Updated: Oregon’s 2013 Top 180 W Video

Nate Halverson
5-11 175 CB/SB Grant

Max Rich 6-7 295 OL
& Andrew Kirkland 6-5 295 OL Jesuit

James Banks
6-1 220 Marist LB

Connor Strahm
6-1 210 SB/S Sheldon








Rankings are based on where we feel each athlete projects at the next level. Specific criteria goes into where we feel each kid will end up. The list will be adjusted accordingly based on offers or any other relevant info we receive in the off season. Different things that are looked at include ..(Offers, Testing, All state/ All League recognition, NFL or D1 genes, Size & Speed, Camp performances, GPA, and a variety of other intangibles that will all play a role in where the athlete ends up ranked. Obviously nothing is perfect but we feel that is by far and away the most credible list you are going to find.

Congrats to all of the individuals that made the initial Oregon Top 180 for 2013′. We will be contacting everyone with invites to select camps and combines throughout the Northwest. The NEI/Barton Tour will be something the likes we have never seen before, giving us a chance to see all of the top kids in the region compete against one another. We have most people’s information but feel free to send us any additional contact info we would need.

* We have added film for each athlete where it was available. If you have other video or want us to use something else feel free to let us know what you would like attached*

** PLEASE READ- If an athlete has moved down it is not because he did anything to cause that, it is simply due to the fact that someone else has moved up for one of a variety of reasons.. Rankings will change all the time so no one needs to read that much into it. We look forward to completing our list at 200 so if you feel there is an athlete that has been left out please inform us

Jordan Johnson- NEI


1. Thomas Tyner- Aloha 6-1 210 RB…(Committed- Oregon)One of the fastest kids in the country, First ever Soph to win Oregon Player of the Year honors.. Is a 5 Star recruit, (1821 yds, 21 Tds, 9.24 YPC- soph year) 4.3 (40) yd dash, 6a state champion 100 M, 4 X100..Probably a slot at the next level, potential Olympian on the Track…Metro League Player of the year 2011, missed 4 games with injury..Recently committed to Oregon to run Track and play Football, 2nd Team all state- Oregonian http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OYRR7Ws3ac http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbUSR_nZHg8



2. Evan Voeller- West Linn 6-5 295 OL..(Offers- Washington, UCLA, Purdue, Boise St).Looked at as one of the top lineman in the region. Did very well at a variety national camps, multiple offers already (Washington, UCLA, Purdue), currently teaming with Cam Keizur, 1st team all league kid that has done very well on the camp and combine circuit. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/645492/evan-voeller


3. DeShawn Cannoy-Stephens- Putnam 6-3 190 WR/QB…Bursted on to the scene early as only noted by NEI in the rankings, 30 + Tds every which way possible. Can play multiple positions. Returns kicks, whatever you need him to do. His video shows how dangerous he could be at the next level. 1st team all league WR, could climb this list quick with big time camp performances…Have spoken to a variety of D1 schools and will be receiving numerous offers ….http://www.hudl.com/athlete/535028/deshawn-stephens


4. Brayden Kearsley- Aloha 6-5 265 OL…(Committed BYU) 1st team all state as a Soph. One of the best lineman on this side of the country. Big time Division 1 talent..Battles with Balducci at Barton Premier Marketing event were epic. Tore ligaments in knee last game of year, surgery required, 1st team all league 11′. Army All All American Combine Nominee 12′


5. Doug Brenner- Jesuit 6-3 260 FB/DL…(Offers- Portland St) One of the strongest/fastest players in the country. Absolute physical specimen, Will play big time D1 ball just don’t know at what position (D Line, Linebacker, fullback).. Brenner is a kid with abnormal strength and athletic ability but it remains a question as to what position he will play at the next level. Look for him to be lights out in the playoffs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUVs6rKifTo


6. Connor Strahm- Sheldon SB/DB 6-1 210 SB/S..( Offers- Montana) .Has been off the charts good, maybe the state’s best overall player….(12 Td’s, 3 INT, Second team all league as a Soph)..The kid can do it all and is legit D1 talent. Reg season 2011, 1300 + Rec yds, 27 Total Tds, 7 Ints..One of the state leaders in all categories over 1800 all purpose. NEI’S Offensive Player of the Year- Underclassmen, Southwestern Conference Player of the Year. 1st team all state both ways- Oregonian http://www.hudl.com/athlete/630022/connor-strahm


7. Max Rich- Jesuit 6-7 295 TE/DE…Special football player that should make headlines with Brenner on a national level, his overall athleticism and size are there, currently receiving a lot of interest from Pac 12 schools that we are hearing from. Talented basketball player that will just get better with time. Unbelievable potential, Army All American Combine nominee 12′ http://www.hudl.com/athlete/242849/max-rich


8. Dallin Leavitt- Central Catholic 6-0 205 SS/RB (Committed- BYU)…Absolute assassin, State leader in picks (6) Tie 6A 2011 stats: 788 All Purpose yds 13.4 Ypc, 5 total Tds.. Sitting with BYU offer, Westview transfer with 5 td’s as a Sophomore. Currently the state’s top defensive back that has absolutely killed it on every level..Defensively leading team with 6.4 Tack Per Game. NEI’s Defensive Player of the Year (Underclassmen)


9. Andrew Kirkland- Jesuit 6-5 295 OL…(Offers- Portland St) Huge Upside, should be part of a special young upcoming Jesuit line, tests very well and has added muscle..One of the best offensive lineman in the Pacific Northwest, Army All American Nominee. Second team all league, http://www.hudl.com/athlete/242854/andrew-kirkland


10. Bryson Sullivan- Aloha 6-4 245 TE/DL…Athletic ability is incredible for a big man, Can go either way at the D1 Level, 3 Tds- 5 sacks as a soph. Breakout game against Grant before injury being named player of the week. Currently NEI’s #1 ranked TE and one of the best DE’s in the state. Army All American Combine Nominee 12′..Recent knee injury will keep him out of commission until next season.


