Oregon/Washington Week 3 Team Rankings with Analysis


6A OREGON- Official


1. Jesuit (2-0) Watching these guys first hand, makes me question if anybody can hang. They are so dominant up front and athletic on the perimeter that it begs question are they a top 20 team nationally. Nice win against a good Union team. Almost cant wait for Jesuit/Aloha as you can bet that the Crusaders will make someone other then Tyner beat them. W 48-12 H- Union

H- Canby (0-2)


2. Sheldon (2-0) The Irish showed why they consistently end up in the state championship, with a big road win against Central. They used everybody in the win and proved they can beat anybody. W 33-26 @ #5 Central Cath

@ South Eugene (0-2)


3. Aloha (2-0) They are as good as any team in the state if Tyner (380 yds, 3 Tds) stays healthy. Brayden Kearsley and Mike Kluge are dominant lineman, and Mo McSwain is proving to be one of the state’s top juniors. Big win on the road against the Tigers. W 36-34 @ #6 Tigard

H- Lakeridge (1-1)


4. Lake Oswego (2-0) Lake O is just solid. They have a very talented team up front and dominated Centennial.. There D is outstanding, but the question remains can they make up for the loss of Matthews/Long/ Coury against the good teams. We will find out in the next 2 weeks. W 39-13 H- Centennial

H- #5 Central Catholic (1-1)


5. Central Catholic (1-1) Mistakes killed the Rams against Sheldon after an impressive week 1 and still they were in the game.. Aidan Wilder has looked outstanding from his QB position. L 26-33 H- #2 Sheldon

@ #4 Lake Oswego (2-0)

6. Tigard (1-1) The Tigers are legit and showed that they can play with anybody coming up a FG shy of a huge win. Very impressive athletes on both sides of the ball..Floyd, Greene, and Wick went for 440 and 5 Tds. L 34-36 H- #3 Aloha

@ Glencoe (2-0)


7. South Medford (2-0) The Panther D impressed pitching a shut out against a decent Westview team out of the Metro.. By far and away Sheldon’s biggest challengers.. W 34-0 H-Westview

@ Thurston (1-1)

8. Century (2-0) Big time statement win against the defending 5a state champs on the road, in which Sam Riddle once again went off throwing for 384 yds and 6 more tds… W 50-45 @ #6 5a Mt View

H- Hillsboro (0-2)


9. Sprague (2-0) The Olympians are definitely the best team in the valley and QB Jon Schaub has been playing very well with Devvon Gage, John Marshall, and Austin Wilson all getting in the mix.. W 40-20 H-Roseburg

@ #6 5a Mt View (1-1)


10. Tualatin (2-0) Brandon Shroyer is a talented Jr leader as well as QB, and both Jeff Williams and Andrew Schlottman are legit two way threats. Tualatin’s offense can be suspect, but give the defense credit..Nice win against talented Southridge squad.. W 13-3 @ Southridge

H- Forest Grove (0-2)


Rest of 6A


11. Canby (0-2)
12. Southridge (0-2)
13. Lakeridge (1-1)

14. Sunset (2-0)
15. Centennial (1-1)
16. Gresham ( 2-0)
17. Grant (1-1)
18. Clackamas (2-0)
19. Lincoln (0-2)
20. McMinnville (1-1)
21. West Linn (1-1)
22. Roseburg (1-1)
23. Oregon City (1-1)
24. Westview (1-1)
25. David Douglas (1-1)
26. Beaverton (2-0)
27. Reynolds (2-0)

28. Thurston (1-1)

29. West Salem (0-2)

30. Glencoe (2-0)
31. Grants Pass (0-2)
32. Crater (0-2)
33. Newberg (1-1)
34. Barlow (0-2)
35. McKay (2-0)
36. South Salem (0-2)
37. North Medford (1-1)
38. McNary (1-1)
39. Forest Grove (0-2)
40. North Salem (0-2)
41. South Eugene (0-2)
42. Hillsboro (0-2)


