High Profile Oregon Product Doug Brenner Offered by Chip Kelly and Ducks: By Jordan Johnson

(One of the country’s strongest athletes, Doug Brenner 6-3 275 Sr of Jesuit, was just offered by Chip Kelly and the Oregon Ducks)

Ten minutes after getting off the phone with Chip Kelly, Doug Brenner (6-3 275 Sr.) gave me a call and before he could speak I went off the excitement in his voice and said, ” wait don’t say anything, I just want one guess….Oregon”. Brenner said, ” yup they just offered”.

Doug is one of the strongest high school athletes in the country shattering all of Jesuit’s weightlifting records, while being the first ever athlete to start as a freshman at the school. He now holds offers from both the Ducks and Beavers and says, ” I just got off the phone with Oregon and they offered, Coach Greatwood called me and then passed the phone to Coach Kelly who extended the offer”.

The extremely excited Brenner added, ” Im not committing yet and Oregon St is still in the mix, my parents and I have some talking to do…Right now Im just very excited and we are going to celebrate with an ice cream sundae”.

We have been big backers of Doug since he arrived on scene a few years back. We have him ranked the #1 DL in Oregon, but his skills are outdone by his character. You are getting a package deal with Brenner, as his academics almost match his crazy lifting records. He is a top tier kid on both fronts. His sister Elizabeth, who many of you already know, is considered maybe the greatest female athlete to ever set foot in the state of Oregon so the family genes speak for themselves.

The Ducks see Brenner as a guard/center which actually makes a lot of sense do to his abnormal strength and 6-3 frame. He is currently playing D line and Tight End for the nationally ranked Crusaders and doing a very good job at that. Doug is just physically dominant, literally manhandling opponents at will. It will be very interesting to see where he ends up as his sister is currently playing hoops for the Ducks, and his other sister (Mary Claire) was at Oregon St playing softball.

You are not going to find a much more polite and well put together group of kids within one family. They just happen to be some of the best athletes to ever come out of the Pacific Northwest, and all of us at NEI are proud and excited for Doug as he is a class act and one of our favorite NW kids.