Eastlake, WA vs Lakeridge, OR

EASTLAKE, WA (10-2 2011′) Vs LAKERIDGE, OR (6-5 2011′)

Saturday 6 PM, Lakeridge HS


Streaming Live: OR games stream at OSAA.TV and playonsports.com


WA games stream on wiaanetwork.com and playonsports.com




Eric Dungey 6-4 185 So.

Mark Grothe 6-1 185 Sr.


Dungey may be the top Soph QB and overall athlete in the State of Oregon for the class of 2015. He will play QB, but is an equally good wide out and has the ability to lead from a young age. The Pacers will go as Dungey goes, legendary Head Coach Tom Smythe says, ” Eric is as good as any athlete that I have ever coached at the position” For anyone that knows the type of talent Smythe has had its very telling. Grothe is a solid backup and one of the best athletes in the conference




Alex Alamida 6-1 210 Sr.


One of the biggest sleepers in the state, and someone that has size and can flat out run. Did a little bit of everything last year, but expect him to get a healthy dose of carries and maintain some balance within the offense. Very impressive looking athlete.






Marqueese Royster 6-1 255 Jr.


It will be very interesting to see how they use Royster as he can block with the best of them, pound for pound one of the strongest juniors in the state. Definitely a kid we will see a lot of in the red zone.






Mark Grothe 6-1 175 Sr.

Nick Yun 5-8 170 Sr.

Madison Piel 6-2 210 Sr.

J.R. Mclaughlin 6-0 175 Sr.


Grothe can do things out of the slot, and Nick Yun could be a kid destined for a breakout season. The kids small, but tough and can move. He can play multiple positions and will probably get the ball a variety of ways. McLaughlin has stepped up as of late and provides a legit target, while Piel has a huge upside.






Joey Miller 6-1 275 Sr.

Randy Souers 6-1 215 Sr.

Tyler Moncrief 6-4 240 Sr.

Dougal Watson 5-11 210 Sr.


Miller was an all league kid last season and will be a leader with four returning starters back up front. Its not the biggest or most athletic line in, but they are solid and have added experience gained from last season. Smythe is a genius and will get the most out of all of them






Marqueese Royster 6-1 255 Jr.

Joey Miller 6-1 275 Sr.

Josh Bennett 6-3 280 Sr.

Mike Kiever 6-0 230 So.


The Pacers have a very talented D line, led by junior standout Royster who is itching to show what he can do. He was part of last years state title team at Lake O before making the transfer. Miller can play both ways, and Bennett has very good size and can cause problems. Look out for Kiever who is one of the better sophomore lineman in the state.




Chase Marshall 6-3 220 Jr.

Storm Elund 5-11 205 Sr.

Madison Piehl 6-2 210 Sr.

Kyle Johnson 6-1 200 Jr.


Marshall lead all sophomore LB’s in the state in sacks (5.5) last season and is a big kid who is also a very talented Lacrosse athlete. He will be key. Elund is a quality backer, and Piehl is a kid we really like who just looks like a backer. He could have breakout year making 23 total tackles last season with 2 Ints. Johnson is one of the better juniors in the conference.






Mark Grothe 6-1 175 Sr

Nick Yun 5-8 170 Sr.


Grothe returns after a second team all league season where he accumulated 27 total tackles and 2 Ints.. Yun could have a monster year on both sides of the ball and is just very athletic. Both of these kids have experience and should do well.














Grant Beahm 6-0 190 Sr.

Richard (Blue)Thomas 6-0 180 So.


Beahm ‘s a quality duel sport athlete that has been the leader (QB) of this Eastlake group for years and is looking forward to getting his opportunity. Thomas is a sick athlete, but just a sophomore. He could be used in certain running formats and will be someone we will hear a lot about in the years to come.




Drew Lewis 6-2 185 Jr.

Josh Horton 5-9 185 Sr.

Dylan Cramp 5-9 185 Sr.


