NW Stars UW Event Showcase Highlight Video’s: OL/DL

A few weeks back the NW Stars- UW Showcase Event took place run by Rough Diamonds Athletic Foundation , showcasing the top athletes in the northwest and it was a resounding success. Most of the athletes that have trained with us at NEI and Barton Football over the years were in attendance, and it could go down as the most productive single day camp in NW history.

All of the coaches were able to see each athlete with the 2 hour block format highlighting each position. Coaches did not have to choose between groups, and were able to see everybody which was important for obvious reasons. It was great to see such an elite cast of college coaches in attendance. This NFL style format was loved by the big time D1s, as more offers were given at a single event then ever before.

The feedback we have heard has been incredible, and we just want to say thank you to all of the supporters (families, coaches, players, schools) who have made NEI and Barton Football a part of their lives.

We hope you enjoy the positional highlight videos that head camera guru Eric Edison of NEI has put together for you. Its the best of the best from the northwest, and we will continue on with additional positions as the week continues.

Here we see the top offensive and defensive lineman who who battled all day


O-Line Battles/Highlights at 2012 NW Stars Showcase


D-Line Battles/Highlights at 2012 NW Stars Showcase