Legit & Elite WA Junior QB Nick Mitchell Mount Si

(One of WA’s top Junior QB’s Nick Mitchell 6-2 175 Mt Si)

Not quite sure what’s in the water in the State of Washington, but it has legitimately become Quarterback U and things only seem to be picking up. Another kid that we really like is Mt Si’s Nick Mitchell (6-2 175 Jr. QB) who has had as good an off season as any QB state wide. The top six QB’s on our rankings board for the class of 2013 all currently hold D1 scholarships, and all have trained with us at the Barton Football Academy.

The State’s top juniors include Pierre Le Dorze (6-2 220 ODea) and Dillon Sugg (6-5 210 Wenatchee) who will join Mitchell as a dominating trio of QB’s for the 2014 class, while the sophomores to be look just as talented with nationally ranked QB Ross Bowers (6-2 175 Bothell), Nolan Henry (6-1 165 Union), and Casey Brink (6-2 170 Bainbridge) leading the way. All of this said as we want to be able to acknowledge all of the hard work that these student athletes have been putting in. Everyone of them has traveled and done extra work to be able to train with Taylor, and we only for see that trend increasing with the younger athletes

Mitchell is a special kid for multiple reasons. He has D1 genes and what I consider and even more valuable trait, being the third brother of a talented athletic family. I have a theory when looking at most athletic groups of brothers. The youngest usually ends up being the best as they learn, and have to compete from a young age against older and more non forgiving competition with their own siblings. It doesn’t always hold true, but percentage wise its a given.

Nick started as a sophomore at safety and split time at QB gaining valuable experience. His two older brothers were both talented high profile athletes who are both playing college football. The oldest brother Taylor is currently on scholarship as a linebacker at D2 Humboldt State, while brother Josh who many of you know received a full ride scholarship from Oregon St University.

Mt Si looks to be one of the top teams in the State of Washington, and they will be relying on Nick to provide leadership at the quarterback position. One of the best things about his play is the unique confidence he brings to the table. Much like Ross Bowers of Bothell, he has that swagger needed to lead a team to a title. People feed off his confidence as its something you can’t teach. Some of the most important attributes to be an elite QB is having , “ice in your veins” , as TB would say.

On the season Mitchell had multiple Ints from his safety position, and also played better and better from his QB spot as the season progressed. He had a n MVP like performance at ” The Battle in Seattle” 7 on 7 tournament that we hosted earlier in the year, and the kid just continues to get better.

When referencing the season Mitchell says, ” I have been a multi sport athlete for most of my life, but I have chosen to focus on football alone, as I want to devote all of my time to developing my quarterback skills”. He continued, ” my goal is to help my team win a state championship which would be the first ever for my school”.

The kids from Snoqualmie, WA are going to be very good, and will most definitely compete for a conference and potential state title. Mitchell is a focused kid and an outstanding student sporting a 3.65 GPA and taking a rigorous academic course load. He is active within his community umpiring little league baseball games and youth soccer contests while working out non stop trying to hone his skills. Nick is just an overall good kid, and someone that we think very highly of as a person and a player.

Expect to see Mt Si make a run in 2012 as Mitchell says, ” Im focused on helping my team win and improving all aspects of my game.. I am also looking forward to working with all of the coaches at the Barton Football Academy and NEI moving forward”.

We will keep you updated on all of Mitchell’s progress and are big fans of what Mt Si football and the community as a whole represent.


(Nick Mitchell killed it at the ” Battle in Seattle 7 on 7 tournament” this spring)


( Kids an outstanding DB as well, here being picked up by teammate after INT against Bothell)