Regional Event #1 Team Preview:South Medford 2012

Pat Alexander
Sam Curtius

Adrian Garcia
6-1 175 Jr. WR/CB

Tristian Lallo
6-4 215 So. TE/DE

Christian Bowley
5-6 165 So. RB/CB











Prior to each combine we will do a breakdown of the teams that should be out in full force at the event. Here we see a quality South Medford program that returns a great deal of talent, even after losing the likes of Matt Retzlaff and Jack Singler and host of talented lineman. We will do these breakdowns in anticipation of these athletes putting themselves on the map on a more statewide level. Its no secret that the Southern part of the state does not get the publicity the kids in the Portland area do, so we are going to do what we can to change that. We realize that there are plenty of kids not on this list so if you would like to come out and compete then the NEI/Barton Football Academy is the place to do it.

One of the top coaches in the entire Northwest (Bill Singler) will lead another tough Panther squad into the SWC in 2012. They once again look like the biggest challengers to one of the best programs on the west coast this past decade in the Sheldon Irish.
South Medford started (8-0) last season before falling to Sheldon in the Conference Championship, and Roseburg in the second round of the playoffs finishing (9-2). NEI had the Panthers ranked in the top 5 for most of last season and they look like a Top 10 squad coming into 2012. Have a look at this years bunch.





Joe McLaughlin- The kid has been working hard all off season, and has looked good training at our Barton camps. He’s very focused and does the little things right. He won’t have a ton of experience, but has a lot of talent around him so he doesn’t need to win the game himself. McLaughlin just needs to play turnover free football. Was 3/5 for 47 yards last season.

Eric Wallan- Talented younger athlete that could also play receiver. Some may remember the name (Wallan) as his brother was a very talented athlete at South.


Christian Bowley- (5-6 160 So. RB/CB) 2nd Team all league kid that had a monster sophomore year; 63 rushes/563 Rush Yds/9 Rush Tds/8.94 YPC.. Undersized athlete that is super quick and powerful and runs without fear. Ranked as one of the Top 40 Sophomores in Oregon

Ben Casebier- (5-11 180 Jr. RB) 8 rushes/ 36 yds/ 1 Td..Football family and a kid that should see a much bigger role as the Panthers will probably keep it on the ground more


Pat Alexander- (6-0 210 Jr. FB/LB) Kids just a beast; projects as more of a defensive player, but should see some carries and many more opportunities to block. Check his defensive resume.

Anthony Gomez- (5-7 185 So. FB/LB) Another young kid that started on defense, but is also a strong talented runner..Check his defense, could be a big factor on O


Adrian Garcia- (6-1 175 Jr. WR/CB) 2nd Team all league kid that had a breakout junior year and is considered one of the top WR’s in the state; 44 rec, 702 yds, 9 Tds, 16 ypc.. The only member of the Panther squad named to the NEI ALL REGION TEAM, Ranked as one of the Top 40 Players for the class of 2013.

Max Farthing- (5-11 165 Jr. WR/CB) 21 rec. 237 yds, 3 Tds..Had an impressive junior season in a backup role. Should be a starter on both sides of the ball and be one of the better two way players in the conference.


Sam Curtius (6-5 230 Jr. TE/DE) Did a very good job on defense, but should see some time at TE in mostly a blocking role. Very talented athlete with size

Tristian Lallo (6-4 215 So. TE/DE) One of the better sophomores in the state, another kid that projects defensively..Could catch some balls but primarily be used in a deadly 2 Tight end attack blocking for some talented backs.



Josh Bowden (6-0 230 Jr . OL) Not a big kid, but very strong with experience..Should be a leader on the line

Joe Cooney (6-4 245 Jr. OL) Good sized kid with football family; Younger brother Eli is a very talented freshman..Provides experience from last season

Alex Hathaway (6-1 240 Jr. OL) Should get significant PT, will need to come in and sure up the offensive line

Jake Sager (6-4 240 Fr. OL) One of the better frehsman in the state. Should be able to step in as a sophomore and contribute right away on a senior dominated line.



Sam Curtius (6-5 230 Jr. DE) Kids legit, lead the team in sacks with (5.0) and had 16 total tackles..Has the size to play with anybody. Will be considered one of the Top D Ends in the State.

Tristan Lallo (6-4 215 So. DE) Second on the team in sacks with (2.0) 29 total tackles, 1 blocked punt.. ranked as one of the top 30 Sophomores in Oregon as he comes off the ball hard and has shear size and speed

Kyle Eli (5-9 190 Jr. DL) Undersized but very talented D lineman who accounted for 43 total tackles and 3 sacks (2nd Team)..Hard to contain as he is gets by O lineman due to size

Josh Bowden (6-0 230 Jr . OL) Had 11 total tackles and a half a sack, but is very athletic lineman and should be looked at as a kid that can play both ways.

Eli Cooney (6-2 220 Fr. DL) Young athlete that looks to be another top Freshman. Projects at a high level with continued growth




Pat Alexander- (6-0 210 Jr. LB) One of the best backers in Oregon. Lead all juniors at the 6a level with 123 total tackles (11.2) per game, forced 3 fumbles, had 2 pass deflections, and 1 fumble recovery. Alexander will be a leading candidate for Defensive Conference Player of the Year. He is an outstanding kid, with a non stop motor that has the skills to be one of the best backers in the state.

Anthony Gomez- (5-7 185 So. LB) Undersized kid, but extremely talented..One of the better sophomores in the state. Accounted for 75 total tackles (7.5 Per game) finishing 3rd on the team. He also had 3 Ints, a blocked field goal, and 2 Tds offensively.




Adrian Garcia- (6-1 175 Jr. CB)- Projects as a WR, but could easily play DB at the next level. Had 3 Int’s , and 30 total tackles and should start at corner this season

Max Farthing- (5-11 165 Jr. CB)- Farthing’s another kid that should start at corner having an outstanding junior season with 3 Ints and 12 total tackles. Multi dimensional athlete that should have a big senior year

Ben Casebier- (5-11 180 Jr. S)- Definitely the most physical of the group. Can play safety or linebacker and should be a big time factor this next season. 42 total tackles, (4.2) per game, 2 pass deflections, and a Td.

Christian Bowley- (5-6 160 So. CB)- Kids such a good athlete that you can play him defensively and get good production. Only had 4 total tackles, but 3 pass deflections and plays much bigger then his size. Amount of time on D will probably depend on how many carries he gets.