Week 11 picks + analysis

Each week weekly picks are made at the 6a level and I always encourage you to share your thoughts with me..Here are a few games from the past week where games were up in the air..My selections are always available to the public, here are a couple tough games


Lincoln 28 Gresham 14- I took Lincoln but 5 out of 6 people had Gresham..I like Gresham and they had a good year, but playoff wins in the Mt Hood are few

West Salem 42 Barlow 28- I took West Salem but unbelievably 23 out of 30 people took Barlow..Nothing personal, but some people just don’t understand Mt Hood football


Tualatin 17 Sunset 14- This was our 6a game of the week as we said it would be very close. I took Sunset by 2 and they lost by 3 even after outplaying the T Wolves..27 out of 30 people took Tualatin which is ridiculous but they got the win.


** I am attaching a list of games from Oregonprepsports.net where picks are made. Over the year I have the #1 winning percentage out of any of the participants..Feel free to look at past weeks..Looking forward to the next round. Scroll to the bottom for the list

Jordan J- NEI

Weekly Picks- 6A

Week 1 18-5
Week 2 19-4
Week 3 20-5
Week 4 18-5
Week 5 20-3
Week 6 20-2
Week 7 18-4
Week 8 18-4
Week 9 20-2
Week 10 10-1
Week 11 13-3

Jordan Johnson

Winning Pct.. 83.6 %