2012 Oregon 6A All-State Team: By Jordan Johnson

The All State Selections are different then our rankings board in that the picks were made based on performances during the season, and not where the athlete projects at the collegiate level. If someone was hurt or played out of position it might effect their all state status, even if they are a big time recruit. That should be understood before checking out the teams.

This may be the deepest group of athletes Oregon has ever seen, and we feel fortunate to have been able to work and train with most of the top kids in the northwest. Nothing is perfect when making these picks, but we feel good about the kids that were selected. Congratulations to all of these athletes on outstanding seasons, and keep in mind an all state honor is much tougher to receive then an all league honor, so no disrespect to anyone not on the list.. The 5A list will be released shortly.

Blessings to all…

Jordan Johnson – NEI/Barton Football

2012 Oregon Player Of The Year

Offensive Player Of The Year

Thomas Tyner – Sr. RB, 6-0 210, Aloha

Co-Defensive Players Of The Year

Connor Strahm – Sr. DB, 6-2 215, Sheldon / Dallin Leavitt – Sr. DB, 6-0 200, Central Catholic

(Connor Strahm)

(Dallin Leavitt)

2012 Oregon 1st Team All-State


QB Sam Riddle 6-2 200 Sr Century
FB Joey Alfieri 6-3 220 Jr Jesuit
RB Thomas Tyner 6-0 210 Sr Aloha
RB Zach Floyd 5-10 180 Sr Tigard
RB Devauntae Hoffman 5-8 190 Sr Gresham
RB Mitchell Thompson 5-8 185 Sr Oregon City
WR Xavier Mitchell 6-0 175 Sr Century
WR Connor Griffin 6-4 205 Sr Lake Oswego
WR Jordan Morgan 6-2 195 Jr Southridge
SLOT Connor Strahm 6-2 215 Sr Sheldon
TE Henry Mondeaux 6-5 245 Jr Jesuit
OL Brayden Kearsley 6-5 295 Sr Aloha
OL Andrew Kirkland 6-5 300 Sr Jesuit
OL Cain Adams 6-3 270 Sr Tigard
OL Tanner Davies 6-3 275 Jr Sheldon
OL Doug Brenner 6-3 280 Sr Jesuit


DL Connor Humphreys 6-4 245 Jr Central Catholic
DL Zach Sweet 6-0 215 Sr Sprague
DL Matt Sommer 6-5 295 Sr West Salem
DL Christian Martinek 6-4 220 Jr Jesuit
DL Austin Faunce 6-2 245 Sr Lake Oswego
DL Chet Spears 6-2 300 Sr Sheldon
DL Mike Kluge 5-10 280 Sr Aloha
LB Evan Colorito 6-4 235 Sr Beaverton
LB Joey Alfieri 6-3 220 Jr Jesuit
LB Xavier Griggs 6-2 225 Sr Central Cathoic
LB Mitch Lomax 6-4 240 Sr Lake Oswego
LB James Banks 6-1 225 Sr Sheldon
DB Connor Strahm 6-2 215 Sr Sheldon
DB Dallin Leavitt 6-0 200 Sr Central Catholic
DB Jack Anderson 6-3 195 Sr Lake Oswego
DB Maurice McSwain 5-11 165 Jr Aloha
DB Aaron Washington Jr 5-10 175 Jr Central Catholic
DB Nathan Halverson 5-11 175 Sr Grant

2012 Oregon 2nd Team All-State


QB Taylor Alie 6-0 170 Sr Sheldon
FB AJ Hotchkins 6-0 225 Jr Tigard
RB Bruce Jones Jr 6-0 175 Sr Sunset
RB AJ Glass 6-1 200 Sr Jesuit
RB Spencer Payne 5-9 175 Sr McMinnville
WR Lawrence Wilson 6-3 205 Sr Central Catholic
WR Beau Duronslet 6-0 195 Sr Central Catholic
WR Jarrod Howard 6-1 175 Sr West Linn
Slot Kaz Green 5-7 150 Sr Tigard
Slot Nathan Halverson 5-11 175 Sr Grant
TE Ivan Faulhaber 6-3 215 Sr Sheldon
OL Noah Peterson 6-5 280 Sr Lake Oswego
OL Ethan Lange 5-11 240 Sr Tigard
OL Henry Asay 6-2 290 Sr Sheldon
OL Kyle Peterson 6-2 230 Sr Lake Oswego
OL AJ McCollum 6-2 265 Sr Aloha