5A OREGON-Official

1. Sherwood (2-0) Give credit where credit is due; The Bowmen reloaded this season and beat a Marist team on the road that hadn’t lost a regular season game in the last 4 years-impressive.. W 38-20 @ #3 Marist

H- Hermiston (1-1)

2. Wilsonville (1-1) Shipley, Ragin, and Ryan Walsh went for 550+ and 6 TDs as the Wildcats showed some of the offensive firepower that they have against St Helens.. W 64-21 H- St Helens

@ Parkrose (2-0)


3. Marist (1-1) Tough loss for the Spartans who will need to regather themselves and get ready for a conference season where they could be tested by a talented Churchill team.. L 20-38 H- #1 Sherwood

H-Ashland (1-1)


4. Crescent Valley (1-1) Beat up a Putnam team without Deshawn Stephens; Tanner Sanders and Austin Powell will have some monster games, and Tanner Fiez and Jacob Bucher are one of the best 1-2 LB duos in the state. Huge statement game against a very talented West Albany team this week that could dictate the season.. W 43-22 H- Putnam

@ #5 West Albany (2-0)


5. West Albany (2-0) Jake LaCoste is just filthy and will be considered the X factor in this ball game; The Bulldogs beat a good 6a team in Lakeridge and will have a Top 10 battle with CV this week.. W 49-34 H-Lakeridge

H #4 Crescent Valley (1-1)


6. Mt View (1-1) The Cougars are well coached, but came up just short against a high powered no huddle Century offense; They are still one of the state’s best at 5a and could legitimately beat anybody at that level.. L 45-50 H- #8 6a Century

H- #9 6a Sprague (2-0)


7. Churchill (2-0) The Lancers have blasted a couple sub par opponents, but have a talented cast of kids that make for a legit conference title contender.. W 57-34 H-Liberty

H- #10 Eagle Point (2-0)


8. Silverton (2-0) The Foxes are still very young, but have talent everywhere as indicated with there shutout of a good Bend team this past week.. Head Coach John Mannion has got his guys dialed… W 31-0 H-Bend

@ Dallas (1-1)


9. Redmond (2-0) The Central OR kids have beaten two 4a teams thus far, but return 30 seniors and a bunch of all league kids so you can expect the Panthers to be good..W 41-14 @ 4a Madras

@ Hood River (2-0)


10. Eagle Point (2-0) Have beaten a couple sub par teams, but have some very good athletes and tradition so they are a team to watch…W 34-7 H- 4a Mazama

@ #7 Churchill (2-0)


Rest of 5A


11. Hood River (2-0)
12. Bend (0-2)
13. Springfield (1-1)
14. Ashland (1-1)
15. Corvallis (1-1)
16. Putnam (0-2) ** Deshawn Stephens returns this week

17. Hermiston (1-1)
18. Wilson (1-1)
19. Pendleton (0-2)
20. Sandy (0-2)

21. Roosevelt (1-1)
22. Dallas (1-1)
23. Lebanon (0-2)

24. Milwaukie (1-1)
25. Willamette (1-1)
26. St Helens ( 1-1)
27. Parkrose (2-0)
28. S.Albany ( 1-1)
29. Woodburn (2-0)
30. Jefferson (0-2)

31. Summit (1-1)
32. Liberty (0-2)
33. Marshfield (0-2)
34. Cleveland ( 0-2)
35. Madison (1-1)

36. The Dalles (1-1)
37. Franklin (0-2)
38. North Eugene (0-2)

39. Benson (0-2)


1. Skyline (2-0)
2. Mead (2-0)
3. Federal Way (2-0)
4. Camas (2-0)
5. Bellarmine Prep (1-1)
6. Skyview (1-1)
7. (tie) Kentwood (2-0)
7. (tie) Woodinville (2-0)
9. Bothell (0-2)
10.Edmonds-Woodway (2-0)



1. Bellevue (2-0)
2. O’Dea (2-0)
3. Mt Si (2-0)
4. Meadowdale (2-0)
5. Lakes (1-1)
6. Eastside Catholic (2-0)
7. Oak Harbor (2-0)
8. Glacier Peak (2-0)
9. Kamiakan (1-1)
10. Southridge (2-0)


