Video: Just Ridiculous; Lakes Freshman Xzavier Weston

(One of the most talented incoming freshman in the country Xzavier Weston RB/DB-Lakes HS)

Very rarely will we ever report on an athlete that hasn’t officially set foot in high school yet, but here is your exception. Xzavier Weston from a well known Lakes program could potentially be one of the better freshman in the country. Don’t take it from me, watch the videos of him on the field and on the track.

The silky smooth incoming Freshman made other kids his age look silly and out of place as he racked up 30 Tds and 1200 + Yards on the ground, and 15 receptions for 500 + yards receiving. We have seen other 8th graders be dominant within their age group, but this could definitely take the cake.

Weston showed up at our Peninsula Regional Combine in the spring as an 8th grader with 130+ junior and seniors to be in attendance, and finished tied for second in the 40 yd dash (4.47). This alone raised eye brows with all of the top older athletes competing. We have since taken notice of the youngster and realized he could be the next "X" factor.

We are always sensitive to hyping a kid at such a young age, but you can’t say enough good things about his character. He is a 3 sport athlete (football, basketball, track), and an honor roll student with a strong family backing.

Xzavier says, "Basketball used to be my favorite sport, but my dad introduced me to football and I have fallen in love with it". He continued, " when I was young I was really afraid of dogs, and one time my dad saw me getting chased by one and he figured out pretty quick he needed to get me involved with sports". Pretty funny

The young Weston is an extremely respectful kid addressing everyone with "Yes Sir…No Sir". He has a strong appreciation for authority, and must always have his chores and school work done before he can even think about playing ball. He has yet to ever lose a race as you can see by his track highlights, and it could be a very long time before that ever happens.

Xzavier could be playing JV/Varsity football as a freshman, but that remains to be seen. For the time being he is just a good kid that’s an extremely talented athlete. We look forward to following this young talent for years to come, and think the sky is the limit for him. Check the video’s. 2011 8th Grade Highlights- MUST SEE NEI/Barton Regional Camp/Combine Highlights

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