Overall 6a Top 10 W State and Conference Power Rankings (OR)

Over the next few weeks we will be bringing you state and conference previews from Oregon and Washington covering our top teams and athletes. During the season we will also be doing a host of interactive type stuff that should be fun for all those who folllow NEI to partake in. The list will obviously change over the year, but please feel free to chime in and tell me what you think about rankings, players etc…

I will be picking games weekly and challenge anyone who think they can beat me in a good old fashioned "Pick em challenge" over the 2012 season. All of us at NEI & Barton Football are so very proud of our athletes, and will be out with our camera crews covering multiple games all over the region. It is your support that makes this all possible, and we can’t say thank you enough for the incredible first year that we have had.

Jordan Johnson-NEI


** Power Rankings **

These are determined by giving each team a rank within their conference and within the state. Example; there are 42 Class 6a Teams and each team will be numbered accordingly. Lets take the Metro where there are 6 Teams ranked (1,4,5, 18, 23, 31) giving them a total of 82. We take that 82 and divide it by 6 teams giving a us a 13.67 total of where each teams ranks on average within the conference.

We can then order each conference based on who has the lowest total or top rank..pretty simple



OREGON 6A Top 10

1. Jesuit- The nationally ranked Crusaders come in with a line that will average 6-5 280 across the board and three D1 kids up front (Kirkland 6-5 295, Rich 6-7 295, Brenner 6-3 275) among others, and AJ Glass is a viable Player of the Year candidate after rushing for 2000+ and 25 Tds.. Junior QB Christian Martinek is one of the top athletes in the state and Joey Alfieri may be the top Jr. LB in Oregon

2. Sheldon- The Irish come back loaded after last years state title appearance with SWC Offensive Player of the Year Connor Strahm, after he scored 28 Tds on 1900+ All purpose yards. They also added 3 big time transfers in LB James Banks-Marist, TE/DE Mike Ralston-Jesuit, and junior sensation Yadie Dunmore; Oshay Dunmore’s little brother from Newport. One of the best run programs in the country

3. Central Catholic- CC is loaded, but they will have to overcome the Mt Hood jiinx that has haunted them for decades. The state’s top safety Dallin Leavitt S/RB will also be playing tailback with D1 linebacker Xavier Griggs LB/RB. Expect two of the top juniors in the state to play a big role as well with Aidan Wilder at QB, and Connor Humphreys DE/OL coming off the end. Lawrence Wilson and Beau Duronslet are as good as any WR tandem in Oregon

4. Aloha- The Warriors could legitimately be the best team in the state, as there line is just as good as Jesuit’s. The NW’s top OL Brayden Kearsley leads that crew with (Kluge, Sullivan, McCollum, D.Johnson, Richie) and other monsters up front. The question remains with one of the nations top players in Thomas Tyner and whether or not he can stay healthy. If he’s not at 100% Aloha won’t be either

5. Southridge- The Skyhawks perimeter is nothing short of filthy with ( McClean, Calo, J.Morgan, and Alec Powell) all being big time targets for Metro League Player of the Year Candidate QB Reza Aleaziz. The running game is in tact with Jr. 1st team all league returner Devin Martinez getting most of the carries, but the line has its work cut out for it against Jesuit/Aloha. Junior standout Tyler Cox will have to be a leader.

6. Tigard- The three headed monster is back, and then some but the Tigers lose three big time lineman and will be inexperienced up front so it will be interesting. Zach Floyd could be the most exciting RB in Oregon with Benny Wick and Kaz Green right there as well. The X factor could be Manu Rasmussen ATH/DB who is one of the better juniors in the state. They need to get him the ball

7. Lake Oswego- LO is always good and that trend will continue but last year was unique with (Long, Matthews, Walen) and kids like that. The Laker line will be a force to be reckoned with (N.Peterson, Faunce, K.Peterson) all returning as starters from last years state title team. Jack Anderson Slot/S will be one of the top two way players in the state, after leading Oregon in Int’s (9) last season. Mitch Lomax should have a monster year, and Nick Underwood LB/RB and Jordan Horak ATH are both considered two of the top juniors in the region.

8. South Medford- The kids from down south will be good, but it will be tough to makeup for the losses of Jack Singler and Matt Retzlaff. Sr WR Adrian Garcia will be one of the top WR’s in the league, and junior RB Christian Bowley will return after a 2nd Team all league season. The top junior LB in tackles at the 6a level last season, Pat Alexander will also be back to patrol the middle.

9. Century- Maybe the surprise of the year to people that don’t know HS football, but these kids are loaded with 10+ All league kids back from last season. Sam Riddle and 1st team all league QB Brad Bennett are both back, with unanimous 1st team all league WR Xavier Mitchell. The line is where the Jaguars will be able to separate themselves with a very talented crew ( Thimjon, Devedjian, Sirois, Olds). All four represent some of the best lineman in Oregon.

10. Canby- Never sleep on Canby, they are always good. Big 6-5 QB Sam Stelk made the transfer from Tigard and has looked great. Junior Sam Bodine LB/RB is going to be one of the best underclassmen in Oregon, and fellow juniors Noah Kylo ATH/DB and Zack Kraus T will be two other talented youngsters. Look for a big year out of Sr. Cody Churchwell who was an all league kid last year up front.


11. Tualatin
12. Grant
13. West Salem
14. Sprague
15. Lincoln
16. Lakeridge
17. McMinnville
18. Sunset
19. Clackamas
20. Crater

24.Oregon City
26.South Salem
28.West Linn
30.Grants Pass
36.David Douglas
37.North Medford
38.Forest Grove
39.South Eugene
40.North Salem





METRO (13.67)

1.Jesuit 1
2.Aloha 4
3.Southridge 5
4.Sunset 18
5.Westview 23
6.Beaverton 31



1.Lake Oswego 7
2.Canby 10
3.Lakeridge 16
4.Clackamas 19
5.Oregon City 24
6.West Linn 28

PACIFIC (24.0)

1.Tigard 6
2.Century 9
3.Tualatin 11
4.McMinnville 17
5.Newberg 34
6.Glencoe 35
7.Forest Grove 38
8.Hilsboro 42



1.West Salem 13
2.Sprague 14
3.Mcnary 22
4.South Salem 26
5.North Salem 40
6.Mckay 41



1.Sheldon 2
2.South Medford 8
3.Crater 20
4.Roseburg 25
5.Thurston 27
6.Grants Pass 30
7.North Medford 37
8.South Eugene 39

MT HOOD (25.67)

1.Central Catholic 3
2.Centennial 21
3.Reynolds 29
4.Gresham 32
5.Barlow 33
6.David Douglas 36



1.Grant 12
2.Lincoln 15




1. METRO (13.67)
2. THREE RIVERS (17.33)
4. PACIFIC (24.0)
5. MT HOOD (25.67)