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Oregon DB’s


1. Dallin Leavitt, Central Catholic – BYU (COMMITTED)

2. Connor Strahm, Sheldon – Portland State, Montana, North Dakota

3. Nathan Halverson, Grant – SMU (COMMITTED)

4. Bruce Jones Jr, Sunset – Portland State


Oregon LB’s


1. Evan Colorito, Beaverton – Colorado, Colorado State, Eastern Washington, Portland State, Montana, Nevada

2. Johnny Ragin, Wilsonville – BYU (COMMITTED)

3. Derrick Turituri, Crater – Arizona (COMMITTED)

4. Xavier Griggs, Central Catholic – Portland State, Eastern Washington

5. David Henry, Oakland – South Dakota School of the Mines


Oregon DL’s


1. Doug Brenner, Jesuit – Oregon (COMMITTED)

2. Matt Sommer, West Salem – Nothern Colorado, Eastern Washington, Portland State, Montana

3. Austin Powell, Crescent Valley – Portland State (COMMITTED)

4. Bryon Bodon, Crescent Valley – Portland State (COMMITTED)


Oregon OL’s


1. Brayden Kearsley, Aloha – BYU, UCLA, Arizona State, Oregon State, Colorado, Hawaii, Washington, Kansas

2. Evan Voeller, West Linn – Oregon (COMMITTED)

3. Andrew Kirkland, Jesuit – Washington (COMMITTED)

4. Max Rich, Jesuit – Harvard (COMMITTED)

5. Skyler Phillips, Churchill – Oregon State (COMMITTED)

6. Chad “Texas” Bach, Mountain View – Portland State (COMMITTED)

7. Alex Sirois, Century – Portland State (COMMITTED)

8. Noah Peterson, Lake Oswego – Portland State

9. Justin Outslay, Salem Academy – Portland State (COMMITTED)


Oregon TE’s


1. Wyatt Houston, Horizon Christian – Utah State (COMMITTED)

2. Mike Ralston, Sheldon – Nothern Colorado


Oregon RB’s


1. Thomas Tyner, Aloha – Oregon (COMMITTED)


Oregon WR’s


1. Tanner Shipley, Wilsonville – BYU (COMMITTED)

2. Austin Baird, Marist – Portland State (COMMITTED)

3. RJ Morgan, Crater – Arizona (COMMITTED)

4. Kendrick Bourne, Milwaukie – Idaho

5. Lawrence Wilson, Central Catholic – Princeton (COMMITTED)


Oregon 2014 ATH’s


1. Tanner Sanders, Crescent Valley – Oregon State, San Diego State

Oregon 2014 TE’s


1. Henry Mondeaux, Jesuit – Oregon State


Oregon 2014 DL’s


1. Connor Humphreys, Central Catholic – Portland State, Wyoming, Oregon State

Oregon 2014 LB’s


1. Joey Alfieri, Jesuit – Oregon State

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