Players On The Rise: Mercer Island Athlete Risley Lesko

Players on the Rise:

A kid that could make a lot of noise going into 2012 is Mercer Island slot back Risley Lesko (5-11 170 Jr. ATH). The Junior averaged 8 yards a carry last season, as the starting running back in a system dominated by one of the top QB’s in the country in Jeff Lindquist. Lesko carried the ball 51 times for 403 yards and 2 Tds, while catching 14 passes for 148 yards.

The junior speedster did a very good job in his role as Lindquist accounted for 85 % of the offense with (250 passes, 150 rushes). Risley is an accomplished track kid and comes from a long line of all american track and football athletes.

In recruiting colleges love to hear about kids that come from athletic backgrounds and this one speaks volumes. Multiple uncles and great uncles played for Notre Dame and Knute Rockne’s great teams, while his father was an All American track athlete that graduated from Yale and competed on the world wide level. He was an Olympic trials semi finalist in 92′, and still is the school record holder at Yale in the 800 meters.

Combine all of this with the fact that his mother was a professional cross country athlete and now a professional coach, and you have what amounts to a kid with a very bright future. Risley was selected as a team captain, and his 420 pound squat give people an idea of what type of power he can generate with his legs. If his family genes are any indication then he still has a lot of growing to do.

Lesko is a very talented overall athlete with speed which are two things necessary to play a high level of football. His 4.48 40 yard dash (Hand Time) will put him in a group of top kids, that could vie for the top time at our next NEI/Barton Football Regional Combines. He recently showed up at one of our “elite events” in the Seattle area, and had an outstanding day against Washington’s top talent.

Risley sports a 3.25 GPA scoring very well on his ACT, and in January was clocked having one of the top 100 (60 yard dash) times in the country. The scary thing about Lesko is that the kid hasn’t even touched the surface of his potential yet, and he’s still the best player on his team.

Mercer Island is a great community that will be out in full force once again this season, and they will be depending on there team leader to play lights out. Lesko will play wide receiver this season as most DB’s will look to double him if they can. Get the kid one and one and I don’t want to be the defensive back as his ability to run after the catch is what separates him from his peers. We look forward to hearing more from Risley in coming weeks on the camp circuit, as he looks to be one of Washington’s top up and coming athletes. Risley Lesko Highlights


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