Jordan Johnson Picks



1. Skyline (2-0)
2. Mead (2-0)
3. Camas (2-0)
4. Federal Way (2-0)

5. Bellarmine Prep (1-1)
6. Bothell (0-2)
7. Skyview (1-1)

8. Woodinville (2-0)
9. Kentwood (2-0)
10.Wenatchee (1-1)


1. Bellevue (2-0)
2. O’Dea (2-0)
3. Mt Si (2-0)
4. Meadowdale (2-0)
5. Lakes (1-1)
6. Eastside Catholic (2-0)
7. Oak Harbor (2-0)
8. Glacier Peak (2-0)
9. Kamiakan (1-1)
10. Southridge (2-0)


Ryland Spencer Top 10

4A Top 10

#1 Skyline (2-0) 57-25 Win @ Cottonwood (Murray, UT) (0-3)

Skyline went on the road to Utah last week and came away with a fairly easy win. They go back on the road when they travel to the Kibbie Dome on the campus of the University of Idaho to face a very good Couer d’Alene team.

#2 Mead (2-0) 47-6 Win vs North Central (0-2)

Mead is the best team on the east side of the state. RB Davian Barlow set career bests last week in an easy win over North Central.

#3 Federal Way (2-0) 43-7 Win @ Emerald Ridge (0-2)

Federal Way has yet to give a point in the first half outscoring their opponents 69-0. The RB trio McNeal, Jones and McClatcher are growing by the game and could be one of the best sets of RB’s in the state. This is a HUGE week for them as they host my #9 team Graham-Kapowsin on Thursday night.

#4 Camas (2-0) 31-7 Win vs Camby (OR) (0-2)

The Papermakers have beaten two Oregon schools to start the season and done so fairly easily. They are gaining momentum and will need it as they play Auburn Mountainview, Lakes and Skyview in the next 3 weeks.

#5 Kentwood (2-0) 45-6 Win vs Jefferson (0-2)

With Kentlake losing to Kent-Meridian, they Conks now have the inside edge towards a North Division title. The big test will be against Tahoma on October 12th.

#6 Bellarmine Prep (1-1) 42-38 Loss vs (3A) #6 Lakes (1-1)

Losing to Lakes is not a bad thing especially considering they racked up a ton of yards in the process. The Lions will use that loss as motivation and I don’t see them losing again the rest of the regular season. Tough test in two weeks against South Kitsap, but they should have no problem from there on out.

#7 Woodinville (2-0) 37-12 Win @ Mariner (1-1)

The Woodinville Falcons are a bit of a surprise right now. They definitely have some talent, but lost a ton off of last years team. DB Caleb Hamilton is having a great season so far and was a huge factor in the week one win over Lakes.

#8 Skyview (1-1) 42-0 Win vs Columbia River (1-1)

Okay, I am back into believing in Skyview. I will admit I was scared after week one, but the Storm put that all to bed with this weeks win.

#9 Graham-Kapowsin (2-0) 28-12 Win @ Curtis (1-1)

GK is a team on the rise. They have a lot of skilled playmakers, led by do everything Kahlil Dawson. Their line is above average and getting better by the week. If they can upset Federal Way this week, they will jump into the top 5.

#10 Bothell (0-2) 35-7 Loss vs (3A) #1 Bellevue (2-0)

I know I am going to get some flak about having an 0-2 team in my top 10, but frankly I do not care. I still see Bothell as at least a semi finalist. This week they get their 3rd #1 ranked team in a row with the 2A Capital Cougars.

3A Top 10

#1 Bellevue (2-0) 35-7 Win @ (4A) #5 Bothell (0-2)

Well, what can I say? They are hands down the best team in the state. Took it to a very good Bothell team this week. If anyone is going to beat them it is going to have to be Mount Si on October 12th.

#2 O’Dea (2-0) 28-6 Win vs Ballard (0-2)

O’Dea continues to impress. I will admit I was tempted to move Mount Si in here, but until O’Dea loses, it is their spot.

