5A playoff predictions- Oregon

(6-4) Hermiston vs #2 Sherwood (10-0)

Point Spread: Sher -37 1/2

Prediction: Sherwood 42 Hermiston 8

Analysis: The Bowmen have a bracket that almost ensures they walk into the state title game, barring a major upset so look for them to spread the ball around like they always do and keep everyone healthy.

#6 (8-2) Silverton vs Ashland (7-2)

Point Spread: Silv -4

Prediction: Silverton 29 Ashland 21

Analysis: Silverton tends to play down to the level of their competition, but has had a very successful year and beaten some of the best teams in 5a (Corvallis, Lebanon). Torrey Rogness is one of the best players in the state and should help help the Silver Foxes get the win. Ashland has been in the AP top 10 which is not warranted as they have struggled with teams like Marshfield.

#10 (6-4) Liberty vs #9 Bend (7-2)

Point Spread: Bend -3

Prediction: Liberty 21 Bend 20

Analysis: Definitely could go either way. The Lava Bears haven’t been playing great and the injury to 1st team all league athlete Gavin Gerdes has hurt. If Bafaro and the Liberty D show up they could pull this off

(6-4) St Helens vs #5 West Albany (8-2)

Point Spread: WA -25

Predcition: West Albany 42 St Helens 13

Analysis: The Bulldogs have been playing as well as anybody in the state and came away with a Mid Willamette Conference title (toughest 5a league). They should be able to use this momentum to win a few playoff games.

(6-4) Jefferson vs #3 Mt View (8-1)

Point Spread: Mt View -31

Prediction: Mt View 48 Jefferson 13

Analysis: Mt View hasn’t played anybody other then Sherwood which might hurt them in the long run, but they have the talent to go deep. Especially now that they are healthy. Jeff has had a rough year and has struggled against some really bad in conference teams.

(8-2) Pendleton vs #7 Lebanon (7-3)

Point Spread: Lebanon -17

Prediction: Lebanon 38 Pendleton 15

Analysis: Lebanon has been up and down, but has shown that they can play with anybody. Pendleton has played no one and struggled last week against a brutal Milwaukie squad. We will see what Ben Duerr and Garrett Urrutia can do in the playoffs.

#4 (8-2) Wilsonville vs # 8 Corvallis (7-3)

Point Spread: Pick em

Prediction: Wilsonville 22 Corvallis 20

Analysis: This could go either way and is also one of our games of the week. You can expect a very good ball game that will probably come down to a field goal. Corvallis has been down a little bit but can play with the best in 5a. Both teams have big names as it should be the best game of the night.

(4-6) Sandy vs #2 Marist (9-0)

Point Spread: Marist -42

Prediction: Marist 54 Sandy 17

Analysis: Marist is begging someone to play them tough but it won’t happen this week. They should get some decent challenges moving forward as they haven’t had a close game since week 1. Sandy’s QB Justin Adams has had a magnificent year and will have to be lights out to keep them in it.