Cody Toller/ Chris Coffin MVP Medford Regional Combine (LINE)

It was an incredible start to our NEI/Barton Football Academy Camp and Combine Tour down in Medford, and we were happy to see such a talented turnout down South. A quality group of the state’s best (Mostly from Southern Oregon) ventured in to Spiegelberg Stadium on Sunday and took advantage of the break in the weather.

We will be reporting all week with positional breakdowns of the individual talent at the event. Today we start with the line and who shined on each side of the ball. Congratulations to all of the athletes who made Southern Oregon proud this past weekend.



DEFENSIVE LINE MVP- Cody Toller 6-3 240 Jr. DE North Valley (Grants Pass)

At the end of the week we will name an overall camp MVP when all of the positional breakdowns are completed and Cody Toller could be just that. The kid looked like a test dummy at the end of the day with more turf burns then you could count. Toller is an extremely quick, athletic big man with a huge upside and a non stop motor. He was a first team all league O lineman and second team all league D lineman at the 4a school. He has been an all league for the past two seasons and should be a leading candidate for Conference Defensive Player of the Year this season.

Its tough to get noticed at a small 4a school, but Toller did everything that was asked of him and then some on Sunday. He swam, bullied and just out maneuvered everyone play after after play. Chris Coffin and Justin Outslay held their own against him, but he was definitely one of the most impressive athletes in the entire stadium.

This event will help Toller get his name on more recruiting boards and get North Valley excited about the upcoming year. The Knights return after a 6-4 season and should be one of the better teams at the 4a level, as we saw Kyle Rose (5-9 165 Jr. WR) and Tristan Burke (6-3 180 Jr. QB) in attendance, both of whom had outstanding junior seasons. Rose was an all league WR with multiple Tds ,and Burke was an all league QB that put up impressive numbers (148/289, 2027 yds, 24 Tds/6 Ints).

Congratulations to Cody Toller on this award as he played and acted like a veteran against some very good competition. Look for Toller to make a jump on our updated positional rankings which will be released shortly.

OFFENSIVE LINE MVP- Chris Coffin 6-4 285 Jr. OL Curtis (Washington)

Many of you are already familiar with Coffin as he is ranked as one of the top 5-7 lineman in the State of Washington on the offensive side of the ball. Coffin’s fundamentals set him apart from most lineman and his passion for the game couldn’t be more obvious. Coffin made the 8 hour journey from Seattle where he showed he was one of the top lineman in the entire Northwest.

Barton Football Academy and current Lakes HS Line Coach Matt Roth saw Coffin earlier in the year and said, ” If Zaheer Webb is getting offered by Colorado then Coffin is a D1 Football player”. This was speaking to Coffin’s skill as Webb is a very talented individual. Along with Webb, Roth also coached the top lineman in the country the past few seasons in Zach Banner who is headed to USC so he’s knows what talent looks like.

Coffin battled and used his size and strength to dominate most defenders, as he lost very few battles on the day. Chris will anchor a Curtis line that could very well rival some of the top up front casts in the state.



Justin Outslay- 6-5 275 Jr. OL Salem Academy- One of the top 10 Offensive lineman in Oregon. The kid is a student of the game and a quality character athlete. He projects at the D1aa- D1 level as PSU and Wyoming have taken multiple looks at him. He was a first team all league kid from a year ago and most likely the top lineman at Oregon at the 3a level.

Sam Curtius- 6-5 230 Jr. DE South Medford- Had an outstanding day using multiple swim moves to beat O Lineman. Curtius led his team in sacks in 2011 with (5) and showed on Sunday that he would be one of the better D lineman in the SWC this up coming season.

Fou Polatavi- 6-2 340 Jr. DL North Medford- Wow this kid is big and fast. You would never guess he weighed 340 as he moved very agilely for a big dude. He over powered everybody and looked much more comfortable of the defensive side of the ball. This could be a first team all league kid and then some if he puts in the work.

Austin Holmes 6-5 225 So. DE Eagle Point- Maybe the biggest upside of anyone on the field. Holmes is ranked as one of the top 30 athletes in the 2014 class, as his brother Tyrone was one of Oregon’s Top football players and track athletes graduating this year and committing to Montana. He is an outstanding student and kid much like his brother and has the frame to add significant size. This could be one of the best D Ends in Oregon will all is said and done.

Ryan Marsh 6-0 195 Jr. DL Eagle Point- “Newcomer of the week” .. Undersized lineman that’s just flat out good. He might have to move to backer if he wants to play at the next level, but the kid won as many battles as anyone. He will cause havoc all over the Midwestern Conference this upcoming season.

John Milhollin 6-3 275 So. OL South Medford- Many may be familiar with the last name as his brother Josh is a talented athlete at PSU..John is still young and has natural size and very athletic genes so his upside is big

Alex Hathaway 6-0 230 Jr. OL/DL South Medford- Projected starter at South next season..Undersized, very tough kid that did a good job against top competition. Moves well and can play on either side of the ball.

Nathan Carver 5-11 190 So. OL/DL Ashland- Not a big kid, but strong..Recently put up 310 on the bench and did a good job against much larger individuals at camp. He will have to step in and start as the Grizzlies lose 3 senior starting lineman.

Jakob Ellis 6-4 270 So. OL South Medford- Big kid that came out and did well, has the frame to add size and strength and do well

Jahan Kahusi 6-2 270 Jr. OL South Medford- Another kid that got in the mix and battled all day long, good sized kids from South

Jackson Lemhouse 5-11 165 8th DL Ashland- 8th grader that came out fearless against the big boys