One of the Nation’s Top Young QB’s: Ross Bowers- Bothell HS

( Ross Bowers (6-2 175 So. QB Bothell) ..The Region’s #1 ranked QB for the class of 2015)

On a national level the Pacific Northwest is considered by many the fastest rising region in the country. D1 commitments have tripled and Taylor Barton himself has trained two nationally ranked #1 QB’s over the last three seasons. (Max Browne, Jake Heaps).

No one’s confusing the area for Southern California, but it has gotten dramatically better over the last few years. All of this said as another special QB in Ross Bowers (6-2 175 So.) will begin his career as a full time starter at one of the state’s top football schools. The Bothell Cougars have a kid that has what many people refer to as the " It" factor. Its a term that shouldn’t be thrown around loosely as very few people ever have it.

Its not just about a kids talent level or size. Its something that can’t be taught and was ever so apparent the first time we saw Bowers. The kid played as a freshman and did well, but we are now going to get to see him run the show on one of the most talented teams in the Pacific Northwest.

Bowers looks and acts like a veteran QB and athlete, yet he attended the junior high last year where 9th graders still do so in the Bothell School District. As weird as that was Ross treats everyone with respect, younger or older, giving him that unique sense of character where he doesn’t need to act like anyone special.

When referencing the up coming season Bowers says, " It will be my first season as the starter but it sure doesn’t feel like it.. I think our schedule is the toughest in the state as we play Skyline, Bellevue, and Capitol our first three games which will truly be a test to see what we are made of".

He continued, " This year we have a good mix of young and veteran players, and our entire O line is back which im especially thrilled about..Some of the older guys that will have big years for us not on the line are, Darrin Laufasa, Danny Wilson, Reshon Watson, Jared Berry, Derek Pedersen, Camden Mcloud, Drew Williams, Jeremy Ruef, and Kizhan Proctor".

"A few of the younger guys that will have opportunities to do big things are Sam Mcpherson, Shawn Munro, Dayzell Wilson, Ryan Croson, Cole Ford, Jordan Barker, and Austin Cruise".

We at NEI currently have Bowers ranked the #1 QB in the Region for the class of 2015, and feel that he will be a nationally recognized athlete once he does his thing on the field. For most players it would be important not to over hype the individual before he has taken a certain amount of snaps as the full time starter. This is true in most cases, except this one. The kid is just filthy and is a born leader that will unquestionably get the job done.

Ross says, " my expectations of this season are to win a state championship..Its a big statement, but if your expectation isn’t to win state, then obviously you have your priorities wrong". Bowers added, " Two a days will be huge for us to get things squared away, as all of our coaches, players, and fans are excited for the season…Its going to be a special one".

Bowers has outstanding coaching at Bothell, lead by Tom Bainter who does an incredible job with his athletes. Barton Football Academy’s multi talented Mike Bush coaches there as well and is considered one of the top WR coaches in the land. The entire community is and should be extremely proud of the way it treats their football.

In closing the country’s top QB coach Taylor Barton says, " Bowers is a special talent that can write his own ticket with continued hard work and progression, he’s someone you want to root for and just a very like able kid". The combination of Bowers working with Barton over the next few years could be lethal, and may help take things to an even larger stratosphere. We wish Ross and his Bothell teammates the best in 2012.

( Much like Max Browne and Jake Heaps Bowers is a class act on and off the field, and all of us at NEI/Barton Football can’t say enough good things about him)


( Bowers was a big success on the NEI/Barton Camp & Combine tour over the spring)