11. Tanner Shipley 1287 rush yds, 16 TDS, 10.66 Avg, 5 Ints- One of the state leaders, averaging 200 yards rushing a game since becoming the starter, made the biggest jump of any athlete on the list; outstanding defensive back, related to the NFL’s Jordan Shipley http://www.hudl.com/athlete/793714/tanner-shipley


12. Austin Baird- Marist WR 6-0 180… Special special football player.. Unbelievable breakout season as a soph, 20 Td’s, 980 yards receiving. Perfect compliment to Walcott, 4.4 40 yard dash,( 2011 stats: Reg season-1516 all purpose yards, 18 total tds, 730 punt return yards, 4 punt ret Tds (2nd in the country).. Baird’s performance at the Barton Premier Marketing event was phenomenal, Head Coach Geske says he is a special talent and ” the best receiver he has ever coached”. Defensive Player of the Year, could be a D1 safety http://www.hudl.com/athlete/487204/austin-baird


13. Matt Sommer- West Salem 6-5 290 DL…2nd team all league, D1 size with a very promising 2010′ season to build on..His overall athleticism for a kid this big is off the charts (basketball). He is able to run and track down ball carriers half his size. All league 2 years running… http://www.hudl.com/athlete/202903


14. Mitch Lomax- Lake Oswego 6-4 240 TE/LB…Son of Legendary QB Neil Lomax, D1 Size with NFL Genes..One of the 3 best junior backers in the state, currently in the running for Conference Defensive player of the year. Really come into his own this season, 1st team all league LB http://www.hudl.com/athlete/470218/mitch-lomax


15. AJ Glass-Jesuit 6-1 195 SB/DB… Over 2000 yards rushing with 25 Tds, 7 YPC..Looked at as one of the conference favorites for offensive player of the year, 1st team all league RB, projects as a safety in college, 2nd team all league DB- Soph year at West Linn..1st team All State NEI Underclassmen. Army All American Nominee 12′ http://www.hudl.com/athlete/762037/aj-glass


16. Justin Adams- Sandy 6-7 210 QB..3 sport athlete that is one of the top junior QB’s in the Pacific Northwest. 2600 Yards, 28 Tds- 12 Ints, 58 % Com Pct, 1st Team All League 11′..Ivy league type kid (3.97 GPA, 5 AP Courses) that has one of the best QB Coaches in the country (Greg Barton)… Oustanding basketball player, and one of the best baseball players in the region. Special talent that has just gotten a lot better. Unbelievable jump in the rankings due to ridiculous potential. He should be able to write his own ticket we just don’t know at which sport. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/789320/justin-adams

17. Evan Colorito- Beaverton 6-4 210 TE/LB… Leading Beaverton’s Defense in Sacks, fly’s off the ball creating havoc on most plays. Super athletic with NFL Genes, Father played in Super Bowl with Denver, All league DL 8.5 Sacks as a sophomore, 8 sacks as a junior one of the state leaders, 5.3 tpg..Should have played a lot of offense…Army All American Nominee http://www.hudl.com/athlete/142718/evan-colorito


18. Nathan Halverson- Grant 5-11 170 ATH…(Offers- Portland St) 1st team all league DB, football family, Varsity 4 x 1 as a frosh, 2nd State..Maybe the best junior corner in the state..Injured most of 2011, but probably the best athlete on Grant’s roster. PSU offer in hand http://www.hudl.com/athlete/211151/nathan-halverson


19. James Banks- Marist 6-1 220 LB..2nd team all league kid as a soph, transfers from S.Eugene. One of the top LB’s in the state, one of the conference favorites for Defensive player of the year, (2011: 5.0 TPG, 1 sack, 2 Ints, 1 Td 4 pass deflections). 1st team all league LB 11′, 1st Team All State NEI Underclassmen..1st Team All state 5a NEI Regular season, One of the best backers in the Northwest.. 8 offensive Tds, 15 rec, 245 rec yds, 195 rush yds..http://www.hudl.com/athlete/487229/james-banks


20. Xavier Griggs- Central Catholic 6-0 200 SS… Wow this kid is good, his upside is ridiculous and he will most likely just be getting bigger, projects at the D1 level. (2011 stats: 5.2 TPG, 4 INT, 67 Td return against Jesuit, 4 Pd). Had outstanding Soph Year, 42 tackles, 2 sacks..Very bright future http://www.hudl.com/athlete/696419/xavier-griggs


21. Beau Duronslet- Central Catholic 6-1 190 ATH/DB…Incredble athlete, 68 tackles, 4 Int’s, 9 Pass Deflections as a soph..Legit D1 potential, (2011 stats: 486 rec yds, 882 all purpose yds 7 Tds, 22.3 ypc, 4.3 TPG) Head coach Pyne calls him “most of the time the best overall football player on the field”. Currently in running for Conference offensive POY. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/861387/beau-duronslet


22. Austin Powell- Crescent Valley 6-4 260 OL/DL…Solid athlete that tested very well, Multi sport kid with good size..MVP D line at recent combine. Notre Dame has been contacting him among others. 2011 stats: 2.3 TPG, 1 FF, gets double teamed regularly.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Es1e5xvsO6E


