in the Northwest.

He traveled to Colorado in the off season with Taylor Barton, and some of the regions top recruits hitting multiple camps and garnering a scholarship offer from Air Force. It was an eye opening experience that reassured Winterling his focus on football was the right move. “Working with Taylor allowed me to get the maximum amount of reps, with the best instruction possible through his academy”. The former three sport athlete made a conscious decision to use his height and overall athleticism to earn a scholarship. Fortunately it worked out.

At the Barton Premier Marketing Event at UW over the summer Winterling exposed the best DB’s in the Northwest using body control and extremely fluid routes. The only other receivers that matched him were California bound Maximo Espitia Jr and junior phenom Austin Baird. His 4.14 shuttle while standing 6 foot 4 is impressive and Adam is what you would call a student of the game. His academic prowess and ability to communicate with people on and off the field give him a variety of options moving forward. High end academic institutions like Duke or Vanderbilt would be interesting prospects.

Winterling’s video shows how when given the opportunity he is able to outsmart DB’s and body them. Air Force is a quality offer, but D1aa schools should be eating this kid up. He’s the type of athlete that will one day run a large corporation as he takes a serious businesslike mentality on to the field. Some have referered to him as ” the politician” or maybe that’s just me. He does possess his pilot’s license which has enabled him to learn, and adapt under pressure all the more helping his ability to stay calm in tense situations.

Northwest kids are under recruited and a lot of reasons justify that, but Winterling is extremely talented and possesses intangibles that can’t be taught. He is a D1 receiver that will go in and produce right away for most schools. We will be following the very dangerous (6-3) Crusaders as they enter very familiar territory in the state playoffs. Winterling says, ” we played the toughest schedule in the state and we wouldn’t have it any other way, our goal is the same every year play 14 games and win the last one”.

Schools that grab an athlete like Winterling get the best of both worlds; someone that does the right things on and off the field and someone that can put points on the scoreboard. We will continue to follow his progress and wish him success.