Top Lineman Andrew Kirkland & Brayden Kearsley Offered By Colorado

Andrew Kirkland (6-5 295 Jr. OL) Jesuit

In 2012-13 Oregon will sport one of the top high school O line classes in recent memory, with two of the Northwest’s top big men just receiving an offer from the University of Colorado.

Andrew Kirkland (6-5 295 Jr. OL Jesuit) and Brayden Kearsley (6-5 300 Jr OL Aloha) are both high profile recruits that both feel fortunate to have a tradition rich Buffalo program vying for their services. Kearsley is ranked the Northwest’s top lineman by NEI and is considered one of the top big men in the country by all rating services. He is currently sitting on 8 offers which include his soft commitment to BYU and (UCLA, Washington, Oregon St, Hawaii, Utah, Arizona St and now Colorado).

When referencing this last offer Kearsley said, ” It was sick..It felt really good to get an offer from another Pac 12 school, especially in person”. If we had to bet on a single kid making it to the NFL level it would be Kearsley from the 2013 class. The kids nasty and an absolute monster up front.

Along with Kearsley is highly talented league rival Kirkland who was happy to receive his first Pac 12 offer today. Kirkland had received two scholarship offers from Portland St and Wyoming, and now the Pac 12 has started to take notice. Jesuit’s big man says, ” Im feeling awesome and its great to get my first Pac 12 offer, they have a tremendous program, excellent coaching staff, and a beautiful campus. ”

Andrew is a kid that everyone roots for as he conducts himself with class on and off the field at all times. Last week Taylor Barton and myself had the pleasure of meeting up with assistant head coach Rip Shear from Colorado and discussing some of the Northwest’s top kids. NEI and the Barton Football Academy commend Kirkland along with Head Coach Ken Potter and line coach John Andreas for keeping Kirkland dialed in all season long.

We feel fortunate at NEI to be able to work with over half of the D1 coaches from around the country and provide them with details about our athletes that otherwise would go unknown. Barton’s contact list is nothing short of incredible as noted by our recent trips to USC and UCLA that you can view on the site.

All of the work that our Northwest athletes are putting in can now be fully appreciated, and we feel that this years 2013 class will have more D1 commits then any year previous.

In closing the highly respectful Kirkland says, ” I couldn’t be more grateful for all of your help and truly appreciate everything you guys have done”. We look forward to traveling with Kirkland and Kearsley up to Seattle to meet with the Nation’s #1 recruiting source Tom Lemming and the University of Washington coaching staff. NEI has been asked to represent the top athletes in the Northwest from hear on out, and we will be looking forward to taking the other top Oregon athletes with us as well.


Brayden Kearsley (6-5 300 Jr. OL) Aloha