23. John Carroll- Mt. View WR/DB 6-4 190 WR/S… 3 sport athlete that can write his own ticket, 2nd Team All League both ways, 6 Td’s/ 6 Int’s as a soph..D1 size (2011 stats- missed 3 games with injury…28 rec, 500+ yds, 14 total Tds Tds, 19.5 ypc/ 5.0 tpg, 2 Int, 3 Pd’s..1st team all league D, 2nd team O 2011. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/667556/john-carroll


24. Bryon Bodon- Crescent Valley 6-4 265 OL/DE..Boden is a beast inside and will team with Powell to form one of the best 1-2 punches in the state, he MVP’d a legit combine during the spring over Voeller showing off his potential. Definitely looks the part…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88HSNH2Xz4o


25. Jack Ezell- Pendleton 6-4 215 LB… Conference Player of the Year 2011..Not a lot of people know about him because he’s from the Eastern part of the state but check his video and you will see a kid that’s super legit http://www.hudl.com/athlete/225152


26. Kamerun Smith- Marist 6-5 200 QB… Transfers to Marist from Willamette to team with Walcott/ Baird, Really playing well and looking comfortable with his new team..( Reg Season: 46 Tds/ 8 Int ratio, 2699 yds passing, 224.9 Ypg, 60.0 com pct… He is all of 6-5 and, having an incredible year thus far, #1 junior QB in the state. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/487226/kamerun-smith


27. Deavauntae Hoffman- Gresham 5-7 180 SB/DB…First team all league kid a year ago, threat to return kicks at all times..The conference favorite for Offensive player of the year in the Mt Hood.. 2011 reg season; 20 Tds, 1194 rush yds, 5.7 ypc; super shifty. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOfi29T4N8M


28. Reza Aleaziz- Southridge 6-4 220 QB.. Prototypical QB body, 1st team all league kid that has some of the top young receivers in the state to throw to (Justin Calo Jr, Kevin McClean Jr, Jordan Morgan So). Has division 1 baseball ability so look for him to be focused on pitching in the spring…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cT8pzLKYPUk

29. Richard Ramsey- Jefferson 5-9 180 RB…Tough year to start, but broken out lately with multiple Td games..Unbelievable athlete, transfer from S.Eugene..2nd team all league as a sophomore. Huge addition for Jeff..


30. Jack Anderson- Lake Oswego 6-3 190 WR/S…Outstanding 3 sport athlete, Will start on both sides of the ball..Played behind Tyson Coleman last season..One of the Top Junior in the state, one of the top DB’s in the Three Rivers, multiple interceptions…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/802613/jack-anderson


31. Christian Morris- Sherwood 6-1 190 RB…One of the best Rb’s in the state that missed the entire season with an injury. Scored 12 Tds as a sophomore on 2010 State Championship Team


32. Kevin McClean- Southridge 6-3 185 WR/S..All league WR as sophomore, Fast and athletic.. Currently one of the top perimeter players in the 2013 class; 2011 reg season stats: 37 rec, 500+ yds, 5 Tds, 12.4 YPC; outstanding safety that earned 2nd team all league honors in 10′ and 11′. Led Metro in receptions..Army All American Nominee


33. Johhny Ragin- Wilsonville 6-3 210 LB..Good size athletic backer, 2011 324 rush yds, 3td, 7.5 ypc/ 2.6 TPG, 7 Pass Deflections, 3 sacks, 3 Td..Has big time potential, off season will be important…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/788270/johnny-ragin


34. Mike Ralston- Jesuit 6-6 240 WR…Basketball player that could end up being a legit D1 receiver, going to be very hard for DB’s to defend, raw talent..Playing mostly defense.


35. Noah Peterson- Lake Oswego 6-3 270.. Key component to Lake O line that is playing as well as anyone in the state. He is able to move very well for a big man and will just continue to improve. One of the top O lineman in the state..


36. Spencer Payne- Mcminnville 5-9 185 RB..1635 reg season Yds, 27 Td’s, Conference player of the year beating out Wick and Floyd of Tigard. This kids video is sick! McMinnville brings back some good young talent so things look promising.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8xHechOyEU


37. Antonio Bella- Roosevelt ATH/DB 5-10 175…1st team all league as a Soph, super quick and is dangerous anytime he has the ball.. 2011 stats: 53 receptions, 889 yards receiving, 16 YPC, 9 tds/ 5 Ints..Helping the Roughriders to their highest point total in school history thus far…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eBA7_QGeY8

38. Justin Calo- Southridge 6-0 165..This kid is fun to watch and becoming one of the top receivers in the state..2011 reg season stats’ 25 rec 627 yds, 6 Tds.. Averaging 25.1 yards per catch, one of the Metro league leaders in multiple categories..


39. Adrian Garcia- S.Medford 6-0 165 WR.. One of the top Junior WR’s in the state, breakout performance against Roseburg..42 catches,677 yds , 9 touchdowns. Perfect sidekick to Retzlaff..http://www.hudl.com/athlete/694218/adrian-garcia

40. Derrek Turituri- Crater 6-2 215 TE…D1 sibling, football family, All league TE..Crater is playing much better and he is a big part. Kid is an absolute beast looking to hit at all times, very fast for size. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/687687/derrick-turituri


41. Chet Spears- Sheldon 6-2 300 OL/DL..2011 Stats; 4.5 TPG, 4 Sacks. An absolute force inside that creates opportunities for everyone else. Moves very well for a big man. One of the state’s top wrestlers…


42. Brett Nielsen- Sheldon 6-4 220 OL..Comes from football family, 30 pancake blocks, all league athlete that projects well at the next level as he will add size, very good overall athlete


43. Bruce Jones Jr.- Sunset 5-11 175t RB/DB…young for the grade, transfer from Aloha that would start at most 6A Schools, extremely athletic..Playing more and more and is the future of the Sunset program.


