Combine #2 Bend; All State O Lineman Chad “Texas” Bach

Fresh off a state title Mt View High School in Bend has created a lot of excitement within the community. The Cougars boasted a senior class that featured the likes of Players of the Year Jacob Hollister and Joel Skotte, while also graduating all state athletes Cody Hollister and Dimitre Dillard.

At the forefront of Mt View’s returning state championship squad in 2012 will be one of the top lineman in the Pacific Northwest without an offer. Chad “Texas” Bach (6-4 245 Jr. OL/DL) returns after earning 1st Team all league and 2nd Team All State Honors a year ago, and recently set the school bench press record. When asked how the name came about he says, ” Im from Texas, Im big, I like food, football, and hunting and it was just a stereotype that stuck”. Pretty good answer.

” Its true that football is a religion in Texas and its not a matter of if you are going to play but when”. He continued, ” Kids are bread to play football there, but anywhere you go and kids play with heart you are going to have players, which is what made last years team so special”.

Bach is an extremely well spoken athlete that sports a 3.6 accumulative GPA, and displays unique attributes needed to play big time D1 football. His frame is big enough where adding 30-50 pounds at the next level would be easy to do , all while keeping his athletic stature.

Both Bach and big time talent John Carroll will be the two most high profile kids on next years team, but that does not matter to either of them. ” I think we are going to be a very good team next year even with all of the talented seniors graduating, Coach Crum is brilliant and I think we are going to pass a little more so that exciting”.

The Cougars new Head Coach is former assistant Brian Crum, who is a highly respected football mind that is loved by the players. Earlier in the week when referencing Bach Crum said, ” I think Chad stepped up last year and proved he was one of the better lineman in the state, his upside is of the charts”.

Bach’s a leader and looked at as such just like teammate Carroll. ” We have always had a very talented class since our freshman season, where we only lost one game to a 6a school”, Bach said. ” Toby Webb is an outstanding QB , but just had to play behind our player of the year, while Austin Phillips and Keenan Springer are both talented sophomores that will play a big role next season”.

Chad has received letters from a variety of Pac 12 schools, but two universities that have stood out imparticular are Oregon and Texas Tech. The Ducks for obvious reasons and Texas Tech due to it being a school with hometown ties. Regardless of where he ends up Chad is an impressive person that just happens to be a very good offensive lineman. ” Ive been working on my game as a Tackle since the 5th grade, specifically my pass blocking, footwork, and handwork.”. Bach added, ” Football is what I love and my goal is to earn a division 1 scholarship”.

We look forward to seeing Chad and all of the Mt View athletes on Sunday April 22nd, as we travel to Bend for our second regional camp and combine of the season. NEI was the only media outlet and rankings source to pick the Cougars to win it all last season. We think Coach Crum is a perfect hire for the school, and will keep the Cougars atop the 5a level for years to come Chad Bach Highlights







(Chad “Texas ” Bach Jr. 6-4 245 OL/DL)