#3 Mount Si (2-0) 21-0 Win vs (4A) #7 Issaquah (1-1)

A second straight shutout has got a lot of people talking about Mount Si. The Wildcats were absolutely punishing on defense against a very good Issaquah team. No reason they shouldn’t be undefeated heading into their game against Bellevue.

#4 Oak Harbor (2-0) 36-15 Win @ Arlington (0-2)

The Wildcats of Oak Harbor continue to get it done on the ground. Punishing Fullback Fred Websted (6-0 220) rumbled for 162 yards on 23 carries and 3 TDs that I guarantee you came up the middle. He is a load!

#5 Eastside Catholic (2-0) 30-12 Win @ Eastlake (0-2)

This Eastside Catholic team is beginning to open some eyes. While Eastlake may not be what they were last year, they are still a good team. Could October 12th against O’Dea decide the Metro Mountain?

#6 Meadowdale (2-0) 36-9 Win @ Inglemoor (0-2)

I was at the game this week and got to see the Mavericks first hand and I will say, I was very impressed. They started a little slow, but once they got going they were unstoppable. The tandem of Morgan Masanda and Giavani Shepard are an absolute joy to watch.

#7 Lakes (1-1) 42-38 Win @ (4A) #2 Bellarmine Prep (1-1)

Lakes gets back on track with a BIG win over Bellarmine Prep. The tough early schedule doesn’t let up this week as they travel to Vancouver to play a very good Skyview team followed by coming home to play a very good Camas team.

#8 Glacier Peak (2-0) 43-7 Win @ Snohomish (0-2)

The Grizzlies are a little bit of a surprise so far. Sr. QB Chris Becerra has been an absolute gem for GP and probably has the inside track on conference player of the year.

#9 Kamiakin (1-1) 28-7 Win @ Hanford (1-1)

Kamiakin got back on track with a big win this week. The Braves are in my eyes, the best team in the Tri Cities area and this begins to prove that.

#10 Shelton (2-0) 54-24 Win @ North Thurston (1-1)

The way the Highclimbers are playing right now made it impossible to keep them off this list. RB Ralph Kinnie is helping lead this team back to the land of state playoff appearences. If they keep playing the way they are they will be climbing these rankings in the next few weeks.


Scott Eklund Top 10


1. Skyline (Sammamish) (2-0) – Another big matchup, another big performance for the Spartans as they went into Salt Lake City to play powerhouse Cottonwood and came out with a big 57-25 win, getting a huge performance from QB Max Browne (387 yards passing, 4 TDs, 1 rushing TD) and the offense which rolled up almost 550 yards.

2. Mead (Spokane) (2-0) – The Panthers got a career high 248-yard rushing effort, to go along with three touchdowns, from senior TB Davian Barlow and Mead blew out North Central 47-6. They continue to show why they are the class of Eastern Washington prep football this year and show no signs of slowing down.

3. Federal Way (2-0) – Two opponents, two blowout wins for the Eagles. They rolled over Emerald Ridge by a score of 43-7. This week they face an improved Graham-Kapowsin squad and if, as expected, they get past them, Federal Way should be undefeated when they face off against Curtis the last week of the regular season.

4. Camas (2-0) – For the second-straight week, the Papermakers blew out an Oregon school. The past week’s victim was a decent Canby squad. Camas should get through this week’s game against Auburn Mountainview unscathed, but they have a huge game against Lakes the following week and that will be the true test of their mettle.

5. Bellarmine Prep (Tacoma) (1-1) – BP fell in a thriller to Lakes, 42-38, in what many came away thinking could be the best prep game of the year in the entire state. QB Sefo Liufau, a Colorado commit, had a huge night throwing for 327 yards and three touchdowns against a very good Lakes secondary and will be the key to the Lions’ recovery from the loss.

6. Skyview (Vancouver) (1-1) – The Storm rebounded from their loss in week one to blow out Columbia River by the score of 42-0. This week they will get a huge test from Lakes who got a big win over fifth-ranked Bellarmine Prep.

7. Edmonds-Woodway (2-0) – The Warriors handled business last week, using a great ground-game to post a 48-29 win over Mountlake Terrace. This week’s matchup with Meadowdale, ranked third in my state 3A rankings, should go a long way in telling us how good EW is going to be this year.