44. Lawrence Wilson- Central Catholic 6-4 200 WR..17 Receptions, 366 yards, 6 Tds..Incredible year averaging over 20 yards a catch, 4.2 student that will have every IVY league school and many other high end academic football schools after him..http://www.hudl.com/athlete/696458

45. Jeffrey Williams- Tualatin 6-3 215…BYU said to be interested, very talented athlete..2 receiving Td’s, big kid in the middle that can fly around as a backer…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/633653/jeff-williams


46t. Benny Wick- Tigard 5-9 185 RB/S…Undersized, but tough and athletic. Started as a sophomore and did very well, potential Pacific Conf Player of the year, one part of Tigard’s phenomenal 3 back system (Floyd, Greene) 2011 stats: 900 + yards, 17 Tds, 7.9 Ypc, 1st team all league LB, 2nd team RB… http://www.hudl.com/athlete/404393/benny-wick


47. Zach Floyd- Tigard 5-8 160 RB/DB..Wow this kid is good, Undersized but super fast and strong.. His stock his rising quickly; 2011 stats: 1000 + yards, 20 + Tds 9 Ypc/ 1st team all league RB…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/404374/zach-floyd


48. Dom Baldocchi- Jesuit 6-3 250 OL..Good size athlete with but has outstanding potential. Started on D as a sophomore Will team with Rich and Kirkland to form one of the top lines in the region. 3rd Team all league OL..http://www.hudl.com/athlete/242853/dominic-baldocchi


49. Fergus Frederickson- Central Catholic 6-3 240 DL..Will be playing on one of the best defense’s in the region in Central Catholic, 3.6 tackles per game, potential is there..Had an outstanding playoff run dominating some opponents.


50. Wyatt Houston- Horizon Christian 6-4 220 QB/ATH…Outstanding athlete with D1 body..Should have his way with most 3A competition, projects at TE/OLB but is throwing the ball well…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/183903/wyatt-houston


51. Ivan Faulhaber- Sheldon 6-3 215..Good size backer that can also catch the ball..2011 3 Tpg, 1 Sack, 2 Int’s, 3 Td’s..Will play a big role moving forward, fast for his size. Potential is through the roof…


52. Xavier Mitchell- Century 6-0 160 WR/DB..Unanimous first team all league selection in the Pacific Conference. Garnered a lot of respect from the coaches…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/839854/xavier-mitchell


53. Usaiah Aisea – Lincoln 6-1 260 DL/OL.. Big time football family, younger brother will be one of the best players in the country, 2-year starter…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/837911


54. David Henry- Oakland 5-11 215 RB/MLB.. 20.5 Tpg, 1404 Yds, 23 Tds, 14.33 Ypc, 14 Sacks, Some of the most ridiculous stats we have ever seen even if it is 2a; Who makes over 20 tackles a game? Currently 4th in the entire country with 205 total tackles..(Max Preps)..

55. Jonathan Kennion- Clackamas 6-3 240 OL/DL..2nd Team all league DL, Hon Mention Center..Good size kid that will be called upon to do big things next year..Has gone under the radar to an extent and looks like one of the top D ends in Oregon if he maximizes his potential…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/733714


56. Tanner Fiez – Crescent Valley 6-2 185 WR/S..Playing as well as anybody on the Raiders roster, 2011.. 14 rec, 140 yds, 2 Tds, 10.0 ypc; 5A State leading 11.9 Tpg, 2 Ints..One of the top defensive players at the 5A Classification level…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aupcow_f5_0


57. Josh Harper- Marist 6-3 195 DE/WR..5a state leader in sacks (10), 5.6 Tack Per Game, very quick and long coming off the end. His long frame and overall athletic ability give him a chance off adding some size and playing at the next level. Leading scorer and rebounder for Marist in hoops…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/487224/josh-harper


58. Sam Stelk- Tigard 6-5 230 DE/QB..Will most likely play the D End or TE position at the next level. His transfer from Summit is huge for the junior class who welcomes the strength and size coming off the end, outstanding basketball player- one of the leading scorers in hoops…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/404389/sam-stelk


59. Michael Kluge- Aloha 5-10 285 OL/DL…Flat out winner that tore up the state as a Sophomore. Skills are there, size is different, Currently holds national records for his class in the bench 450+..http://www.hudl.com/athlete/569129/michael-kluge

60. Malcom Lewis- Westview DL/OL 6-0 290 http://www.hudl.com/athlete/202959/- Has gone under the radar to an extent, has phenomenal testing and should be one of the Metro’s best in 2012, D1aa projection


61. Ryan Hendry – Sunset 6-0 170 SB/DB..Outstanding athlete that was one of the Metro league leaders in Td Receptions and interceptions. 3rd team all Metro


62. Nick Highberger- Wilsonville 6-2 190 DB..Started as a freshman, Projects as a DB All League Safety as a soph.. 2011 stats: 5 TPG, 2 Ints, 5 PD,2 FF, 3 Tds. Can also play QB if need be. Good sized kid that should have a big senior year, Army All American Nominee…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/796064/nick-highberger


63. Andrew Schlottmann- Tualatin 6-2 190 SB/DB…Came on strong at end of season, multiple Td’s, Can play both ways..One of the top dual threats in Pacific conf


64. Sam Curtius- S.Medford 6-5 220 DE/OL…One of the state leaders in sacks, all league athlete that earned all state underclassmen honors (NEI). Big body that has all the potential in the world.