Drew Lewis, the brother of D1 Pitt RB Ryan Lewis is going to be very good.. He should see most of the carries with Josh Horton being a very capable back as well. Lewis is only a junior and is fast but will also come up and smack you so he’s got some versatility. He will be a top Washington underclassmen






DK Thornton 6-3 180 Sr.


Thornton got more playing time then probably any other junior last season as they graduated 21 starters..He’s a big kid that’s also a talented safety.






Cameron Nelson 6-3 180 Sr.

Gage Cassill 5-1 185 Jr.

Jeff Feinglass 6-2 190 So.


Nelson is going to be the #1 guy, he has legit size , plays on both sides of the ball and runs some of the most crisp routes in the state. Cassill is a quality WR that will only be a junior, and Feinglass could be one of better Soph’s in the state of Washington and could legitimately start either way.






Jake Cusack 6-3 280 Sr.

Ross McCorkle 5-11 210 Sr.

Brandon Kaufman 5-11 200 Jr.

Cody Scheppels 6-1 190 Jr. (c)

Max Escarda 6-3 220 Sr.


Cusack would probably be the kid with the most experience and size, but they graduated their entire starting line. It will be very interesting to see how they respond in what will most likely be kids with no varsity starts. Escarda is a good size kid, and McCorkle is a two way threat that is just strong.








Jake Cusack 6-3 280 Sr.

Cody Scheppels 6-1 190 Jr.


Many off the starting O lineman will also be playing D and it will be on a committee basis so expect the lineman to be very experienced by season’s end. The first game will be interesting






Eric Harper 6-2 185 Sr.

Carson Iraola 5-10 200 Jr.

Ross McCorkle 5-11 210 Sr.


Harper’s won multiple wrestling titles and even though he only weighs 185, Beahm says he is one of the most feared backers within the conference playing at mock speed. Iraola isn’t a big kid, but will be one of the better junior backers in the state and is absolutely lights out. He is a kid that we expect to see at our elite events in the future as one of the top LB’s in WA.








Drew Lewis 6-2 185 Jr. S

Jeff Feinglass

DK Thornton 6-3 180 S

Liam Doyle 5-9 180 Sr. CB

Eric Jagelio 5-11 175 Jr. CB

Richard (Blue) Thomas S




The Wolves have an athletic bunch of kids at DB, but like many other positions there will be a lot of new starters. Doyle is the teams and one of the conference’s fastest kids, and will be an outstanding corner. Thornton is a quality athlete and should do well at Safety, while both Feinglass and Thomas will be considered two of the better Soph DB’s in WA. Jagelio has stepped up and shown impressive footwork on a team that didn’t know who there corners were going to be. The best of all may be Lewis who is just freaky athletic and can patrol the D from his safety position. Once again a very talented group that just lacks varsity starts.












QB Lakeridge- Slight


RB Eastlake- Slight


WR/SB Even


TE Even


OL Lakeridge


DL Lakeridge


LB Even


DB Eastlake






Its week 1 so in all reality who really knows what is going to happen. That said, both teams run class programs that have had successful histories so it should be a good ball game regardless. Eastlake graduated 21 out of 22 starters from a (10-2) team that beat the Washington 4a state champs in Skyline during the regular season. This will be a completely new team but still very talented just inexperienced. Some of the younger athletes on the Wolves roster could be some of Washington’s best.


On the other hand the Pacers return a host of starters but were still rebuilding last season after a (6-5) bounce back year where Coach Smythe got the most out his athletes. They don’t have the most overall talent in the world, but they do have a bunch of kids that feel they can beat anybody and have plenty of game time experience. The Pacers have one of the top coaching staffs in Oregon, and Dungey could be a very special player. It will be interesting to see how quick he adapts.


I think this will be a close ball game that could go either way. Eastlake has the recent tradition on its side, but Lakeridge is one of the quickest rising teams in the NW with a legendary leader. Saturday night will be fun, lets get it…


Prediction- Lakeridge, OR 31 Eastlake, WA 27