2012 Conference Previews: Metro League- Oregon

Metro League Overview:

The Metro League has notoriously been the state’s toughest conference, and this year will highlight that fully. Jesuit, Aloha, and Southridge will come in ranked #1, 4, and 5 on our initial NEI Top 10 and you can expect the other 3 teams within the conference to still be decent. Jesuit will battle Aloha on October 19th in a game that will have national ranking implications as Jesuit will be a #1 team, but Aloha is so very talented.

If the Warriors stay healthy and Tyner does what he is capable of Aloha is as good as any team in the state. We have heard a great deal about the Jesuit line, but the Aloha up front cast is just as good, especially with the return of Top TE Bryson Sullivan from injury.

Expect Southridge to be in the mix as their perimeter kids are some of the best in Oregon, and QB Reza Aleaziz is the real deal. We will see how the talented but very young line of the Skyhawks matches up with the likes of Jesuit and Aloha. The Skyhawks skill kids are just as good if not better, but both the Crusaders and Warriors are going to play a lot of smash mouth football which could pose serious problems.

I would expect Sunset and Westview to battle it out for the 4th spot, with Beaverton having a very tough time with league competition. I think Bruce Jones Jr of Sunset will have a break out year and Head Coach Faustin Riley just knows how to win.

In all I see the Metro League sporting three unquestioned top 10 teams to start the year, and the conference as a whole being better then any other in the state. Southridge returns as the Metro League Champions and they will have their work cut out for them to hold on to that title.


1. Thomas Tyner- 6-1 210 Sr. RB Aloha
2. AJ Glass – 6-1 195 Sr. RB/S Jesuit
3. Reza Aleaziz 6-4 220 Sr. QB Southridge
4. Christian Martinek 6-3 215 Jr. QB Jesuit
5. Devin Martinez 5-8 190 Jr. RB Southridge



1. Mike Kluge 5-10 285 Sr. DL Aloha
2. Joey Alfieri 6-2 220 Jr. LB Jesuit
3. Evan Colorito 6-4 235 Sr. LB Beaverton
4. Doug Brenner 6-3 275 Sr. DL Jesuit
5. Bryson Sullivan 6-4 250 Sr. DE Aloha




State Rank #1


QB Christian Martinek

FB Doug Brenner

RB AJ Glass, Ben Hartmeier

WR/Slot Trent Werner Buddy Webb

TE Henry Mondeaux

OL Andrew Kirkland, Max Rich, Dominic Baldocchi, Ryan Brown, David Brugato, Mike Miller

DL Doug Brenner, Brayden Nelson, Christian Martinek, Dominic Baldocchi

LB Joey Alfieri, Ben Hartmeier

DB Trent Werner, Buddy Webb, AJ Glass

The Crusaders will be ranked nationally in 2012 and have one of the most high profile offensive lines in the country. They currently have three D1 lineman up front (Andrew Kirkland 6-5 295, Max Rich 6-7 295, Doug Brenner 6-3 275) and a line that averages 6-5 1/2 280 across the board. Add in the fact they have one of the top O line coaches in the region in John Andreas and things look pretty good. Player of the year candidate AJ Glass will return after rushing for over 2000 Yards and 25 Tds last season, and could break multiple conference and state records with the current scenario.

Jesuit will have one of the nation’s top athletes playing QB for them in Christian Martinek, and its no secret that the Crusaders aren’t pass happy. Martinek will be able to run the ball and do very well, but the kid has a golden arm and is one of the top pitchers in the country so they should keep that option open.

They will basically be able to tell their opponent where they are running the ball and there is not a whole lot they can do. Imagine a line that averages that size, with one of the nation’s strongest athletes lead blocking at fullback in Doug Brenner (6-3 275 Sr.). Pretty much sucks to be the defense. Henry Mondeaux (6-4 235 Jr. TE/DE) is one of the top ranked young TE’s in the entire region and will also be a force up front

Defensively The Crusaders are always tough with 1st team all league linebacker Joey Alfieri (6-2 215 Jr. LB) returning, and another junior in Trent Werner (6-1 190 Jr. S) being a leader in the secondary. Up front the D line looks to be tough as always with Brenner, Brayden Nelson, Dominic Baldocchi all returning as starters. That doesn’t even take into account Martinek who was a 1st team all league DL as a sophomore last season. If you want to know how special of an athlete this kid is, look no further then your underage QB that is also one of the state’s best D lineman.