65. Hayden Ficek- South Salem 6-4 265 OL/DL..Done very well at camps and looks to have frame to add additional size…1st team all league OL with a huge upside.

66. Mitch Lewis- Sheldon 5-11 165 RB/DB..Outstanding two way threat.. 9 Tds, 393 rush yds, 7.6 ypc,/ 3.4 tpg, 3 Ints…Tough kid that runs hard. One of the team leaders in Tds


67. Pat Alexander- S.Medford 5-11 200 LB..Good looking young backer that will be apart of some talented young Panther groups, 10.6 tackles per game..Just everywhere on the field, led 6a in tackles… http://www.hudl.com/athlete/694245/pat-alexander


68. Dylan Lewis – Sheldon 6-0 165 WR/DB- Super talented athlete that has had an outstanding second half of the season; 1st team all league baseball as a sophomore…172 rec yds, 2 tds, very good defensive back 3.6 tpg, 3 Int’s…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/630020/dylan-lewis


69. Demontrial Spinks- Reynolds 6-0 175 RB..Incredible numbers, 1575 Alll Purpose Yards 14 Total Tds (857 yds receiving, 297 rushing, 421 returns). Should have big senior year with offense…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/851163


70. Jake Hall 6-4 200 Jr DE Salem Academy 25 sacks..2.5 sacks per game, ranks 7th in the entire country; 2a football makes projections hard, but this kid is single handily changing games. Crushing state records in sacks

71. Zach Selland- Horizon Christian 6-4 170 WR- Receiving and Td leader for a good 3a team. Houston and Selland should do big things going into their senior year. They will have to hit the camp circuit hard to show they can play against the big boys…


71. Travis Derocher- Newport 5-11 200 LB..One of the state’s leading tacklers for the second year in row, 13 tackles per game, 2 sacks absolute beast teaming with Oshay Dunmore, 2nd team all state- all underclassmen NEI


72. Branden Cutsforth Central 6-2 205 TE.. Ridiculous numbers for a tight end. One of the state leaders in multiple categories at the 4a level; 884 Yds Rec,


73. Alex Sirois- Century OL 6-5 285- http://www.hudl.com/athlete/777290/alex-sirois Multiple Pac 12 schools have been interested, Hon mention all league..Film is quality

74. Jahmian Howard- Carey Franklin 6-2 265 OL/DL.. 1st team all league D Lineman that could do some things with the right coaching


75. Mitch Reese- Churchill 6-3 205 QB.. 2103 Passing yds, 22 Tds, 233.7 passing yds per game, Good sized kid that has potential moving forward.


76. Jonah Koski- Bend 6-3 180 QB..One of the more unknown but very talented QB’s out of Central Oregon..Had an outstanding year, 2178 yards passing, 25 Tds- 10 Ints, 200+ YPG, 53.8 Com Pct…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/819253/jonah-koski


77. Dallas Thompson- St. Helens 5-11 165 ATH/FS..101 tackles as a sophomore, also leads the offense at QB, All league DB..Very talented dual threat..2011, 4 Tds- 3 Ints…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/90443/dallas-thompson



78. Sye Yates- Coquile 6-0 180 FB/LB..11.5 Tackles per game, 10 Tds..Some may remember Griff Yates who took Southern Oregon by storm breaking multiple records…


79. Chase Towlerton – 1st OL/DL 6-3 285 Springfield- 1st team all league lineman that has legit size and should be considered one of the top up and coming lineman state wide


80. Jake Default- South Salem 6-0 195 ATH/DB…Hon Mention all league as a soph, football family, very athletic kid that should be one of the best in the Valley. 2011 stats: 668 all purpose yards, big time kick returner, Projects as a DB


81. Connor Griffin – Lake Oswego WR 6-4 200- Very impressive overall athlete (Basketball), came on late in state title run and scored multiple Tds. Outstanding size and should be one of the better receivers in the state in 2012


82. Chad Back- Mt View 6-3 230 DL/OL..1st team all league lineman that helped lead his team to a class 5a State Title, has natural size and strength and can move.



83. Hayden Lent-Roseburg 6-2 210 QB..Good sized athlete that does a good job managing a football game. Will lose a lot of his perimeter so he will have to be on point in 2012…


84. Joseph Delgado – Ontario 6-2 170 WR/DB.. 2011 reg season; 1486 Rec Yds, 17 Tds, 135.1 ypg average, #1 in the state for overall yards (Max Preps). Not many people know about the kid from Eastern Oregon. Good sized athlete with potential…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/816346/joseph-delgado


85. Kaz Greene- Tigard 5-7 150 SB- Just a burner, very similar to his brother where he can outrun you or juke you… 2011 stats..700 + yards rushing, 9 Tds, 10.4 ypc, unreal yards per carry..So quick and fast with no fear…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/401929


86. Tyler Bigot- Pendleton OL/DL 6-5 245 http://www.hudl.com/athlete/225187/tyler-bigot -1st team all league kid from a year ago, has legit size and should team with Ezell to manhandle opponents


87. Jaylynn Bailey- South Salem 5-11 190 RB- Has the speed to play at the next level but will it translate on the field? 2011-3 Td’s on 18 carries for 175 yds..The 9.7 per carry is impressive


88. Justin Outslay- Salem Academy OL/DL 6-5 265 http://vimeo.com/34578236 – Could move up the list quickly, Pac 12 schools have been interested, 4.0 student


89. Ryan Brown 6-6 260 OL Jesuit..Injured all of his junior season, but did an outstanding job earlier in HS career when healthy. Very mobile kid and you can’t teach 6-6 so his potential is through the roof. Will be part of one of the top offensive lines in the country next year with (Rich, Kirkland, Baldocchi, Moon). Look for a big off season from Brown.