8. Woodinville (2-0) – The Falcons have been the surprise of the season so far, getting wins over a good Lakes team to start the season as well as Mariner last week, and look like they could go undefeated until they face off against rival Bothell to end the regular season on October 19th, which is shaping up to be a great matchup.

9. Kentwood (Kent) (2-0) – The Conqs have looked really good thus far this season. Over the weekend, they blasted Jefferson 45-6 and so far their defense has allowed just 13 points in two games. There is still a long way to go, but their matchup with Kentlake could be epic to end the regular season on October 25th.

10. Ferris (Spokane) (2-0) – The Saxons haven’t been as dominant this year as in years past, but they have looked solid so far this year, posting two wins including last week’s 41-21 win over Shadle Park.

Others receiving consideration: Graham-Kapowsin (2-0), South Kitsap (2-0), Bethel (2-0), Jackson (2-0), Union (1-1), Issaquah (1-1), Jackson (2-0)


1. Bellevue (2-0) – After beating one of the top programs in Texas, the Wolverines came out and pasted a very good Bothell team 35-7, playing their subs for most of the second half. Bellevue likely won’t be tested again until they play third-ranked Mount Si October 12th in Snoqualmie.

2. O’Dea (Seattle) (2-0) – The Irish were efficient, using their vaunted ground-attack to post a 28-6 win over Ballard last Friday. This week will give us an indication of how good they can be as they face a tough Issaquah squad.

3. Meadowdale (Lynnwood) (2-0) – Don’t sleep on the Mavericks who used a tough defense and a couple of big plays to get a 36-9 win over Inglemoor. Head coach Mark Stewart has the Meadowdale program humming and they have a great shot and running the table on the Wesco 3A this year.

4. Mount Si (Snoqualmie) (2-0) – Speaking of Issaquah, Mount Si shut out the Eagles 21-0 at home to get to 2-0. So far the Wildcats haven’t allowed a team to score and as junior QB Nick Mitchell continues to get more comfortable they could really make some noise in the 3A ranks this year.

5. Lakes (Lakewood) (1-1) – What can you say about the Lancers’ thrilling 42-38 win over Bellarmine Prep last week. The game is already being touted as likely the best game of the season and we’re only in week two. Lakes is loaded with size, speed and talent and they will need it all as they face two more 4A schools (Skyview and Camas) who are ranked in the top 10 as well.

6. Eastside Catholic (Sammamish) (2-0) – EC’s 30-12 win over Eastlake would have been good had their starting quarterback, senior Trey Reynolds, been able to play, but the Crusaders had to rely on freshman Harley Kirsch who was solid to get the win. Coach Jeremy Thielbahr has his squad poised to make some waves this year, but, as every coach will tell you, it’s “one game at a time”.

7. Glacier Peak (Snohomish) (2-0) – The Grizzlies blasted their cross-town rivals, Snohomish, 43-7, on Friday, but this week they will get a huge test in what is looking like a solid Jackson squad. GP QB Chris Becerra had a big night and has been a very nice surprise so far this fall with his play.

8. Oak Harbor (2-0) – Senior FB Fred Webster’s 162 yards and three touchdowns blazed the way for the Wildcats to get a 36-15 win over Arlington. This week they have a tough game as they play host to Lake Stevens, so this will be a good test to see how far they can go this season.

9. Southridge (2-0) – The Suns ground one out over the weekend, getting a 25-21 win over Sunnyside. In the next two weeks they will take on both Kennewick and Kamiakin, ranked as two of the best in Eastern Washington.

10. Kamiakin (1-1) – Kamiakin used a solid ground attack – 175 yards rushing as a team – to grind out a 28-7 win over Hanford. If the Braves can get by Southridge in two weeks with a win, they have a chance to win the rest of their games before facing cross-town rival Kennewick to close out the regular season.

Others receiving consideration: Mercer Island (1-1), Shelton (2-0), Ferndale (2-0), Eastmont (2-0), Kennedy (1-1)

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