Redmond’s 6-6 Floan offered by Idaho State

There are a lot of kids all over the country that play for sub par teams and a lot of the time that has detrimental effects on the recruiting of the athlete. Conner Floan (6-6 245 Sr. TE/DE) is a kid out of Redmond HS in Washington that overcame a variety of obstacles including the teams (0-9) record. He’s an outstanding overall athlete that is a legit hooper with a 3.8 GPA.

He earned second team all league honors on both sides of the ball in Washington’s toughest 4A conference (Kingco). This is big in itself as you rarely see a kid get those type of accolades after losing every game. It speaks to the respect the coaches had for him within the league. He was overlooked by many, but just the other day he got an early Christmas present.

“They called me into the office at school to speak with the Idaho St O line coach (Derrick Roche) so I was happy to see they came to talk to me”, Conner said, “Coach Roche then said in mid conversation that we are going to offer you a full ride and I was speechless”. He had only been talking to D3 schools and then this (Linfield, PLU..etc) . All very good programs, but very different from D1.

This is the kind of thing that does happen, just not very often. He is 6-6 and there is no getting around his huge upside regardless of the team he played for. Floan had only positive things to say about his football career and has been a Barton kid throughout. All of this confirms the character that schools would love to have in an athlete.

You can watch Floan’s game film and see how the Skyline and Eastlake’s of the world had a tough time containing him. He is a quality student athlete and we will look forward to updating everyone on future offers that come his way.