90. Cody Churchwell- Canby 6-2 240 OL- 2nd Team all league kid that has good size and is just going to get better. Should be a big part of a soid returning front that includes Joey Haynes…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/766386


91. Maka Moon- Jesuit OL 6-4 255- Started as a junior and did an outstanding job.. Will return on one of the top lines in the country


92. Erick Douglas III- Clackamas 5-9 155 WR ..1st team all league WR, very impressive accolade considering he’s in a tough conference, he’s undersized and the team struggled http://www.hudl.com/athlete/798115


93. Austin Faunce- Lake Oswego 6- 1 220 DL’OL.. Had an incredible year … Good high school lineman that is fundamentally sound with a non stop motor, Very good wrestler…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/467463


94. Jordan Skipper- Corvallis 5-10 160 WR.. 664 yds REC, 3 Tds, 20 ypc..Teams leading receiver, not a big kid but has big play capability each time he catches the ball


95. Bryant Peek Jr -Grant 5-10 180 RB 779 yards rushing, 12 Tds, 1st team all league running back..Runs hard and has jukes..http://www.hudl.com/athlete/211153


96. Kyle Peterson LO- Lake Oswego 6-2 215 C..2nd Team all league C that was one of the most underrated players in Oregon. Did an absolutely phenomenal job as an underclassmen leading the Lake O line.


97. Austin Thimjon- Century OL 6-1 295- 1st team all league kid, very impressive season..Probably an inch or two too short for big time D1 football but skills are there

98. Alec Powell- Southridge 6-0 170 SB/CB.. D1 genes and the ability to play any skill position, 2nd team all league kid that had a very good year


99 Dominic Johnson-Grant 6-2 235 DE/LB- 2 year starter, comes off the end hard and plays physical..Started at backer as a soph (4.83) 40 yard dash, gone under the radar..http://www.hudl.com/athlete/211161/dominic-johnson


100. Sheridan Olds- Century 6-4 215 OL… 2nd team all league kid with size. Has the potential to put on some size and play at the next level. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/375849


101. Cody Summers- Tualatin 6-1 245 OL..One of the T Wolves leaders, good size with a football family.. Honorable mention all league…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/603092


102. Krid Skcus- Yoncalla 6-3 275 OL/DL – Absolute beast coming off the end, 14 sacks, 44 total tackles..State Champion wrestler in Idaho


103. Daniel Harper- Scio 6-0 195 RB/DB..2A level leaves huge question marks, but 34 Td’s, 2211 Rush Yds, and 8 Int’s is phenominal as a sophomore anywhere; 2011 reg season- 1745 rush yds, 26 Tds, 158.6 ypg as a junior for 11-1 team


104. Ryan Walsh- Wilsonville 5-11 160- Has become the featured back in the Wildcats system, 636 yards, 8.6 YPC, 5 tds and Wilsonville is legit…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/796482/ryan-walsh


105. Johnny Williams- Lincoln 6-3 185 Jr QB..Football family, Ivy league type kid ..4.0 GPA, 1965 Pass Yds, 17 Tds/ 7 Ints, 38 rush, 244 yards, 2 Tds…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/825512


106. Anthony Consolo- Tigard 5-10 165- 1st team alL league DB, undersized kid that did very well as a junior and will be a part of one of the top secondaries in the state next year…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/404367


107. Kyrell Bishop- Grant 5-11 185 ATH…1st team all PIL Utility, outstanding athlete that will play a big role in 2012. Could be a DB or a slot at the next level..http://www.hudl.com/athlete/639018


108. Charles Riga 6-1 205 LB Madison 547 Rush yds, 4.7 ypc, 3 Tds; good sized kid that earned all league honors on both sides of the ball.


109. Anthony Jarvis- OL 1st Hidden Valley 6-3 285 http://www.hudl.com/athlete/84325/anthony-jarvis – Kid has legit size and can move, 1st team all league, maybe the best returning 4a lineman in the state


110. John Emerald- Springfield 6-0 180 DB/WR..2nd Team all league back, one of the best athletes in the Midwestern conf, 2011: 10 rec, 243 yds, 2 Tds, 5 games, One of the best athletes in conference.


111. Brad Bennett- Century 6-0 160 QB.. 1st team All league QB that ran the no huddle well. Century returns some key kids and is looking at a very interesting 2012…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/668114


112. Blake Robison- Sandy 6-1 170 WR/DB..Look for Robison to be Adams guy in 2012; Adams will put up big numbers so Robison should have a big year..http://www.hudl.com/athlete/789241


113. Jacob Iverson- Clackamas 6-2 175 WR/SS ..34 rec, 350 yds, 3 Tds, 3 Ints..Good size athlete, will be critical to teams turnaround if they are to


114. PJ Smith- Lincoln 6-1 260 OL..Good sized lineman that has potential, will need to work on quicks and side to side agility..Has really improved and will be one of the best lineman in the PIL

115. Buddy Webb- Jesuit 5-10 160 DB/ATH..Incredible athlete that tests very well and will be happy to show off his dunking abilities. Tough game against LO, but overall a super talented kid.


