Bellevue Gets Big Time Transfer- D End Raveon Hoston

Every year kids surprise us at the Barton winter camps and this year the young man who has caught everyone’s eye is Bellevue DE/TE Raveon Hoston, who was an All-Metro League selection while playing at Cleveland last fall.

Because of some family issues, Hoston and his family moved from Seattle over to Bellevue and he’s gotten a new lease on both his academic and athletic life.

“Coming to Bellevue was good for me,” Hoston admitted at last weekend’s Barton Elite Camp at Garfield. “Bellevue being Bellevue, the coaches there are great and they will get the best out of you.

“I wasn’t getting it done in the classroom either. I had some stuff outside of school that was bothering me and that was another reason we moved because my family wanted what was best for me. This year I gotta make things count. I have everything I could need supportwise, so it’s all on me now to get it done.”

The talented prospect is about as raw as it gets and he said that is one reason he has been hitting every Barton camp he can get to so he can improve.

“I like to work and out here you’ve got a lot of really talented guys,” Houston said. “It makes you work hard, but it also shows you how much you have to improve and that’s why I’m here and we’re all out here. The coaching is great and I love coming out and competing against top talent like they have here right now.”

On the recruiting front, schools have inquired about him, but because his academics aren’t up to par, they’ve taken a “wait and see” approach with him.

“The coaches come by and they ask about me, but then they see my grades and they are like ‘let’s wait and see what happens with his school work’ and they also want to see how I progress,” Hoston said. “I’m ready to handle my business and if I do that I feel schools will give me a chance.”

As a player who only saw action in three games, Hoston still managed to post seven sacks and 12 tackles for the Eagles in 2011.

He has long arms and a lean frame, but at 6’3″, 220 pounds, he could easily add 20 to 30 pounds and maintain his outstanding athleticism.

We will have more on Hoston in the future and will keep checking back with him to see how he’s progressing, both on the field and in the classroom.

Raveon Hoston 6-3 220 DE Bellevue