One Of The Country’s Top Two Sport Athletes Brett Bafaro

We caught up to one of the top two sport athletes in the country this past weekend in Brett Bafaro (6-2 1/2 235 Sr.), and the Oregon bound linebacker didn’t disappoint. Bafaro is considered the top backer in the northwest for the 2012 class and one of the top baseball players on the west coast.

He is currently hitting .565 for his Liberty Falcons, recently stealing 5 bases in one game against a very talented Sherwood team and league rival Travis Dyer. His speed for a big man is extremely impressive, and he just continues to get stronger. He recently squatted 480 and is running legit 4.5 40’s. Its something you rarely see on a kid his size.

Oregon is looking forward to getting this “freaky athlete” to camp as he plans on leaving in late June. Before all that happens the MLB Draft will take place. Bafaro is a kid that has been rumored to potentially get significant signing bonus money, which could bring a decision to the forefront. There are multiple teams, including the Oakland Athletics who are high on Brett and really like his overall athleticism.

If you put Bafaro in a baseball environment and have him playing year round, you have a bigger version of a Jacoby Ellsbury type athlete. Still Bafaro says, “Im excited to go be a Duck and I am looking forward to getting down there and getting to work”.

Bafaro continued, ” I would be lying if I said I wasn’t going to look at all my options after the draft has taken place, but as of right now my focus is on working out and having the best spring baseball season possible”.

Our relationship with Brett at NEI has remained unique, as we have really enjoyed getting to know Bafaro the person. As high profile as the kid is, he always thinks of others first. Its a refreshing trait in an era of sports where the athlete becomes bigger then everyone else.

The other day Brett sent me a text out of the blue that read ” Hey I was just on your site and it looks great, Im loving it!! I just wanted to say thanks to you guys, from the very beginning you showed a genuine interest and Im very thankful…You and Taylor were two of the first people that instilled the belief in me that I could be a D1 athlete, Muck Love Brett”

Its that type of class that makes you root for a person on and off the field. I personally am looking forward to aligning my weekends based on Brett’s football schedule, as he is what young athletes should strive to model themselves after.

Much more with Brett to come as the season progresses Brett Bafaro Highlights


(Brett Bafaro 6-2 235 Sr. Oregon- Commit)