Country’s #1 Jr. QB Max Browne & Taylor Barton Headed to USC

Anytime the #1 Junior QB in America heads to a school its big news. It just so happens our very own Max Browne (6-5 210 Jr. QB) of Skyline HS is filling that #1 QB role coming into the 2012 season. He will be headed to LA on Thursday with long time quarterback coach and good friend Taylor Barton, to visit Lane Kiffin and a host of other VIP’s within the Trojan program.

Barton and Browne’s relationship started about 5 years ago in the 7th grade, when both Greg and Taylor Barton were helping another Skyline great and National #1 QB in Jake Heaps. That was a unique experience because its not everyday the Northwest produces #1 ranked QB’s, not to mention two from the same school.

Browne says, ” Right off the bat I new he was going to be my guy, you know exactly what you are going to get from Taylor and I was looking for someone that would always be straight with me”. He continued, ” TB keeps me in check and cares about me as a person so I trust what he has to say, he’s always on me making sure im getting better and never becoming complacent”.

Max is the type of kid you want your daughter to date. He’s a good person first, and a ridiculously talented QB second. He currently holds offers from almost everyone in the country with schools such as USC, Oklahoma, Alabama, Auburn, Boise St, Cal, and Washington all vying for his services.

He recently returned from a weekend in Norman, Oklahoma where he had good trip and met all of the Sooners. Max says, ” With all that’s going on the significance of everything really hasn’t hit me yet, but I do know it was really cool to meet Head Coach Bob Stoops”.

When asked what is was like to be the #1 Jr QB in America with his senior year around the corner Max says, ” things are setting in gradually, the other day I was looking at Scout.Com and the QB’s they had ranked #1 over the last few years.. I saw names such as Matt Stafford and Matt Barkley which kind of made reality set in to see those athletes”.

As many already know Browne is coming back after a year that saw him win the Big School 4a State Title while throwing for over 4000 yards and 47 Tds, completing over 70% of his passes. Browne has every intangible you could ever want in a Quarterback and you cant help to be in aw of his character. His Peyton Manning like personality only helps his stock as Taylor Barton says, ” the kid just says and does all the right things and sets himself apart on and off the field”.

Barton and Browne’s relationship has been special for a variety of reasons, but its rare to have the Top QB Coach in the country train the Top Quarterback in the country. The combination is lethal and Max could break every high school record known to man in 2012 including Barton’s (56 regular season Td Passes).

When asked about the whole recruiting process Max says, “its been exciting and Im just very grateful for everything, I plan on graduating early next year and getting an early start on my college career”.

Like usual Browne just wanted to talk about others when referencing next season, ” Nic Sblendorio is the real deal, and Trevor Barney is an outstanding receiver but an even better DB” . He also added, ” I think Isaac Dotson is a very talented QB over at Newport and someone big schools should really be paying attention to”.

In closing I feel it appropriate for Taylor to speak on Max, we wish him nothing but success you will not find a better kid..

“If I was playing fantasy football and could build a team around a QB, it would be Max Browne. If you watch his film or see him play in person, you can see what a great player he is. What you don’t see are the countless hours he spends in the off season honing his craft. Alot of kids in his situation would get complacent and read their own press clippings. They quit doing all the things that got them to where they are now. They develop the mindset that they shouldn’t do this, or shouldn’t do that because they have more to lose than to gain. We see that with high profile kids every year, and this year is no exception.

That’s why in the long run most of those kids won’t make it, but not Max. 1st and foremost, he’s a competitor. He just loves the game, and the challenges that come with it. We’ve talked many times about the fact that as hard as it is to get to the top, its even harder to stay there. Everyone is gunning for you, and you’re put under a microscope. Where a lot of kids wither under that scrutiny, he shines. Since he got ranked the #1 QB in the country, he’s turned everything up a notch. He’s one of my favorite kids that’s ever come thru our program, and what’s scary is his best days are ahead of him. Whatever program lands him, is immediately in contention for a National Championship. If he stays on track and does what he’s capable of, you’ll see him on stage with Roger Goodell shaking hands and taking pictures as a top 10 draft pick.

-Taylor Barton NEI Max Browne Highlights – NEI Elite Session

(Taylor Barton & Max Browne at NEI Elite Training Session)

(Max Browne 6-5 210 Jr. QB Skyline HS)