Top Oregon Linebacker James Banks Transfers to Sheldon

(James Banks 6-1 220 Jr. LB/FB- Sheldon)

James Banks (6-1 225 Jr. LB/FB) is one of Oregon’s Top 3 linebackers, and yesterday he announced that he will be transferring from 5A Marist to 6A Sheldon. The first team all league linebacker from 2011 enrolled on Monday and is looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead.

Banks will be reunited with a lot of friends at Sheldon, but says he will miss his friends at Marist as well. He is in a unique situation as one of the top players in the state. It’s no secret the Midwestern League has teams that consistently get beat by 50+ anytime they play Marist, and usually the opposing teams are down by that much at half.

James says, “Coach Geske was great about everything and I really appreciate everything he did for me”. Geske is one of the most respected head coaches anywhere in the country, and he understands the situation.

Banks is a 4.0 student that attends the University of Oregon to be challenged at a higher level of Math. His regular course load is full of AP classes, and he is in a position to graduate early with the move to Sheldon.

His Ivy League smarts combined with his football ability make high end academic institutions viable options in different parts of the country. He accounted for 63 total tackles, 2 Ints, 4 Pass Deflections, and 8 Tds Offensively playing only a half in most games while blowing everyone out.

Back at Sheldon he will be back teaming with close friend, and maybe the most exciting Player in Oregon in Connor Strahm (6-1 210 Jr SB/S). Strahm says, ” James and I have known each other since the 4th grade through basketball and he’s one of my best friends”. He continued, “He’s an absolutely outstanding football player and will be a key component on next years team”.

On top of his football ability James is a quality hooper that is extremely athletic for a strong linebacker type kid. Its not common to have a physical backer also be athletic enough to do well on the basketball floor. Combine this with his Ivy League smarts and you have an individual that will some wonderful options in life. Banks says, ” I just want to win and play at the highest level possible, I’m looking forward to some tough non league competition”.

James will be living in a house within the Sheldon district instead of Junction City where he resided previously. The Banks family has owned a home within the boundaries so it makes the transition much more simple. All of us at NEI think of James as an outstanding human being first and athlete second, as he represents what makes our job so enjoyable.

James Banks Highlights…..

(Connor Strahm- Left, James Banks- Right… REUNITE in Football)