Aidan Wilder & CC as Talented as Ever

Many people already know that Central Catholic is loaded once again, and on paper they match up as well if not better then almost any other team in the state when it comes to the skill positions.

The region’s top safety returns in Dallin Leavitt (6-0 205 Sr. S/RB), as he will also be running the ball with the multi talented Xavier Griggs (6-1 215 Sr. LB/RB) who recently received his first two offers at the showcase from Portland St and E.Washington.

There are a laundry list of additional players that we will hear about over the next few months, but the kid that will need to have a monster year for all of this to work will be junior QB/Athlete Aidan Wilder (6-0 185 Jr.) who is considered one of the top players in the entire region for the class of 2014.

Wilder was recognized as a special talent from a young age, where he ended up being the starting QB as a freshman helping the Rams to the playoffs. He is considered one of the top DB’s in the state, but may only play defense when necessary as a health precaution.

Aidan’s overall athleticism is what has set him apart from a young age. His abilities as a runner have enabled him to be very versatile from the QB position, as he ran for 7 Tds last season while throwing for 12 touchdowns and only 3 Int’s. He did this splitting time with talented senior Ben Cook for most of 2011.

At the UW Showcase Event last weekend Wilder had an MVP like day. Almost everything he threw was on point, and he looked very fluid and ready to go. Earlier in the week Wilder hit a host of college camps and progressed rapidly. He was one of the top QB’s at the showcase, and shined with all of the northwest’s top athletes in attendance.

When referencing this season Aidan says, " I want to push my teammates and encourage them to push each other with everything that we do… We have a talented team and Im looking forward to having a breakout season at the QB spot, while still contributing on the defensive side of the ball when needed".

He continued, " I do realize the importance of taking the season week by week and a game at a time… if we are going to get past the semi finals we are going to have to limit our penalties, and mental errors which burdened our team last season".

Wilder is a 3.78 student and someone that has earned the respect of his peers. He a leader in every sense of the word, and will be a viable offensive player of the year candidate this season. Head Coach Steve Pyne has done an outstanding job of getting his athletes ready, and this year he will have plenty of top kids to work with.

We could continue to talk about a host of other athletes that include two of the state’s top receivers in Lawrence Wilson (6-4 205 Sr. WR) and Beau Duronslet (6-0 195 Sr. ATH/DB) and one of the regions top lineman in Conner Humphreys (6-4 245 Jr. DE), but one kid that really stood out at our regional combine was Donovan Manning (6-1 200 Jr. LB/DE) .

Manning played the role of an undersized D lineman at camp and tore it up. He’s extremely quick and strong from his start, as he was one of the better sophomores in the state last season on a very talented CC team. Manning says, " I want to win a title, losing last year in the semi finals was a heartbreaker". He continued, " I feel its important that we don’t have any egos, and we all give it everything we have when we step on the field".

Adam Canales, Chase Cole, Cam Scarlett, Nathan Torres-Walker, Jacob Hansen, Ryan Nall, Zach Davis, Mitch Seeley, Fergus Frederickson, Quentin Fulsher, TJ Salu, and Mitch Williams are just some of the names that will make Central one of the top teams in the region this season.

Wilder’s a class kid and someone we consider one of the top athletes in the northwest. We look forward to seeing all of the Rams do work this season as they have a legit shot at a title. Aidan Wilder Highlights

(One of the state’s top QB/athletes for the class of 2014 Aidan Wilder)


(Donovan Manning 6-1 200 Jr. LB/DE, one of the state’s better soph’s from 2011)