VIDEO: Tatum Taylor runs 4.21 40 (Hand time) + Interview

All of us at NEI and the Barton Football Academy take a lot of pride in training the northwest’s top athletes. Last week Tatum Taylor of ODea showed up and just sealed up bunch of additional offers by running a 4.21 hand time 40 yard-dash. Two watches clocked the same time giving him an an approximate (4.35) electric score. It was an incredible feat and fun to watch.

Check the interview with one of the nation’s fastest athletes and one of the most humble kids you will ever meet. Tatum Taylor currently holds offers from Utah, Washington St, and Wyoming with a host of other teams right on the cusp, and this may have been the clincher. He’s not a big kid, but you can put size on him. His 2011 highlights are ridiculous and he could shatter multiple records this year being the main guy out of the backfield.

Tatum split time with two other quality backs including Idaho bound Jayshawn Jordan , and still ran for 1000 yards and 23 Tds averaging over 10 yards per carry. Check the video and get used to seeing Taylor break records. The kids legit

Tatum Taylor Highlights-