2012 Campus Tour Stop #1; University of Nevada


Nevada was the 1st stop on my College Tour, and definitely a memorable one. One of my good friends is Nick Rolovich, their QB coach. We go all the way back to our Junior College days in San Francisco, and have known each other and been friends ever since. He was a great QB at Hawaii as a player, and the last few years he was the Offensive Coordinator at Hawaii. This winter he was hired as Nevada’s new QB coach, and he’s been hitting me up about getting some of our good Northwest talent out there ever since. I was excited to go check Nevada out, as I hadn’t ever been to that Campus before. As you’ll be able to see by the footage, it didn’t disappoint.

Nevada has been a team that has continuously been in the top 25 or right on the bubble this entire millennium. A few things immediately stood out to me. First off, how beautiful it was. The city of Reno, both downtown and the campus, as well as the surrounding areas like Lake Tahoe, are both clean and picturesque. The 2nd, and most important thing that stood out to me, was the coaching staff itself. They are absolutely great people first and foremost. They are friendly, and you can tell they genuinely love what they do and care about the kids. I know how tiring it is running long camps and having to speak with a lot of people before, during, and after. These guys were amazing. They spent lots of time with us during their camp, and personally toured our entire group around their facilities after camp. At one point or another, every coach on the staff came over and introduced himself to us, and then spent time talking with us.

Overall the grade I would give Nevada was a B+. It’s a great city, great campus, great coaching staff, great team, and has good but not great facilities. I definitely recommend everyone of you not only watch the video from my tour, but find a time to get out and either go to their summer camp, watch a game in person, or visit them during spring ball.

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