Two NW Top Athletes Closing In On Offers;Tanner Shipley & Johnny Ragin

(Tanner Shipley 6-2 190 Jr. WR/S Wilsonville)

Were not quite sure who will be the first to offer, but we are willing to bet it will be sometime soon. Tanner Shipley (6-2 190 Jr WR/S) and Johnny Ragin (6-3 210 Jr H-Back/LB) of Wilsonville are two of the top recruits in the northwest and may be the two most complete athletes in Oregon without an offer. Its still early, but the upside on both of these kids is ridiculous.

Tanner filled in at the RB position after an injury to Ryan Walsh and tore up the state last year going for 1287 yards in 6 games as the starter finding the endzone (17) times. He averaged close to 200 yards a game as the running back breaking the school record for yards in a game twice (269, 284) in three weeks. He averaged 10.1 yards a carry and the scary thing is that he is a natural wide receiver. He was also one of the state leaders in INT’s with (5).

He is currently ranked the #2 receiver in the state, but his character should make him a #1 priority for D1 Universities. Shipley has been the most impressive perimeter kid in the entire building taking into account everyone at our elite events. His distant cousin is the NFL’s Jordan Shipley, while he has had two other relatives with NFL careers.

Tanner is also a phenomenal All state baseball player that could have a bright future in either sport, but loves football. Shipley’s route running is what sets him a part along with his work ethic. Both Tanner and Johnny NEVER missed an elite event, and were some of the hardest workers in the building. You honestly couldn’t ask for better kids, they are the ultimate team guys.

Shipley says, ” Everyday I strive to get better as a person and a player, the elite events have allowed me to excel against the top competition..Looking back on week 1 of NEI elite I know I have gotten better and will continue to work to do just that”. Tanner continued, ” I want to be the guy that no one wants to see on the field, because you know that I will beat you..Im preparing myself everyday for this fall and plan on having no regrets when all is said and done”.

Ragin needs to wear a sign that says, “my name is Johnny”, as the first question newcomers usually ask is who is that kid when entering the building. He looks like he’s made of clay but that is only the half of it. Ragin is a 4.0 student and another quality character kid. Johnny’s the type of individual that will some day run a large corporation or do something on a bigger stage. He is the epitome of a guy that you want to build your team around

In 2011 he was an all league kid on both sides of the ball while accounting for 419 all purpose yards and 6 Tds on offense, and 22 tackles, 4 sacks, and 7 pass deflections defensively. The question with Ragin becomes where do you put him at the next level.

He is listed as a fullback, but moves well in the open field so he’s a potential H-Back/Tight End/Wide Receiver. It’s good schools have options as he becomes that much more appealing.

When referencing our elite events Johnny says, ” The NEI events this off season provided a great opportunity for kids in the NW to get exposure week in and week out..The atmosphere was always high tempo and everyone came ready to work”. He continued, “The events were a great time for me to show that I have the ability to play on a national stage and helped me constantly get better”.

Ragin plays for one of Oregon’s top head coaches in Adam Guenther, and the Wildcats look like they could make a run at a state title this season. ” As a team we’re looking to make a big run and improve every week..We are coming for the top spot and everyone knows what it takes to get there”.

We can’t say enough good things about both of these athletes as its just a matter of time before schools start pulling the trigger. Both Shipley and Ragin project as D1aa-D1 kids that will unquestionably make every team better just by there shear presence. All of us at NEI are looking forward to watching both of these kids in Vegas do there thing against the best athletes in the country.

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(Johnny Ragin 6-3 210 Jr. H Back/ LB Wilsonville)