It will be a year like none we have ever seen before. The Barton camps, combines and 7 on 7 events will be filled with all of the top athletes from the Northwest and beyond. Select invites will cover a four state radius as we will have the best of the best getting after it on a weekly basis. All of the underclassmen listed in our rankings will be receiving personalized invitations

All of our events will give each kid the most reps against the best athletes. Kids get better when they can compete against higher levels of competition, so you can expect to see the top kids from each class battling the entire off season. NEI is able to reach out and cover a group of athletes like never before. The Northwest’s largest and most successful football academy has just begun expansion and the potential results are scary.

You can expect to see our camera crews and a host of high profile individuals at all of our events as everyone is looking to get a leg up on recruiting. The Barton Football Academy strives to make people better as people and not just football. Everything taught is based on the premise of making athletes more well rounded as human beings.

It will be the #1 place to find all of the top recruits in the northwest as you can expect NEI to be conducting an abundance of personal interviews and articles from these events. The video will be distributed to hundreds of coaches all over the country looking for kids that fit their program. To be a part of Barton Football and all of the upcoming success look no further then NEI as we will be contacting all of the kids on our lists.

Although we do have contact information from most kids, make sure and send over any info needed if you want to attend Barton Football events. We will be in different parts of Oregon and Washington all year long, as we have recently added an arsenal of coaches and mentors that is unmatched. EVERYONE is invited to Barton Football regardless of age or talent level, but it will be the place where you see the kids who will be moving on to the next level.

Enjoy the rest of the season and check out our 1st annual NEI Underclassmen team. This team is comprised of all the top kids you will see at our events over the next year. Make sure and contact us if you do not think we have your information. This team is unlike any other in that it is accurate, and not just based on how an individuals team did in the playoffs. Everyone is included from all classifications if they can play. Enjoy!!

Jordan Johnson- NEI