Gonzaga Prep Standout OL Jerred Sonneborn

(Jerred Sonneborn 6-2 280 Jr. C/Snapper Gonzaga Prep)

Gonzaga Prep (Spokane, Wa.) OL Jerred Sonneborn is one of the top center prospects on the West Coast this year, and he recently took a trip to Seattle to visit with Husky offensive line coach Dan Cozzetto recently updatding Northwest Elite Index about that, as well as what his plans are over the spring and summer.

“I went over to Washington and I sat down with coach Cozzetto for a couple of hours and got to know him better,” Sonneborn said recently. “It was the first time I had ever met him and it was good to get to know him better.

“I was really impressed with him and what he expects out of his guys. He wants them to be athletic and fast and to play with a nasty streak.

“After that though, we really didn’t talk alot about recruiting. It was more just getting to know him and he graduated from Gonzaga Prep so we talked a lot about the program there and he talked a lot about when he was there and what they used to do.”

In addition to Sonneborn’s trip to Seattle to visit Washington, he also has visited Montana, Idaho and Washington State.

“I went over to Idaho to check them out and I went to Montana for their Junior Day a couple of weeks ago,” Sonneborn said. “I didn’t make it down to Washington State’s because it was the same weekend as Montana’s.

“I’ve been down to Wazzu so many times, probably 200, that I felt like it was better to get out to Montana to check them out and then I can make it down to Washington State and meet with those coaches during spring ball.”

While no offers have been forthcoming, several coaches have let him know that they are very interested in what he brings to the table, but they want to see more from him before making a decision.

“Most of them want to see me in camp and then my first couple of games,” Sonneborn noted. “They said they want to see my full highlights, full games, so that they can evaluate me better.”

As far as camps are concerned, Sonneborn said he plans to take in the Montana camp for sure and then he will choose between some of the other Northwest schools.

“I need to plan it out with my dad and see what the schedule looks like,” Sonneborn said. “I’ll look at which schools I want to go to camp at and then set things up.

“I’m also going to head out to some Barton camps too because that will help me improve my technique and allow me to compete against some of the top guys in the region.”

We will have more on Sonneborn in the future as he continues to work his way through the recruiting process.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBsyyBDOysw Jerred Sonneborn Highlights