OR Top Athlete Yadie Dunmore Transfers To Sheldon

(Yadie Dunmore 6-0 175 So. ATH #11 With NEI (Taylor Barton, Jordan Johnson, and James Laurence)

If the last name sounds familiar its because his brother Oshay Dunmore (6-3 215 Sr. ATH) is one of the country’s top overall athletes, and will be a proud member of the Oregon Ducks come next fall. Yadie Dunmore (6-0 170 So. ATH) is considered one of Oregon’s top recruits for the class of 2014, and torched the state as a sophomore while at Newport High School.

Yadie went for 1405 (525 rushing, 597 receiving, 256 kick return yds, 27 punt return yds) all purpose yards and 16 Tds, in a secondary role to his brother who single handily embarrassed some teams. We can only imagine what either one of these kids would have done statistically if they wouldn’t have split some of the carries. Oshay went for 3474 all purpose yards and 26 Tds, with 2124 yards coming on the ground from the quarterback position.

The younger Yadie (Kenyatta) will make the move to Eugene with his brother and mother who will both be enrolled at Oregon. He will join a regional powerhouse in the Sheldon Irish who have done nothing but win over the last decade. The Irish return a solid group of athletes lead by SWC Player of the Year Connor Strahm (6-1 210 Jr. SB/S) , and three big time transfers which include Dunmore, James Banks (6-1 220 Jr. LB/FB) of Marist and Mike Ralston (6-6 240 Jr. TE/DE) from Jesuit.

Yadie is considered one of Oregon’s Top 5 overall recruits for the 2014 class, and is also one of the better basketball players in Oregon. Dunmore was one of only three sophomores selected to travel with us at NEI to Seattle to meet with the legendary Tom Lemming a few weeks back. The remaining group was Oregon’s and Washington’s top Juniors.

When referencing the move Yadie says, ” Im excited to play with and against some really good competition, and I’ve heard nothing but great things about the Sheldon coaching staff”. He continued, ” I really like playing under pressure, and I’m looking forward to playing in front of the big crowds with all that school spirit”.

Yadie is one of the most like able kids you will ever meet, and he knows exactly what he wants out of life. When asked about his accomplishments he says, ” I owe everything to my mother, I don’t know how she does it working full time, going to school and raising four kids as a single mother..Its incredible, I have so much love for her”.

Much like Oshay, Yadie is just a really good person which can be attributed to the hard work within the family structure. Newport will be losing a wonderful family but he thinks the town has been great about it, ” Everyone’s been very supportive and people understand that we are doing whats best for us, the entire community has been great”.

You can expect to hear and see a great deal more from the coastal superstar as the season draws closer. We are huge fans of the Sheldon Irish and Yadie Dunmore, and have nothing but praise for both the school and the athlete.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ffGjrL4l0U Yadie Dunmore Highlights


(With brother and Oregon bound superstar Oshay Dunmore)


(Listening to the Legendary Tom Lemming Seattle)