116. Dakota Kemper- Banks 5-10 185 RB..Good young talent that earned first team all league honors as a sophomore..


117. Taeveon Ashley Thompson- Grant 6-4 250 OL/DL..Good motor, started as a sophomore and was an all conference kid. Definitely the future of Grant’s Line…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/211168


118. Jeremy Poyer- Astoria 6-2 220 LB/QB..Brother of former Player of the Year Jordan Poyer who currently starts at OSU


119. Devin Ceciliani- 1st WR Madras 6-2 180 – Unanimous 1st team all league kid with legit size..Could do big things moving forward


120. Braeden Emrick- South Eugene 6-0 200 LB/RB..Good football player in a real tough situation playing for the Axemen, brutal at South.


121. Mark Grothe- Lakeridge 6-2 180 FS..Does a good job in the secondary using a quarterbacks mindset to play the position..2nd Team all league DB, that should be a leader on both sides of the ball next year…3 sport athlete, could have a huge year


122. Mitch Williams- CC 6-3 240 TE..Not a lot of football experience, but big upside coming back with some very talented underclassmen. Can catch and block


123. Duke DeGaetano- Bend 5-10 175 RB/DB 903 All Purpose Yds, 10 Tds/ 6.4 Tpg..1st team all league RB, Did an outstanding job on both sides of the ball.


124. Kyle Auda- Reynolds 6-2 210 LB..One of the state’s leading tacklers, 8.4 tackles per game..Good size kid that will have to


125. Mark Holenstein- QB/P 6-1 180 http://www.hudl.com/athlete/80295/mark-holenstein – Conference Player of the Year that lead his team to a state title, also has an outstanding leg.


126. Jacob Hansen- Central Catholic 6-0 190 LB.. 52 Total tackles, 1 PD, 1 Frec, 1 Caused; one of the top tacklers in the Mt Hood conference; Could play at the next level with additional size


127. Mason Ross- McNary 6-1 235 OL/DL..2nd Team all league as a sophomore, has size and could project as a good D2-3 kid..http://www.hudl.com/athlete/858884

128. Cordell Harris- Grant 5-8 165 DB.. 2nd Team all league kid that scored multiple big Tds over the year; undersized but quick.. 321 rec yds, 4 Tds, 29.14 ypc, game breaker…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/211173


129. Max Farthing- S.Medford 5-11 160 DB/WR.. 3 Ints, 240 yards receiving, 3 Tds..Very good overall athlete that will team with Garcia at receiver next year…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/694228


130. Kelly Cowan- McNary 6-2 240 2nd OL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3v3MLsnS6j4 = 2nd Team all league, All conference the past two seasons..Should be part of much improved Celtic squad



131. Chance Taylor- Tigard 5-9 160 SS.. Undersized first team all league athlete that can play the linebacker position, did an outstanding job down all league opponents….http://www.hudl.com/athlete/401931


132. Ryan Comstock-Oakland 5-10 175 RB/DB.. Mind boggling numbers 27 Tds, 3 Ints, 1551 yards,14.6 tackles per game, 8 pass deflections.. Hard to gage anyone at 2a level, but he is dominant.


133. Kyle Henderson-Westview 6-3 220 DE.. 3rd team all league kid that has the body to play at the next level. Look for the Wildcats to get him the ball on offense as well in 12′.


134. Max Bailey-Putnam 6-2 180 QB..The Kingsmen are excited to have a kid like this. He looks the part and has two top tier targets in Stephenson and Skiles…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/536464


135. Mitchell Thompson- Oregon City 5-7 165 RB.. Fast kid that runs hard and did an outstanding job splitting time with all league back Louis Wolf, 2nd Team all league.. scored multiple Tds..http://www.hudl.com/athlete/479510


136. RJ Morgan- Crater 6-1 195 WR/DB… Hon Mention All League, Good looking athlete that needs someone to get him the ball..http://www.hudl.com/athlete/687728/rj-morgan



137. Zach Salton- Tualatin 6-0 180 RB..Multiple Tds late in the year and in the playoffs. Look for him to play significant role next year with Brady Watts gone.

138. Jacob Hagler- Oregon City OL HM 6-2 260 – Hon Mention all league, did a very good job against top competiton


139. Tyler Johnson-Willamette 6-1 235 LB ..7.7 tackles per game (2nd class 5a), 4 fumble recoveries…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/391538/tyler-johnson


140. Vance Hamilton- Century 5-11 165 ATH/DB.. 1st Team Kick Returner, 2nd team all league DB..Very versatile kid that can return kicks and punts..S


141. Nate Henkle- West Salem 5-9 170 RB..Earned Mvp RB honors for 2013′ class at recent combine, 4.0 student


142. AJ McCollum- Aloha 6-0 240 C/DE..Done a very good job up front as an underclassmen. Part of a special class with Kearsley, Kluge, and Sullivan up front


143. Greg Marshall- Beaverton 6-0 210 LB.. The Beavers are in a lot of trouble losing a ton of seniors. Marshall will have his hands full especially if kids start to transfer


144. AJ Antillon-Liberty 5-8 175 RB.. undersized 1st team all league back that did a good job running the ball. It doesn’t hurt that he ran behind Oregon bound Bafaro


145. Sam Riddle- Century 6-2 185 QB/WR.. Multi dimensional athlete with size that can play a variety of positions…http://www.hudl.com/athlete/379520


146. Neil Wagner- Lake Oswego 6-1 215 LB..Came up big at Nike NFTC, one of the top underclassmen at the camp..http://www.hudl.com/athlete/470220


