Vegas Kicks Off With Record Setting Run+VideoBy NEI (North) / (South)- Pt 1

(NEI South – Oregon/Wash…. 3-3 Quarterfinal Appearance)

It was a trip that we all will remember for a long time, and we are excited to bring you documentary style footage from the weekend’s events. NEI started 2012 with our elite training sessions allowing all of the top athletes in the Northwest to train with one another. Talent levels have risen, and offers have become much more plentiful as colleges are able to make much more consistent evaluations of the players when going against other top kids.

Las Vegas was special because the Northwest kids put themselves on the map. NEI (South) Oregon/Wash, moved further along in the tournament then any other team in northwest history. If not for the worst call in 7 on 7 documented history we honestly had a chance to win it. NEI South defeated the 2 time defending champion 20-6 in the Sweet sixteen after beating two teams that were (3-0) on day one.

The South team started out the tourny going (1-2) losing both games by extra points. NEI South caught fire in day two and absolutely played phenomenal. The excitement was everywhere and people were coming from all over the field asking who was the Team from Utah ??

Taylor Barton’s game plans were Lombardi like and the defense only allowed 4 Tds in the first 5 games, which is almost unheard of in 7 on 7. The South team got wins against kids from LA, San Diego, and Oakland with DeShawn Stephens showing that he was one of the best receivers in the country catching 7 Tds in 2 days not counting the one’s called back.

NEI (North) Wash, had an outstanding trip as well earning a number 1 seed after the first day. Coming into Sunday the North squad was (2-1) with a close loss. Isaiah Brandt- Sims had been running wild going for multiple Td’s in multiple games, while Nic Sblendorio of Skyline was coming up huge as well. Brandt- Sims was the only sophomore on either team and could be looking at some early offers as the kid is just ridiculously good.

The North Team was tripped up in the second round of day 2 by a score of 12-8. They still did a remarkable job against very good competition over the weekend finishing (2-2) and bringing a great deal of respect back to the Northwest.

All of us at NEI and The Barton Football Academy want to congratulate all of our Northwest athletes on the success we had as a group in Las Vegas. We will be providing you with a 4 part documentary style breakdown of the weekend with Part 1 being today.. Get ready for live action from UNLV and all the behind the scenes footage you will never get anywhere else.


(NEI North- Washington…. 2-2 #1 Seed After 1st Day)


Reiley Henderson Airborne

JJ Giving #1 at Plane

Deshawn Stephens/ Nate Halverson/Forrest +/ Reiley Henderson

Mike Tate/Kahlil Dawson/Dlondo Tucker

Taylor Barton/ James Laurence

Johnny Ragin/Deshawn Stephens

Tere Calloway/ Micah Breland gettin up

Deshawn Stephens/JJ

Connor Strahm Gettin up

Isaiah Brandt Sims

NEI (South) Team Pic

NEI (North) Team Pic