Overall 5a Top 10 W State and Conference Power Rankings (OR)

Over the next few weeks we will be bringing you state and conference previews from Oregon and Washington covering our top teams and athletes. During the season we will also be doing a host of interactive type stuff that should be fun for all those who folllow NEI to partake in. The list will obviously change over the year, but please feel free to chime in and tell me what you think about rankings, players etc…

I will be picking games weekly and challenge anyone who think they can beat me in a good old fashioned "Pick em challenge" over the 2012 season. All of us at NEI & Barton Football are so very proud of our athletes, and will be out with our camera crews covering multiple games all over the region. It is your support that makes this all possible, and we can’t say thank you enough for the incredible first year that we have had.

Jordan Johnson-NEI


** Power Rankings **

These are determined by giving each team a rank within their conference and within the state. Example; there are 42 Class 6a Teams and each team will be numbered accordingly. Lets take the Metro where there are 6 Teams ranked (1,4,5,18,23,31) giving them a total of 82. We take that 82 and divide it by 6 teams giving a us a 13.67 total of where each teams ranks on average within the conference.

We can then order each conference based on who has the lowest total or top rank..pretty simple

5A Top 10

1. Crescent Valley- The line is clearly dominant at the 5a level (Powell, Bodon, Heck) and the skill kids are very talented as well with the state’s top Jr. recruit Tanner Sanders playing QB..They also have top backers Tanner Fiez and junior Jacob Bucher, with quality WR Jared Baumgartner

2. Wilsonville- Hands down the best skill position kids in the state (Shipley, Ragin ,Walsh, Highberger) but lose a lot up front and that remains a big question mark. Junior’s Cooper Whitaker and Parker Nielsen will be two of the better young backers in the state. Top Coach Adam Guenther to lead the way

3. Marist- Kamerun Smith to Austin Baird- get used to hearing it if you didn’t already last year.. Josh Harper returns as the 5a sack leader and will play a prominent role on offense, and junior backer Cody King will return to patrol the middle and have to make up for the loss of James Banks

4. Mountain View- The Cougars lose a lot from their state title team, but first year Coach Brian Crum is a big hire for the school. Chad Bach will lead a talented line with Sr. Joe Hester and Jr. Austin Phillips being the other key components. WR/S John Carroll will be a leading candidate for conf player of the year honors, and Coach Crum says that first QB Toby Webb will do well

5. Sherwood – The Bowmen always reload, but this year could be a little different. Cristian Morris is the real deal, but we will see if last years missed season hurts. Junior RB/LB Scott Skurdahl will be a prime time player on both sides of the ball, and Sr QB/S Joseph Balfour will be one of the better athletes in the conference.

6. West Albany- Junior Jake Lacoste went for over 2000 yards and 22 Tds and broke the all time Oregon single game rushing record. Gabe Stone earned 2nd team all league honors as soph and is one of the top 5a junior backers. Randy Nyquist runs a quality program and they always usually reload.

7. Churchill- RB/DB Tyler Reid (12 Tds) and QB Mitch Reese are both 2nd team all league kids from a season ago, and will team with WR Andrew Bennion (10 Tds) to form a solid cast on the perimeter. Lineman Skylar Phillips burst on to the scene over the spring/summer after not doing much last year.

8. Bend- QB Jonah Koski is a leading conference player of the year candidate and will also have the services of 1st team all league RB Duke DeGaetano (10 Tds) coming back. The Lava Bears should compete for a conference title, and be one of the better 5a Teams.

9. Putnam- As of right now Deshawn Stephens looks to be eligible and could dominate the entire 5a classification system. His 40+ Tds only begin to speak to his talents and Head Coach Brad Lewman is as good as they come and has already done wonders for Kingsmen Football

10. Sandy- The Pioneers return the state’s top ranked QB in 6-7 Justin Adams, and this could very well be the best season they have ever had. New Head Coach Greg Barton only knows how to win and they will compete with everybody


11. Redmond
12. Silverton
13. Ashland
14. Eagle Point
15. Pendleton
16. Springfield
17. Corvallis
18. Lebanon
19. Roosevelt
20. Hermiston

21. Jefferson
22. Hood River
23. Dallas
24. Franklin
25. Woodburn
26. Summit
27. Wilson
28. St Helens
29. Liberty
30. Milwaukie
31. Marshfield
32 The Dalles
33. S.Albany
34. Willamette
35. Madison
36. Cleveland
37. Parkrose
38. Benson
39. North Eugene


CONFERENCES State Ranking (1-39)



NWOC (18.75)

1. Wilsonville 2
2. Sherwood 5
3. Putnam 9
4. Sandy 10
5. St Helens 28
6. Liberty 29
7. Milwaukie 30
8. Parkrose 37



1. Crescent Valley 1
2. West Albany 6
3. Silverton 12
4. Corvallis 17
5. Lebanon 18
6. Dallas 23
7. Woodburn 25
8. South Albany 33



1. Pendleton 15
2. Hermiston 20
3. Hood River 22
4. The Dalles 32

PIL (28.57)

1. Roosevelt 19
2. Jefferson 21
3. Franklin 24
4. Wilson 27
5. Madison 35
6. Cleveland 36
7. Benson 38



1. Marist 3
2. Churchill 7
3. Ashland 14
4. Eagle Point 13
5. Springfield 16
6. Marshfield 31
7. Willamette 34
8. North Eugene 39



1. Mountain View 4
2. Bend 8
3. Redmond 11
4. Summit 26



2. MID WILLAMETTE (16.875)
3. NWOC (18.75)
4. MIDWESTERN (19.63)
6. PIL-5A (28.57)