147. Taylor Smith- Central Catholic 5-11 180 LB..Undersized backer with a lot of potential, 34 total tackles..Did a very good job filling in, Outstanding student who has really picked up his game


148. Joseph Balfour- Sherwood 5-11 170 ATH/DB.. We all know the Balfour name. Projects as a safety, will play QB as well


149. Ryan Spaulding- Glencoe 5-9 175 RB…Has had a couple big games 200+, Tough times for the Crimson Tide


150. Daniel Abdie- Westview 6-0 160 WR/DB..2nd Team all league WR, football family.. Looking forward to big senior year


151. Eli Skiles- Putnam 5-9 165 SB/CB..Multiple Tds as a junior, fast and extremely tough..could have monster year alongside D.Stephens http://www.hudl.com/athlete/538075/eli-skiles


152. Colton Muir – Wilsonville 6-1 230 OL/DL..Good size and speed, also starter on baseball team…was injured 5 games last season but helped lead Wilsonville to Quarterfinals in 2011

153. Mike Caruso- Canby 5-6 175 RB/S..Undersized, but all over the field..58 total tackles, 2 Ints, 3 Pd’s, 2 Tds, 314 rush yds, 7.48 ypc


154. Mat Merrik- Wilsonville 5-11 195 SS- 5.1 tackles per game, will play a big role in 2012′.


155. Kyle Bateman-Sandy 5-10 175 LB.. Undersized 1st team all league LB, that will try to help Sandy to its first winning season in 14 years


156. Sam Devedjian- Century 6-1 205 OL- 1st team all league OL, Undersized for a lineman but a tough athletic kid


157. Conner Olson- Tigard 6-2 185 TE/LB..Did a good job teaming with sophomore Biglow at Tight End, honorable mention all league132.


158. Alex Ortiz- Hermiston 5-10 175 WR/DB.. 12 Total Tds, 624 receiving Yds, 19.5 Ypc, 32 Receptions. Big year from the kid from Eastern Oregon


159. Jarodd Howard- West Linn 6-1 175 WR.. Could be a go to guy next year, multiple Tds on the season..2nd Team all league, multi sport athlete (basketball) http://www.hudl.com/athlete/645310


160. Malik Fontleroy- Beaverton 5-11 165 SB/DB..Did a very good job in the open field. They will need to get the ball in his hands a lot next year


161. Rhyce Pruit- Southridge 6-2 265 DL .. 3rd team all league, did a very good job towards the end of the season in Metro title run


162. Riley Veritch- GP 2nd DB 6-0 180 Grants Pass – 2nd Team all league on average GP squad, will be one of their leaders moving forward


163. Jon Richey- Dallas 6-2 200 TE/LB.. 3 Sacks, big tough kid that will have to be a leader on the 2012 team


164. Aaron Downes- Thurston 5-11 200 ATH..2nd Team all league, 53 total tackles (4.8 tpg), 4 total Tds..http://www.hudl.com/athlete/353827/aaron-downes


165. Andrew Bennion- Churchill 5-10 170 WR..40 Rec, 687 yds, 10 Tds, 17.2 ypc.. 5a leader in receptions and yards..(Max Preps)..http://www.hudl.com/athlete/109402/andrew-bennion


166. Blake Chamberlain- Tigard 6-3 250 DE..Played as a soph, should key a key factor coming off the end, has been able to contribute on the line


167. Taylor Grimmett 5-11 185 ATH/K..Over 700 all purpose yds, with an outstanding leg. Fast, athletic kid that transferred from West Linn http://www.hudl.com/athlete/757642/taylor-grimmett


168. JD Abbas -Redmond LB 1st 6-2 190 – 1st team all league kid, multi sport athlete that will lead of a bunch of all league kids that are returning


169. Jake Heverly- Roseburg 5-7 160 DB/SB..Small kid that has a nose for the ball. Scored multiple ways; Rushing, Interceptions, returns


170. Caleb Wells- Benson 6-6 235 DE/OL- Kid with ridiculous size and a lot of potential..Has grown over the last year and looking for a breakout year


171. Joey Miller- Lakeridge OL HM 6-1 255- Hon Mention all league, will anchor a young but talented Pacer line


172. Brandon Williams- Cascade Christian 6-0 180 ATH- Will be a 400 Meter State Champion kid this season..Lead team to 10-3 record..A lot of potential


173. Jeremiah James- South Salem 5-11 180 Slot/DB.. 13 REC, 164 YDS, 4 Total Tds, has legit quicks and potential..http://www.hudl.com/athlete/639947/jeremiah-james#highlights


174. Logan Ems- West Linn 6-4 170 QB- Will need to put on some weight, but has gained valuable experience and has legit size


175. Deven Jackson- Jefferson 6-1 190 QB…Very athletic kid with a football mind.. Did well against older competition at combines, very good baseball player


176. Weston Lamora- Churchill 6-2 190 LB.. 59 total tackles, good size kid..Quality group returning


177. Tyler Gonzales- Mckay 6-0 185 RB..683 yards rushing, 6 Tds, 6.9 YPC, Good young back

178. Colin Meisner- LaSalle 5-8 170 WR/DB .. First Team all league on both sides of the ball, 4a state champion..Undersized but very talented http://www.hudl.com/athlete/170682/colin-meisner

179. Codi Branch- Stayton 6-2 210 LB.. 1st team all league kid that lives football, will be a leader of the Stayton group

180. Wyatt Wullger- Astoria 6-0 175 RB..1st team all league RB, good sized kid, the Fisherman will be tough