AJ Glass is one of the state’s best DB’s, but he may get so many carries that his defensive time could be limited. The Crusaders preseason schedule isn’t as tough as it usually is so you could see at least half of their games over by halftime.


( L to R: Andrew Kirkland 6-5 295 Sr. OL-Committed Washington, AJ Glass 6-1 200 Sr. RB/S-POY Candidate, Doug Brenner 6-3 275 Sr. C/FB/DL-Oregon St Offer+ others)



State Rank #4

QB Charles Aytel, Richard Belog

FB Dominic Johnson

RB Thomas Tyner, Trevor Yarnell

WR/Slot Maurice McSwain, Raymond Ayo, Jourdan Dixon

TE Bryson Sullivan, Jason Richie

OL Brayden Kearsley, Mike Kluge, Dre Johnson, AJ McCollum, Matt Fisher

DL Bryson Sullivan Brayden Kearsley, Mike Kluge, AJ McCollum, Jason Richie

LB Dominic Johnson, Trevor Yarnell, Ryan Papenfuhs, Johnny Krahel, Cooper Nagy

DB Raymond Ayo, Maurice McSwain



The Warriors could easily be the best team in the state if they can stay healthy and unified. The defensive front is hands down the best in the state, and the offensive line is right there with them, as the best OL in the region Brayden Kearsley (6-5 300 Sr. OL) is back.

The up front cast defensively includes Metro League Defensive Player of the Year candidate Mike Kluge (5-10 285 Sr. DL/OL) who will require a double team on every play if you don ‘t want him completely interrupting your offensive scheme. Kluge is one of the strongest players in the country and could single handily change games if you don’t prepare for him.

Add in top D end Bryson Sullivan (6-4 250 Sr. TE/DE) returning from injury, and the extremely quick and versatile transfer from Grant Dominic Johnson (6-2 245 Sr. FB/DE) and you are feeling good if you are the Warriors. With Kearsley in the middle and one of the fastest rising players in the state, AJ McCollum (6-2 260 Sr. C/DL) , doing his thing it will be chaos for opposing offenses. All of these kids have trained with us at Barton Football and I cant honestly remember seeing a better up front cast defensively in at least the last 10 years.

Dre Johnson (6-3 320 Sr. OL) will do well, and Jason Richie (6-4 210 Sr. TE/DE) is another kid that will contribute on both sides of the ball. The linebackers should be strong with returning starters Johnny Krahel (5-10 170 Sr. LB), Cooper Nagy (6-2 185 Sr. LB), and junior standout Trevor Yarnell (6-1 200 Jr. RB/LB) all being very competent.

Even with the Nation’s top ranked RB Thomas Tyner (6-1 210 Sr.) carrying the ball the skill position players are what is going to remain the question mark. Charles Eytel (5-10 190 Sr. QB) has been a pleasant surprise at the QB position, and they have a host of other guys that could get the job done including Yarnell, Maurice McSwain (5-11 170 Jr. Slot/DB), and the super quick and elusive Raymond Ayo (5-7 145 Jr. WR/DB).

In all I think that the Warriors season will come down to everyone buying in, and Tyner staying healthy. They are so good up front they will be one of the state’s best teams regardless, but you have to score. Thomas has a promising future on the track and on the field in college, but they will need him 100% of him if they are going to win a 6a title.



(NW Top Lineman Brayden Kearsley 6-5 300 OL- BYU Commit, One of the Nation’s top players Thomas Tyner 6-0 210 RB- Oregon Commit)



State Rank #5

QB Reza Aleaziz AJ Woodin

RB Deven Martinez, Maleke Nathman, Jake Pruit

WR Justin Calo, Kevin McClean, Jordan Morgan, Alec Powell, Alex Beekman

OL Tyler Cox, Danny Tanabe, Rhyce Pruit, Jeremiah Everett

DL Rhyce Pruit, Tyler Cox ,

LB Mike Varadi, Jake Pruit, Matt McCrae, Grey Simpkins, JT Taulai

DB Alec Powell, Kevin McClean, Maleke Nathman, Justin Calo, Daniel Rico


The returning Metro League Champions feature maybe the top perimeter in the state, and a young but talented line. The Skyhawks return 1st team all league QB Reza Aleaziz (6-4 220 Sr. QB) a viable Metro League Offensive Player of the Year candidate. His targets couldn’t get much more lethal with two of the top seniors in the state, Kevin McClean (6-4 195 Sr. WR/S) and Justin Calo (6-1 175 Sr. WR) returning, along with one of the top junior WR’s in the Pacific Northwest in Jordan Morgan (6-3 190 Jr. WR/CB).

