Zach Floyd And Tigard Just Gettin It Done

Zach Floyd 5-10 175 Jr. RB/DB

Tigard has been one of the better teams in the state of Oregon for the last couple decades. They run one of the top youth programs anywhere in the state, and have a consistent flow of talented athletes that know how to win. This upcoming season the Tigers will feature four backs that are Conference Player of the Year caliber players.

1st Team All league Back Zach Floyd looks to be one of the top running backs in Oregon coming back next season. He recently showed up at one of our Oregon (Invite Only) events and looked phenomenal running the ball. His ability to accelerate and bounce in and out of holes was extremely impressive. To put that into perspective, out of the 60 Top Athletes in Attendance he may have been the MVP on the day.

Floyd went for 22 Tds and over 1150 Yards on a team that features an all state cast of backs. Benny Wick (5-10 195 Jr. RB/SS) was one of the best overall football players in Oregon and put up similar numbers to Floyd’s. He was a first team all league LB and second team all league RB.

Kaz Greene (5-7 150 Jr. SB) was one of the more enjoyable kids to watch run, scoring his share of Tds while super sophomore Manu Rasmussen (6-0 160 So. SB) was an assassin in the open field scoring 7 Tds in limited time.

Zach says ” I feel fortunate to be with such a talented group, we are all close friends and feed off of one another”. Floyd Continued, “Its good friendly competition and we all want to be the best so we maximize each other’s potential”.

It’s this type of attitude that will help Tigard come in ranked as one of the state’s Top 6a Teams. They have a filthy perimeter , but do lose three big time lineman including Player of the Year Jeremy Moore. If they can fill the holes on the line they will be very tough to beat.

Head Coach Craig Ruecker is one of the most successful Coaches in Oregon history, and will look to Floyd to do more of the same next season. He averaged over 10 Yards per carry, but came up just short on Player of the Year honors finishing just behind McMinnville super junior Spencer Payne (5-9 185 Jr. RB).

” I love being in a system where we don’t have a single back, I think we all stay fresh and can always go full speed because we know we have solid backups”.

Floyd is moving back to Tigard High School for his senior year after spending the past three years at OES (Oregon Episcopal School). He is excited to be coming back and says, ” I’ve missed my friends that I grew up with, and Im looking forward to spending my Senior year with them “.

Once again just another outstanding kid coming out of the Tigard program. We expect to see them ranked in the Class 6a Top 5 going into the season , and have nothing but respect for athletics within the community. Zach Floyd Highlights

Chance Taylor #22, Zach Floyd #23, Benny Wick #24, Kaz Greene #25