Elite D1 Kids; Jesuit’s Doug Brenner & Max Rich

(#43 Doug Brenner 6-3 275 Jr. DL)

(#65 Max Rich 6-7 295 Jr. OL)


Next years #1 ranked team coming into the season at the 6a level will be the Jesuit Crusaders. They should be considered one of the top 50 teams in america coming into the year, with an offensive line that will average 6-5 1/2 285 across the board.

Doug Brenner (6-3 275 Jr. DL/TE) and Max Rich (6-7 295 Jr. OL) are two of the state’s top 10 ranked athletes, and will be helping to lead the tradition rich school into 2012. Both of these athletes are considered two of the Northwest’s top talents and will be super high profile kids over the next year.

Brenner currently holds a Portland St offer, and is the only freshman in Jesuit High School Football history to start as a freshman. His strength is off the charts as he currently holds the ALL TIME school record with the combined total of his major lifts (Squat 540, Clean 340, Bench 395). He physically is able to man handle most opponents and consistently requires double teams.

Doug’s extremely athletic for a big man, and if he can remain healthy he will be one of the most dominant D lineman the Northwest has seen in awhile. His sister Elizabeth is maybe the greatest female athlete to ever set foot in Oregon to put the family genes into perspective. Both of his parents were outstanding college swimmers/coaches, and his other sister Mary Claire is a talented softball player at Oregon St.

Brenner is a major D1 talent, and will have multiple Pac 12 offers to choose from before all is said and done. He is legitimately a man amongst boys at the high school level, and has dealt with injuries and constant position changes which doesn’t make anything easier. This is going to be a huge year for Doug and he says, ” im playing baseball right now but this is a football summer”. He continued, “I would like to play Pac 12 football somewhere, and I plan on working as hard as I can to make that happen”.

Doug has heard from a variety of different schools who contact him weekly and in some cases daily. ” I hear mostly from all the Pac 12 schools, but Alabama and Tennessee have also maintained consistent contact”. Brenner hears from Oregon, Oregon St, UCLA, Stanford, and Washington more often then other schools. He also sports a 3.88 accumulative GPA at a very tough private school with AP classes.

I have been a big backer of Brenner from an early age, because he possesses the full package. Legit size, outstanding athleticism, and abnormal strength. The family genes are there and he is a phenomenal student. He’s the type of kid you want to build a college football team around, so you can expect Brenner to have one of the most active recruitment periods of any kid in the northwest.

Bring Max Rich into the equation , and you have one of the top lineman in the northwest without an offer looking to get things going on the recruiting front this spring. Rich recently won another state championship on the basketball court, but wants to feed off his Army All American Combine (All Camp Team honor) from earlier this year in San Antonio. He will need to get out to some of the top camps, and show what he is capable over the next few months. It will be crucial that schools actually see him up close and personal, and see his shear size.

The five lineman currently in Oregon with offers are Brenner, Brayden Kearsley, Evan Voeller, Andrew Kirkland, and Matt Sommer. Rich looks like he could be the next lineman of the bunch to grab that first offer so we were interested to see who has been in contact.

Max realizes that any offers are good offers when you don’t have one, but he is still a rangy athletic big man that has a ridiculous upside. Some of the schools where mutual interest has been shown include Stanford, Washington, UCLA, USC, and South Florida. Rich carries a 3.75 GPA and is another outstanding student athlete. Rich, Kirkland (6-5 295 Jr. OL), Dom Baldocchi (6-3 265 Jr OL/DL), Maka Moon (6-4 265 Jr. OL), and Ryan Brown (6-6 265 Jr. OL) will all play key roles on a line that could be one of the best in state history.

One of Oregon’s top RB’s, AJ Glass (6-1 195 Jr. RB/S), will be loving life to say the least after going for 2000 yards and 25 Td’s a year ago. Brenner says, “its no secret we are going to run the ball next year and see if anybody can stop us”. Add Oregon Top Sophomore TE Henry Mondeaux (6-5 240) with Brenner at fullback or Tight end, and you have one of the most physical up front casts in the country. It’s something so unique that one wonders if anyone in Oregon will have a chance of stopping it.

The season starts in four short months and we will be looking forward to seeing both Brenner and Rich at a variety of college camps. You can expect to see them both at the NEI Elite Combine Tour Event in Seattle June 29th/30th with all the select D1 college coaches in attendance. Good luck to Brenner, Rich and the entire Jesuit program.

2012 could be a special season



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