The overwhelming talent at the receiver position will open up things for the running game as well with 1st team all league junior RB Devin Martinez bouncing off people. The human ping pong ball from Cali showed up last season and took the Metro League by storm as a sophomore, running fearlessly and doing big things. When you see him in person you don’t think ultra tough runner, and then you see him play and your mindset changes forever.

The Skyhawks feature two other backs that would start on most other teams in seniors Maleke Nathman (5-11 185 RB/DB) and Jake Pruit (6-2 200 RB/LB), both of whom will start defensively. This will be key as every good team needs multiple backs when playing a ridiculously tough schedule. They also have a key backup at QB in AJ Woodin (5-11 185 Jr.) who has looked phenomenal as of late.

The key to the Southridge season will be up front as one of the most prominent line coaches anywhere in the country has stepped in with Brian Cassidy. He runs a successful local business, and was projected to be a 1st round pick pick in the NFL Draft out of Stanford before injury.

The line will feature two top young talents in Tyler Cox (6-3 235 Jr. OL/DL) and Danny Tanabe (6-1 245 Jr. OL/DL). Cox has a huge upside and did very well at our elite events. He is the type of kid you can build around. Expect to see Rhyce Pruit (6-1 240 Sr. OL/DL) be one of the better lineman in the league, as he is returning from injury.

Defensively the Skyhawks are going to be good, but there will still be question marks. McClean, Morgan, Alec Powell (6-1 185 Jr. CB/Slot), Maleke Nathman (5-11 185 Jr. DB/RB), and Daniel Rico (5-10 175 Jr. S) will patrol the secondary and should do well with an overall talented group. The Hawks return three LB’s lead by one of last years surprises in Matt McCrae who earned 1st team all league honors.

You can expect returning junior starter Mike Varadi (6-0 225 Jr. LB/FB) to be one of the better backers in the conference, and fellow junior Jake Pruit is big and fast and could have a breakout year.

Once again the questions will come up front where Rhyce Pruit and junior standout Cox will have to lead the way, on what will be an overall fairly young group. One sophomore lineman that could be very influential could be Jeremiah Everett (5-11 250 So. OL/DL) who will be young, but is extremely tough and could play a big role.

Overall the Skyhawks should be one of the better teams in Oregon, and could challenge for conference and state titles if they can stay healthy and get good line play.


(Alec Powell 6-1 180 Sr. Slot/DB) , Reza Aleaziz (6-4 220 Sr. QB), Justin Calo (6-1 175 Sr. WR), Kevin McClean (6-4 195 Sr. WR/S)



State Rank #18

QB Clayton Welsh, Willy Pflug

RB Bruce Jones Jr., Blake Richard

WR Ryan Hendry, Trevor Caldwell, Jeff Bieber

TE Josh Brown

OL Jacob Harvey, Joey Martin , Mark Swigart , Austin Johnson

DL Josh Brown , Mark Swigart, Blake Richard, Austin Johnson

LB Jacob Harvey, Brandon Beocivh

DB Bruce Jones Jr., Ryan Hendry , Trevor Caldwell, Drew Wilson


The Faustin Riley lead Apollos will be well coached and will compete with everyone, but will still be undersized in the very tough Metro League. Bruce Jones Jr. (6-0 180 Sr. RB/DB) could have a breakout season as a 16 year old senior after he was recently offered a scholarship from Portland St.

Jones Jr. split carries last season, but will now be the go to guy along with two way standout Ryan Hendry who had a quality season at DB in 2011. Both of these athletes must stay healthy and play lights out if Sunset wants to compete with the big boys. Jeff Bieber (6-2 170 Jr. WR) and Trevor Caldwell (5-7 155 Sr. WR/DB) will be split out and should very well in Riley’s system. Bieber is a very talented junior with good size

They will return three starting offensive lineman in Jacob Harvey (6-0 185 Sr. OL/DL), Joey Martin (5-10 200 Sr. OL/DL, and Mark Swigart 6-3 250 Sr. OL/DL) with one of the more young and talented TE’s Josh Brown (6-6 235 Jr. TE/DE) also doing work up front. Brown will need to have a big year as he is athletic and played as a freshman.

