#NEIpoll – Favorite Football / Sports Movie: By Scott Enyeart



It’s that time of year where football season is officially weeks away. It seems like any time you turn on the TV, some network is showing a football-themed movie. Every time one is on, you see your twitter feed start to fill up with friends and teammates watching the same movie and expressing their excitement for the upcoming season.

For this week’s #NEIpoll we are asking you to tell us what your favorite football/sports movie is.

As always, the team here at NEI will start it off with the football films we enjoy most.

To submit your favorite movie, simply tweet using the hashtag #NEIpoll telling what the movie is and why you like it the best. You can even include a favorite YouTube clip or a picture of the poster from the movie if you have one.

Ryland – “Necessary Roughness”:
I am going to have to say “Necessary Roughness”. It had the right mix of comedy and football. Héctor Elizondo and Robert Loggia are two of my favorite actors and were awesome as the two coaches. Sinbad and Rob Schneider are always funny. Last but certainly not least… Kathy Ireland!

Scott – “Rudy”:
I consider myself a football movie aficionado so this was a really tough pick for me. I decided to go with a movie that meant something to me on a personal level, settling on “Rudy”. This movie is the reason I decided to play football. I remember being in 6th grade when it came out and I knew instantly football was the sport for me. The story of someone chasing their dream and overcoming numerous obstacles along the way inspires me to this day.


Taylor – “The Program”:

My favorite football movie is without a doubt “The Program”. Its the closest depiction of what college football on, and off, the field is all about. I was in youth football and saw it in theaters on a Friday night, then went and threw 8 TD’s in my game the next day because I wanted to get a scholarship from that point on.

Jordan – “Any Given Sunday”:
I have to go with “Any Given Sunday”. Anything that has Lawrence Taylor and Al Pacino in it is automatically a quality film. I am thinking about naming my first-born child after the movie’s star QB, Willie Beamon. Plus the “Inches” speech by Pacino is the greatest of all time.