The Top D Line Performanceof 2012-Michael Kluge (Aloha)

The most impressive camp/combine performance this entire spring came at the hands of Mike Kluge (5-10 285 Jr. DL/OL) from Aloha HS while at the Issaquah Regional Combine. Kluge man handled every other top lineman and it wasn’t even close. He threw guys 7 inches taller then him every which way, and they could do nothing about it.

Im referring to some of Washington’s top lineman, so to say Kluge’s performance was impressive would be an understatement. When you watch his video you will see a kid that is a man amongst boys. His height will prevent him from being an O lineman at the next level, even though he dominates people there as well.

Defensively Kluge is just a beast. He has D1 skills and the ability to dominate in the trenches, but the question remains which schools will give him the opportunity. I am now a huge believer that Kluge could create havoc in a D1 system. I hadn’t seen a beat down the likes of the one given two Sunday’s ago in some time, and it was against very good competition.

Kluge will team with, Brayden Kearsley (6-5 300 Jr. OL), Bryson Sullivan (6-4 245 Jr. TE/DE), and AJ McCollum (6-2 245 Jr. OL/DL) to form one of the top lines in the state, and maybe the only up front cast that will be able to hang with Jesuit’s massive line during the season.

Mike started as a sophomore on Aloha’s State title team, and the stands will be full this year with All American Candidates Thomas Tyner and Kearsley on the field. This could be Aloha’s last real shot at a winner for awhile, as they will graduate most of the kids that helped win that 2010 state title.

In the end Kluge will find a home at the college level regardless of any size related question marks. He is simply just too talented not to take a chance on. He is one of the strongest kids in the country setting national bench press records (500+), and also putting up quality numbers on the field. Watch his video from our last regional combine and you will see a kid that is athletic and can move mountains-literally.

We wish Michael Kluge nothing but the best, he is a great kid and an NEI favorite and someone we look forward to working with for years to come.


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(Michael Kluge 5-10 287 Jr. DL/OL) Aloha