Super sophomore Cy Sirmon Leads Wenatchee into 2012

(Cy Sirmon- Back Right 6-2 200 So. LB Wentachee) W Foster LB Micah Breland

The state of Washington’s 2015 recruiting class, at least at this early stage, looks like it could wind up being loaded with talent on both sides of the state and one young man who has shown this entire offseason that he deserves to be drawing attention from college programs is Wenatchee LB Cy Sirmon.

The talented freshman comes from great bloodlines — his father John played at Idaho while his uncle Peter played for Oregon and in the NFL with the Tennessee Titans and is currently the linebackers coach with the University of Washington. His grandfather also played for Washington and he said, first and foremost he understands the legacy as well as his responsibility to carry on the family business.

"It’s great because you get to come out to all of these great events, like junior days and camps and stuff like that, but it’s also a responsibility," Sirmon told Northwest Elite Index. "I mean, in some ways there is a lot of pressure because of the expectations people have and also what you have for yourself, but I take it as a challenge and it’s something I take a lot of pride in."

As a freshman last season, Sirmon, like all Wenatchee freshman, was not able to play varsity football, so this season he said his biggest goal is to start on the varsity defense.

"It’s looking like the strongside (SAM) linebacker spot," Sirmon, a 6’2", 195 pounder, said. "I’ve always felt comfortable with either strongside or in the middle, where you can read things a little more, so I’m planning on one of those being my spot."

As far as camps are concerned, Sirmon has hit quite a few Barton workouts and he took part in Washington’s Rising Stars camp that took place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

"It’s fun to come out and work against talented guys like this," Sirmon said. "Anytime I can make it over, I definitely like to get out to events like (the Barton workouts) so that I can just work on getting better. From my feet and my technique, I have a lot to work on, and Im getting stronger so the offseason is when you can do stuff like that."

Sirmon and the rest of his team will play host to several other squads in July as part of their "team camp", and then they will begin their season by kicking off training camp in mid-August.