Just Ridiculous , Connor Strahm- Oregon’s best overall football player

The best player in the state of Oregon as of right now is Connor Strahm. The 6-1 210 pound junior athlete has been off the hook. He has accounted for 27 Total Touchdowns with over 1600 all purpose yards and 17 receiving touchdowns. He has scored 13 Tds over his last 4 games absolutely dominating opponents. Strahm has “Steve Largent” like intangibles and is just flat out a very good football player. His testing times aren’t breaking records, but that’s what makes this so unique.

When you have a kid that is embarrassing other teams by himself it makes you appreciate talent. Strahm will beat you by receiving (17 Tds), rushing (6 Tds), or passing (4 Tds). Most of this has been done while playing only a half as most games have been blowouts.

What makes this even crazier is that he leads the state in interceptions (7) as well. Its very rare to have a kid be the state leader in multiple categories on both sides of the ball. Strahm is doing it at the highest classification level which is even more impressive.

The Irish are (12-0) and ranked #22 nationally . Strahm is what you call a “gamer”. He doesn’t care who you are or what you have done. He just gets the job done time and time again. To call him clutch would be an understatement as he plans on winning a state title with his buddies. He has accounted for 39 total Td’s and 10 Interceptions over the last two years and they probably have two games to go.

Connor says “I think our current seniors saw the disappointment that last years group felt when they lost to Lake Oswego”, he continued “leaders like Sam, Dawson, and Dillon make sure we are all focused as we realize that we need all 50 of our players on the same page to make this work”.

Strahm will have offers coming once the season is over, as this will be a crucial spring and summer. You can expect to see Strahm on the Barton/NEI camp circuit probably trying to keep a low profile and be his humble self. When asked about some of the dominating performances he has had this year he says, “I really cant take credit for them because it wouldn’t be possible without our line, amazing QB, and plethora of weapons”. He didn’t stop there, “Our game plan has been on point all year, and it shows why our coaching staff should be considered the best in the state”.

We will continue to follow one of the best football players in the northwest as he looks to help his team get passed #5 Central Catholic on Saturday. Strahm is the REAL DEAL and we will be looking forward to his future successes.