Talented & Under the Radar; Bruce Jones Jr & Jimmie Davis

(Bruce Jones Jr. 6-0 175 Sr. RB/CB) Sunset HS

Two kids that we have seen on the camp circuit that have done an outstanding job, and will also be the best player on their own teams are Bruce Jones Jr (5-11 170 Sr. RB/CB) of Sunset HS in Beaverton, and Jimmie Davis (5-10 170 Sr. RB/CB) of Kentridge HS outside of Seattle. They are both very similar in style of play and they both have ridiculous upsides.

Jones Jr will be a 16 year old senior and someone that possesses D1 quicks and unique body control. More then almost any kid statewide Bruce has had a very unique set of circumstances over his HS career. He originally grew up in the Aloha program and played there his freshman year, with Thomas Tyner and Warriors cast of All Stars

You can’t blame Jones Jr for making the change as Tyner is maybe the top ranked back in the country, and Jones Jr is definitely not a number two. After his freshman season he made the transfer to 3a Valley Catholic where they were in rebuilding mode.

As his junior year approached Bruce realized he needed to be challenged at the 6a level, so he made the switch to go play for the Faustin Riley lead Sunset Apollos. This turned out to be a good move, and something that Jones Jr. is now ready to take full advantage of. He will be the featured back in the Apollo system, but as of right now projects on the defensive side of the ball at the next level.

Jones Jr. attended multiple elite events and NEI/Barton Regional Combines over the winter and spring months, and told us some of his thoughts on this up coming season, "I want to be able to help my team win, and contribute on both sides of the ball". He continued, " I don’t care about personal stats, and I cant think of a better guy to play for then Coach Riley".

Regardless of where he ends up Bruce should only be a junior, and the fact that he will be able to redshirt his freshman season of college will be huge. Look for Jones Jr. to be one of the top two way threats in the state, and someone that could return a kick or a punt anytime he gets the ball in his hands. With continued progression Bruce is an unquestioned D1/D1aa talent.

As we travel up north we see another similar talent in Jimmie Davis. The Kentridge do it all kid went for 900+ yards and 13 Tds last season, while picking off 3 passes and adding 11 pass deflections on defense. Davis could play on either side of the ball at the next level, but projects primarily as a DB. That’s not to say he couldn’t play on the offensive side of the ball in college, but he like Jones Jr. has outstanding body control and would be a valuable corner.

When asked about this upcoming season Davis says, " Im really excited, we have most of our starters back on the line lead by Tyler Bailey (6-3 280 OL/DL) and I think we could make a run". He continued, " We want to regain some of the tradition that Kentridge has had in past years, and I think we have the guys to do it".

The Chargers went 4-6 last season and lose one of the nation’s top TE’s in Caleb Smith, but return most of their starters. Jimmy says, " we want to win that conference title and do well at state, and I think its good we as a team have been putting in the work".

Both of these kids are considered top talents in their respective state’s, and we look forward to working with these athletes over the upcoming season.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XXB-KVEYcw Bruce Jones Jr.Highlights

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(Jimmie Davis 5-10 170 Sr. RB/CB ) Kentridge HS