Lemke becomes a Vandal

by Taylor Barton

Eric Lemke
Courtesy of Fox Sports

As I sat at my computer putting the finishing touches on an article about Trent Sewell, a receiver out of Bothell HS who just recently committed to Wyoming, my phone buzzed. I checked to see who the message was from and it was Eric Lemke, the 2-way standout TE/DE from Issaquah HS in Washington. The message read: “TB, I just committed to Idaho!” Immediately upon reading this I picked up the phone and called him. Here is the conversation as follows.

EL: Hey coach.

TB: Congratulations Eric. Tell me how everything went down.

EL: Well, I just got back from my official visit to Idaho. It was awesome, and I committed.

TB: What coach did you officially give the good news to?

EL: Coach Akey(Head Coach). We were meeting in his office.

TB: How did he take the good news?

EL: He stood up and hugged me.

TB: I don’t blame him, you just made his weekend. Did he say anything?

EL: He just welcomed me to the family. He said he couldn’t wait till I get here permanently.

TB: What did you like so much about Idaho that you decided to commit?

EL: Everything. I really like that they don’t want me to redshirt and want me to play early.

TB: How are you feeling right now?

EL: Relieved, just really relieved.

TB: I appreciate the heads up Erik. You’ve worked hard and deserve this, now go enjoy it.

EL: Thanks, and I can’t wait to get back to work this offseason.

Eric Lemke is the type of kid every coach wants on his team and every player wants as a teammate. He’s coachable, unselfish, and has a great work ethic. He’s big, fast, and strong. Standing at 6’4”, 235lbs Lemke has the size and athleticism to stand out at the D1 level. There’s no doubt in my mind he’ll make an immediate impact at Idaho. Within a couple years, we’ll be reading about him receiving all league honors. If he can stay healthy, Eric is a kid that will also have a long playing career after college. I also want to make sure we give a shout out to his parents Tana and Doug, who have been amazingly supportive of Erik during the recruiting process. What a great day for the Lemke’s, and an even better one for the Vandal Family!