NEI’s Top D Lineman Doug Brenner Receives Oregon St Offer

NEI’s top ranked D lineman for the class of 2013, Doug Brenner (6-3 275 Jr. DL/FB/TE/C) of Jesuit HS, received his first Pac 12 offer from Oregon St on Saturday morning and we called him first to say congratulations.

When answering the phone Brenner says, "JJ, how did you already know?" Laughing I said, "small world that Taylor Barton and myself live in". Brenner is one of the top recruits in the Pacific Northwest, and a man amongst boys on most line fronts.

We at NEI have Brenner ranked as the #1 DL in Oregon, as his upside and strength are through the roof. Doug now holds the all time school record at Jesuit entering the 1300 pound club with all core lifts considered (Bench, Clean, Squat). His 3.88 GPA and AP class schedule make him extremely appealing to high end academic institutions, as we have been hearing from a host of Ivy league type schools from across the country inquiring about his services. (Yale already offering)

When asked about his first Pac 12 offer Brenner says, " Its a big honor and I really like what they have to offer, my sister goes to school at OSU and has really good things to say..I went to camp on Friday and did very well with the D line, and was asked to come back the next morning and take some snaps at center". He continued, "It went very well, even though I haven’t played center since 8th grade and they offered me".

We have been hollering Brenner’s name for a few years now, as he was the first ever Freshman to start for a Jesuit football team. You aren’t going to find a much better character kid, as Doug has really embraced the spotlight and made the most out of this off season. He has dedicated himself over the winter and spring to working out and getting in the best shape possible, and now he is reaping the rewards.

Doug is a kid that can play multiple positions, which has actually ended up being a positive on the recruiting front. At first schools didn’t know where he projected at, all they knew was that he was an unquestioned D1 talent that could move mountains if asked. People are figuring out very quickly that Brenner is a kid that you can build a college program around, and we can expect to hear a great deal more from a variety of schools we are working with.

Congratulations to Doug Brenner on his first major offer. The family as a whole could go do down as one of the most athletic in state history, and Brenner is a quality character kid first and foremost.


From Left to Right… OR’s #1 DL Doug Brenner (6-3 275 Jr. Jesuit), The NW’s top OL Brayden Kearsley (6-5 300 Jr. Aloha), and northwest top QB Isaac Dotson (6-2 215 Jr. Newport WA)