Vid: Tom Lemming/ Taylor BartonNEI & NW Athletes Going Big

We feel very fortunate at NEI and the Barton Football Academy to work with the Northwest’s top athletes, and different football programs from every level across the country. A few weeks back we were able to catch up with the one and only Tom Lemming, who stopped in Seattle for a photo shoot with NEI and all of Oregon and Washington’s top recruits.

NEI and Scout.Com recently teamed up again to represent the top kids in the Northwest while visiting with the #1 recruiter in the country. Lemming breaks it down in this video speaking with Taylor Barton, and talking about everything that goes into the recruiting process and what they look for. Its extremely interesting and informative so check out a once in a lifetime interview with “The Man” when it comes to HS football recruiting.


All of us at NEI have been excited to do events such as these that just continue to help with the exposure of our NW kids. NEI is crushing its competition with regards to viewership, and we owe a big thanks to all of you that have tuned in and made that possible. In the coming weeks we will be hosting a couple high profile events that include two additional regional combines, an elite 7 on 7 tournament, and our big showcase event at the University of Washington on June 30th.

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