Washington 2014 Updated WR/TE/OL Player Rankings: By Jordan Johnson, Ryland Spencer

February 5, 2013

This is the middle of the Washington 2014 Updates. A few weeks ago we did QB/RB/ATH, and very soon we will do DL/LB/DB. Keep a look out for those updates. *The 2014 rankings include updated film from each athlete if availableā€¦ You will also see updated height/weight and statistical information within each athletes tag lineā€¦ We distribute this information (directly) to the college coaches that we work with through the…


Junior WR Trio of Pauly, Kelley and Kiourkas Help Lead High Flying Shadle Park: By Ryland Spencer

November 12, 2012

Highlight Films: Tanner Pauly, Skyler Kelley, Nick Kiourkas and Brett Rypien When high profile QB Brett Rypien (So, 6-2 175) of Shadle Park looks down field, he has three of the top Jr WRs in the state to pick from. Nick Kiourkas (6-3 195), Tanner Pauly (6-0 175) and Skyler Kelley (6-0 180) all had great 2012 seasons, but are not satisfied with numbers and a crossover playoff game….