DL Mike Ralston 6-6 240 Sr Sheldon
DL AJ Hotchkins 6-0 225 Jr Tigard
DL Sam Devedjian 6-1 225 Sr Century
DL Dane Simonsen 6-0 220 Sr Tualatin
DL Rhyce Pruit 6-2 240 Sr Southridge
LB Henry Mondeaux 6-5 245 Jr Jesuit
LB Nick Underwood 6-2 220 Jr Lake Oswego
LB Derrick Turituri 6-3 230 Sr Crater
LB Jake Biglow 5-11 205 Jr Tigard
LB Austin Wilson 6-3 215 Sr Sprague
DB Zach Floyd 5-10 180 Sr Tigard
DB Alec Powell 6-2 185 Sr Southridge
DB Manu Rasmussen 6-0 165 Jr Tigard
DB Bruce Jones Jr 6-0 175 Sr Sunset
DB Jake Default 5-11 200 Sr South Salem
DB Beau Dursonlet 6-0 195 Sr Central Catholic

2012 Oregon 3rd Team All-State


QB Aidan Wilder 6-0 190 Jr Central Catholic
FB Dominic Johnson 6-2 215 Sr Aloha
RB Jaylynn Bailey 5-10 175 Sr South Salem
RB Devvon Gage 6-3 215 Sr Sprague
RB Daniel Sherrell 5-9 180 Jr Clackamas
WR Vance Hamilton 5-11 165 Sr Century
WR Adrian Garcia 6-0 165 Sr South Medford
WR Mitch Herbert 6-4 190 Jr Sheldon
Slot Trent Werner 6-1 190 Jr Jesuit
Slot Maurice McSwain 5-11 175 Jr Aloha
TE Brody Haehlen 6-4 235 Jr Clackamas
OL David Reese 6-7 255 Jr Clackamas
OL Max Rich 6-7 315 Sr Jesuit
OL William Vansmoorenburg 6-4 280 Sr West Albany
OL Cody Churchwell 6-3 235 Sr Canby
OL Hayden Ficek 6-5 275 Sr South Salem


DL Will Allen 6-3 250 So Barlow
DL Ellis Eaton 6-3 245 Jr West Linn
DL Cain Adams 6-3 270 Sr Tigard
DL AJ McCollum 6-2 260 Sr Aloha
DL John Kenion 6-2 245 Sr Clackamas
LB Sam Bodine 6-3 220 Jr Canby
LB Michael Schrader 6-1 200 Sr Glencoe
LB Zach Farnes 6-1 190 Jr Clackamas
LB Devvon Gage 6-3 215 Sr Sprague
LB Pat Alexander 6-0 220 Sr South Medford
LB Perry Groves 6-4 220 Sr McNary
LB Matt McRae 5-10 185 Sr Southridge
DB RJ Morgan 6-2 205 Sr Crater
DB Dylan Lewis 6-0 165 Jr Sheldon
DB Kevin Mclean 6-4 195 Sr Southridge
DB Malik Fontleroy 5-11 175 Sr Beaverton
DB Chase Morrison 5-10 165 So Jesuit

Honorable Mention


Reza Aleaziz Sr Southridge
John Williams Sr Lincoln
Gage Gubrud Jr McMinnville
Jon Schaub Sr Sprague
Justen Ruppe Sr Lake Oswego
Eric Dungey So Lakeridge
Cade Smith So West Salem
Julius Rucker Sr Westview


Ryan Spaulding Sr Glencoe
Ambrose Soh Sr West Salem
Ryan Nall Jr Central Catholic
Jake Pruit Jr Southridge
Devin Martinez Jr Southridge
Andrew Schlottman Sr Tualatin
Evan Hisey Sr North Medford
Bryan Peek Sr Grant
JB Holmes Sr Lake Oswego


Dylan Lewis Sr Sheldon
Jack Anderson Sr Lake Oswego
Jake Weddle Sr Glencoe
Justin Calo Sr Southridge
Trevor Caldwell Sr Sunset
Chase Morrison So Jesuit
Micah Tolai Sr Gresham
Erick Douglas Sr Clackamas


Jeffrey Williams Sr Tualatin
PJ Smith Sr Lincoln
Josh Brown Jr Sunset
Jake Biglow Jr Tigard
Mike Ralston Sr Sheldon


Brett Nielsen Sr Sheldon
Tyler Cox Jr Southridge
Evan Voeller Sr West Linn
Cody Summers Sr Tualatin
Connor Astley Sr Sprague
Taveon Ashley Thompston Sr Grant
Austin Thimon Sr Century
Alex Sirois Sr Century
Zach Kraus Jr Canby
Dominic Baldocchi Sr Jesuit


Marqueese Royster Jr Lakeridge
Fergus Frederickson Sr Central Catholic
Brody Haehlen Jr Clackamas
Liam Talty Jr Sheldon


Aaron Downes Sr Thurston
Chance Taylor Sr Tigard
Benny Wick Sr Tigard
Chase Marshall Jr Lakeridge
Mike Varadi Jr Southridge
Logan Sackley Jr Southridge


Anthony Consolo Sr Tigard
Kane Kennedy Sr McMinnville
Mitch Lewis Sr Sheldon
Kellen Strahm So Sheldon
Jordan Horak Jr Lake Oswego