Houston, Selland, Hall, and Davies Lead Horizon at Showcase

( Wyatt Houston 6-4 238 Sr. QB/TE/LB- Utah St Commit)

( Zack Selland 6-4 190 Sr. WR/CB – Oregon Top Wideout)

(Isaiah Hall 6-4 238 Jr. TE- OR 2014 Top Jr. TE)

(Dallas Davies 6-3 240 Sr. OL/DL- OR Top 3a lineman)










A team that will be one of the state’s best that many of you already know about will be Horizon Christian out of Tualatin. We reported on the 3A group a few months back and talked about the special athletes on their roster. Just recently at the UW Showcase a couple of those kids had breakout performances exemplifying the hard work they have put in.

One of the region’s top TE’s Wyatt Houston (6-4 238 Sr. TE/QB/LB) is the leader of the group, and will play QB/LB for the Hawks. As we reported earlier Houston was offered by Utah St and committed a few weeks back as a Tight end. This was a big time D1 offer and it couldn’t happen to a better kid. We feel privileged to be able to work with a lot of great athletes/kids at NEI and Barton Football, but all lip service aside Houston is a kid that you want your daughter to date.

He will be the leading candidate for conference and possibly state player of the year honors at the 3a level. If he can remain healthy its going to be very tough for anyone to stop this 3 sport athlete. Wyatt says, "Im really excited for the season and I think we should be really good". When asked about Utah St he says, " It just felt right, like one big family… I think it was the perfect fit for me and some place where I could see myself doing well".

Three other prime time athletes that had outstanding showcase events were Zack Selland (6-4 190 Sr. WR/DB), Isaiah Hall (6-4 220 Jr. TE), and Dallas Davies (6-3 240 Sr.OL/DL). Selland has just gotten better over the summer, while doing very well on a recent college camp tour where he put himself on the map all over the western region. We have Selland ranked as one of the top WR’s in Oregon, and someone that could destroy some 3A records this year from his WR spot. Selland will require a double team this season from most secondaries so he is valuable in more ways then one. The humble Selland says, " The showcase was great and it was good to see such quality competition, it was nice to see Isaiah do so well and come out and show everybody what he can do".

One of the top 5 breakout performers of the entire camp was Isaiah Hall. The young tight end did everything he was supposed to and then some, while competing and beating a lot of the best athletes in the region. Hall will only be a junior and doesn’t have a ton of football experience, but the kid is raw and really good. Isaiah says, " I really have fallen in love with football and just feel blessed to be able to play this game, my hats off to Barton Football and all that you guys do for the kids".

This will be an individual that we will have ranked as one of the state’s top TE’s for the class of 2014, showing off his shear size and athleticism. Isaiah will be a headache for most opponents , as its tough to guard a 6-4 kid that strong and athletic.

One other kid at the showcase that has just continued to get better over the spring/summer is Dallas Davies. He has a non stop motor and is fearless regardless of the competition. Almost as much as anybody Davies effort has stuck out like a sore thumb. He won’t back down and continues to improve on a daily basis. Expect Davies to be one of the better lineman in the state at the 3a level.

Horizon will be lead by one of the most respected men anywhere in George Crace, and they should most definitely be considered the team to beat if your a 3a competitor. They will only have around 25 kids on the team, but as you can see above they are big and athletic and will be very tough to man up with.

As much as any school that we know of, these guys do things the right way. Exciting times lie ahead for Horizon Christian Football!