Sunset will look for a big season out of QB’s Clayton Welsh (Jr.) and Willy Pflug (So.) both of whom are talented QB’s and overall athletes. Whichever one starts the other is just as competent, and could also have a role defensively. With numbers being thin it’s important to have two solid QB’s and the Apollos should feel good about this.

Sunset isn’t going to win the state title, but the program has top coaching and will do well with what they have. Look for Sunset to get better as the year progresses.





State Rank #23


QB Julius Rucker

RB Xavier Williams, Jarell Williams,

WR Daniel Abdie, Matt Gorman


OL Malcolm Lewis, Dylan Savage, Luke Henderson, Tyrin Wedlow, Carson Hensleigh

DL Dylan Savage, Malcolm Lewis, Carson Hensleigh

LB Mitch Kekel, Chris Loveless, Hank Kamakaala, Shane Suyama

DB Daniel Abdie, Matt Gorman


Westview will be short on numbers, but not overall talent and will have to remain healthy to have a successful season. The team brings back a host of kids who attended our elite events and they should compete for the #4 spot in the Metro.

Talented overall athlete Julius Rucker (6-2 190 Sr. QB) will handle the QB duties, with the Williams brothers (Xavier 6-0 225 Sr.) Jarell (6-0 215 Sr.) taking the bulk of the carries after transferring from David Douglas last season. Both kids are athletic and can wear down defenses with their overall size. This will be very important as the Wildcats are not looking to get in a shoot out with people.

Daniel Abdie (6-1 170 Sr. WR/DB) returns after a 2nd team all league season at WR in 2011 and should be the key go to guy on the offensive side of the ball. Expect Matt Gorman (5-10 185 DB/ATH) to get in the mix as well, and also be one of the top defenders on the team.

The health factor will really be important on the line. Dylan Savage (6-1 210 Sr. C/DE) was an all league kid on both sides of the ball last season, and had one of the best UW Showcase event’s of any athlete in attendance. Both Malcolm Lewis (6-0 260 Sr. OL/DL) and Luke Henderson (6-3 210 Sr. OL) also return as starters and should provide leadership with Savage.

Maybe the biggest bright spot for the Wildcats will be the LB position lead by a host juniors, which includes returning All Metro LB Mitch Kekel (6-0 205 Jr. LB/FB) along with two other top juniors Hank Kamakaala (6-1 190 Jr. LB/DE) and an underiszed but very tough Chris Loveless (5-11 195 Jr.) who also plays on the line. Second team all league LB from 2011 Shane Suyama will be the glue that holds it all together.





State Rank #31

What can you say? Its going to be tough for Beaverton to compete in the state’s toughest conference after losing 31 seniors on a team that struggled last season. l think they did a smart thing scheduling the complete opposite of murderers row with their first 4 non league contests (N.Salem, Mckay, Reynolds, Forest Grove). This should give them some important game experience and confidence going into league play.

Evan Colorito (6-4 235 Sr. LB/HBack) is the "Real Deal" and an absolute game changer. We have him ranked the top LB in Oregon as his upside is through the roof. They will need to get him the ball offensively as much as they can, where last year he did not play much on that side of the ball. Malik Fontleroy (5-10 180 Jr. DB/ATH) looked outstanding at the UW Showcase event, and Kyle Ekrosh will give them experience at the QB position.

Greg Marshall (6-1 210 Sr. LB) and Anthony Bottaro (5-11 215 Jr. DL) are two kids that will need to have big seasons defensively after having solid 2011 campaigns. Marshall had a very good junior year and will have to go off this season for the Beavers to compete.



QB Kyle Ekrosh

RB Evan Colorito

WR/Slot Malik Fontleroy

TE Bryce Laperle, Evan Colorito

OL Tovey Brown

DL Anthony Bottaro

LB Evan Colorito, Greg Marshall, Greg Gilmore, Cameron Harris

DB Malik Fontleroy, Bryce Barker